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  1. studly

    Possibly Getting A Zetec S Tdci

    They are very similar although the DS3 does have more torque but looking at the new DS3 specs they have now replaced the old 90 hdi engine with an 90 e-hdi which drops the emissions to 98g/km for the free tax but also has the unwanted side affect of increasing the 0-62 from 11.3 to 12.5 secs. I'll definitely be test driving a 1.6tdci next week and then I'll have to decide what to do lol.
  2. studly

    Possibly Getting A Zetec S Tdci

    My crumpled DS3 had the 17 inch wheels and sports suspension which made for a different ride experience to your usual Citroen. Obviously this a ford forum but i have to say the DS3 is a very nice car if you like the styling and the level of kit you get for the price is very good. I only went diesel as it was only £100 more expensive at the time than the equivalent petrol engine and the fuel economy is good...around 56mpg if putting your foot down or around 65mpg in granny mode, but i will say the gear box is a bit pants though and nowhere near as good as the 6 speed box in the DS3 1.6 (110) Hdi/(150)Thp petrol. My local dealer hasn't got a zetec s 1.6tdci in so i can only get a test drive in the titanium so i suppose I'll have to try and see how it compares. At the end of the day I'm keeping my options open as I've always disliked Citroen's but the styling of the DS3 was what drew me to it, but with ownership prematurely ended it just means i can recheck my options.
  3. studly

    Possibly Getting A Zetec S Tdci

    Didn't think of that route tbh.....will have to look into in more depth when i definitely know what's happening, going to test drive a 1.6 tdci at some point to see how it compares to the ds3 1.6 (90) hdi.
  4. studly

    Possibly Getting A Zetec S Tdci

    Not a big fan of the focus tbh......just not my cup of tea. It's all a moot point atm until i get the settlement as it's going through my insurance and being claimed back from the 3rd party.
  5. Ello, My Citroen DS3 1.6 Hdi white edition was recently wrote off and just mulling over the pro's and cons of switching to a mk7 fezzi again but the zetec s tdci this time. My niggles are that i can get a replacement DS3 1.6 hdi dstyle plus for 15k with loads of kit as standard IE: Cruise control & speed limiter, Elec Folding door mirrors, Auto wipers,headlights, Rear parking sensors, Auto digital aircon, 17 inch alloy's, tinted rear windows, lateral and curtain airbags plus other stuff. Now looking at the price list from my local dealer to add some of the extra's to the standard zetec s would put me over 16k......obviously the dealer said there would be room for maneuver on that price.............just trying to weigh up the merits of switching to a fezzi again.
  6. studly

    Fiesta 1.25 Tuning/performance

    Like has been said already just focus on handling as even an induction kit and decat exhaust etc will not increase the performance by much.
  7. Aslong as your happy harvey is all that counts ;) Focus st.....damn nice car and would have one if i needed a bigger car....even the insurance is relatively cheap.
  8. studly

    Touch Up Paint - Is This Normal?

    At the end of the day it would take awhile to start rusting as the panels are galvanised but even a quick repair is better than nothing ;) like you say it pisses you off because it's a new car and you know it's there even if other people don't spot it until you point it out lol
  9. Aye nico i did have the style but i also had a few test drives in a zetec s. And yes as far as i'm concerned the arguement is over lol. My first car was a datsun cherry 100a with vinyl seats and points that needed to be adjusted every couple of weeks otherwise it wouldn't start :P so i'm not surprised your over the moon with your zetec ;)
  10. My only proof is my year of driving 2 mk7's and i'm not getting personal or anything mark ;) pant's was probably not the best choice of word (and no i'm not backing down on my assessment ie i personaly don't like it). I can take a barrage of insults as i've got a thick skin from years of teaching lol. This will end up just going around in circles should end here now tbh.....
  11. First off if you put your glasses on and read further up i stated i didn't expect to get agreement on a ford forum and stated my opinion only and i've only responded to other peeps post's. I've had fords for most of my driving life including ratty old fiesta's and escorts (which included an xr2i and rs turbo when i was 21-24..jeez makes me feel old now) and the 2 mk7's and it is purely my own opinion that i don't like the handling and prefer my swift and other cars, this is the first time i've gone on to hate driving a ford. What started off as some friendly banter has degenerated into "my car is better than your car" and the keyboard warriors are coming out ....i like my car you like your's end of story tbh as it would be a very boring world if everyone drove the same car....
  12. studly

    Touch Up Paint - Is This Normal?

    Follow the advice above and you should get a decent repair. Once you have the primer on don't use the brush on the touch up pen but get yourself a fine paintbrush for applying the base coat and laquer. You can try dropping the paint in from the end of the needle but i have the most sucess with a fine point paintbrush, if you practice enough you can get quite good at filling in paint chips ;) ..practice and patience required ;) A lot of people just leave chip repair sitting pround of the surrounding paintwork but what i do is use some very fine grit sand paper from work glued to the end of the rubber of a pencil and lightly run it down to the same level then polish and wax....not a neccesity but comes out decent enough on area's where it will always catch your eye like the bonnet.
  13. I was at a track day at Curborough awhile ago and among the cars having a sprint race were, colt raliart-fiesta st-suzuki swift and a mk7 zetec s the st anhilated everying followed by the colt,swift and last zetec s. The zetec s and swift are pretty similiar with the swift having a 8.9 sec 0-60 and the zetec s 9.6...0-60 times are a moot point anyway tbh the driver is the key anyway. The swift excels on the handling front that's why i changed cars especialy after seeing one at Curborough give a clio renaultsport a run for it's money on a few laps. I won't have another mk7 nico purely down to my own experience but if others are happy great :D , i've been biten twice so decided to go for another make and i'm completely happy with it especialy as i got it for 11.5k with all the kit like traction control esp etc etc.
  14. I didn't come here to have someone doing a poor attempt at sarcasm or to get into a my car is better than your car, just putting up my experiences with mk7's and i still maintain the fezzi is a fantastic car to look at and better looking than the swift but just not quite the full package imo as i didn't switch for the looks. I think the thread is degenerating somewhat so back to the harvey's original post hopefully you'll have a better mk7 experience than me and enjoy the car :D