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  1. Buying advice for a 2005 1.6 petrol

    Thanks for the response, ive just ran a check and its the 100bhp one?
  2. Hi all, I am going to look at a car with a friend today, he needs something to use for a year or two whilst his insurance comes back down. He has found a 2005 1.6 MK2 focus with 138,000 on it. What should we be looking out for on this car? Many thanks. Jack
  3. Clutch slipping under hard acceleration

    The saga has ended! Took it in on Friday, mechanic drove it got it straight on the ramp and marched towards the front. The cause of the noise was a bracket (he kept saying drive shaft bracket so I think its this, was extremely tired by then XD) Took it off, gave it a bit of straightening up with the persuader and then Locktite then the noise was no more. He also popped a few washer onto the heat shielding so that was a task I didn't have to do Saturday! She's clean and back in great shape, im happy :')
  4. Clutch slipping under hard acceleration

    Yeah, bit of a cost, the car is unfortunately on finance so I was a bit stuck really, it was valued to be at £2000-£2500 so I just went ahead with it. Yeah, its gotten better over the past couple of days but I'm not liking the new noises its making XD I went out yesterday and i think the rattle is coming from the drivers side under the bonnet, I have checked what I can check but nothing seems to be moving around from what i can see. The other noise seems to be a rubbing noise on acceleration, defiantly related to the clutch. Guess It'll have to go back in! (thanks for the pictures Tom, interesting to look at!)
  5. Clutch slipping under hard acceleration

    Yeah, they were advisories last year too, at least it'll be a clean sheet afterwards! The job looked awful to do from what I have read, pretty much everything has to come out for it! XD Mine was knocking around for a good while (I called it around 4/5 months ago) but was reacting fine in the most part so left it as long as i could afford to. Then it started slipping all over the place!
  6. Clutch slipping under hard acceleration

    ah ok, I payed the full 850 for the job, the rest was for the MOT, only 2 advisories (below) but they will have to wait a couple of months so I can recover from this cost XD nearside front Suspension arm rubber bush deteriorated but not resulting in excessive movement (2.4.G.2) offside front Suspension arm rubber bush deteriorated but not resulting in excessive movement (2.4.G.2)
  7. Clutch slipping under hard acceleration

    So, the clutch and the DMF has been replaced along with a few bulbs and the MOT came to £908~, got the car back on Monday. Some weird noises though. Whilst accelerating you get a sort of chugging sound which stops upon putting the clutch in, im also getting another sound which sounds a lot like shaking a handful of screws, rattling sound. I dont know whether this is just because its bedding in? driven just over 100 miles on it so far with a lighter driving style than normal, have noticed it doesn't pull as quick either? Never had to have a clutch changed on a car so am unsure XD Cheers.
  8. Clutch slipping under hard acceleration

    £850 for clutch, DMF and the slave cylinder, getting MOT too. Expensive, would happen just before TAX and MOT are due! XD
  9. Clutch slipping under hard acceleration

    what do we think of this? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-FOCUS-II-1-8-TDCI-SACHS-DUAL-MASS-FLYWHEEL-DMF-AND-CLUTCH-KIT-WITH-CSC-/271108745929?fits=Car+Make%3AFord%7CModel%3AFocus%7CCars+Year%3A2007%7CPlat_Gen%3AMK+II%7CCars+Type%3A1.8+TDCi&hash=item3f1f572ac9:g:A8gAAOSwEppUPSCm Its £344, not too sure, just trying to find ways to make this less of a destructive force upon my wallet XD
  10. Clutch slipping under hard acceleration

    Thanks for the reply. Ok, both it is, got some saving to do not a cheap job at all
  11. Hi guys, bit of advice on cost and what parts im going to expect to have to change. Clutch is slipping under load, usually around 2,200-2,400 then it grips again but with less power. I know im looking at replacing at least the clutch but is it worth doing the DMF too? What sort of price have people had it done for in the past? Thanks.
  12. First 'deep' clean of the year!





  13. Low Power To 12 Volt Socket?

    well... sorry to dig this up! Just thought I'd tie the story up :) Got a new 12V Socket today, fitted it, still had the problem.... so I though i'd change the fuse, I had already done this before but I thought hey, whats the harm! Took the fuse from the fogs and popped them in and it worked! Awesome! so I began popping the new socket in, not realizing the screwdriver was resting beneath, I blew the fuse... So now I have to get a fuse for the socket and the fogs but at least its working ahaha
  14. Temp Gauge, Heater And Fan Control Switch

    Here you go: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Motor-Heater-Fan-Blower-Resistor-For-Ford-Focus-Galaxy-S-Fiesta-MK5-MK6-Mondeo-/331462648702?hash=item4d2cb6a37e:g:wYkAAOSwYGFUyFnT isnt an expensive part, just a bit of a pain to get to!
  15. Temp Gauge, Heater And Fan Control Switch

    I can help with the second problem. You need to buy another Heater resistor pack for the Focus. To replace it you need to remove the glove box (not my video): this shows where it is located, unplug it, two screws to un screw, then pull it out and pop the new one in.