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  1. mk4 1.8 tdci front crankshaft oil seal

    I don't think he noticed until after the job was done, he did say something about the cam on this engine is in two parts so not immediately obvious and the leak is not a large one, hence why he wants to clean it up up and then see it again. I don't think he is trying to con me nor is he an incompitant, because the job he did was cheaper than originally quoted due to a different cam belt and kit required for the car and he passed on the saving.
  2. Good afternoon all I had my car in for a new cambelt yesterday, picked it up and the mechanic said that my front crankshaft oil seal may have gone, its going back in to have the area degreased and cleaned and then I have to take it back again to be reinspected, he said it wont be cheap... any experience of this anyone? Thanks in advance. Michael
  3. 6000Cd Loss Of Rear Speakers And Now Fade!

    I got a second hand radio off fleabay this week as I wanted the Aux option as my original has the CDDJ option and I need to plug my iPOD in for long journeys, so I took a punt, guess what, no rear speakers, although this new unit does allow me to try to fade to the rear speakers, looks like its going to be a auto electrician...
  4. Collision Advice

    Here they are, other than the paintwork looking fresher than the rest you wouldn't know.
  5. Collision Advice

    No it all looked straight, this I think is what saved it, the uniframe must have been undamaged.
  6. Collision Advice

    Sure, will post pictures tomorrow.
  7. Collision Advice

    I forgot to ask what they did (so giddy with excitement to see it back lol), but looking at it as a guess, yes a cut out was done, did a good job though, the only way you would know its been done, the paint is fresher.....
  8. 6000Cd Loss Of Rear Speakers And Now Fade!

    Thanks tomtom. I did wonder if the problem is at the speakers, however the problem was with both of them simultaneously the chances of the wires on both speakers disconnecting at the same time to me is remote and I have neither the time, the tools nor the patience to try to take off the door trim (easer to get into a bank vault). So I suspect it could be the radio end, as I said the loom and connector block is fine, I bet a dry joint on a circuit board in the radio.
  9. Evening all. I have a 04 Mk2 Focus. When I brought it the rear speakers would come on and off as I went over a big bumps, (loose connection somewhere I thought). Going up the motrorway one day over a big bump the rear speakers cut out, never heard them again. Recently I took the radio out, all the wires looms and connections look fine, put it back, tried the Front / Rear fader, only working at the front. Had a bit of spare time today, took radio out again today with the intention of putting my mutimeter across the back to see if I could get +ve to the rear speakers, but battery died in multimeter...... Anyways I gave up the job, put the radio back but now when I press the Balance/Fade button I only get the option to adjust the balance....... My question is, where did the fade option go? Thanks in advance Michael
  10. Collision Advice

    Well, would you Adam and Eve it! I got the car back yesterday, apparently was a fraction under the 60% value cut off......
  11. Collision Advice

    Indeed you are correct SandyCat, Just done a quick scan on Autotrader, the prices make for depressing reading..... I was less nervous when my kids were born lol
  12. Collision Advice

    Hi SandyCat, thanks for the reply. My question is really has anyone else on here had experience of this type of damage and the likelihood of a repair (obviously ensuring the car stays structurally safe) to a 10 year old car worth no more than £3000. Thanks
  13. Collision Advice

    Hi all, first post and all that, been lurking for a while now. Anyway a bit of advice please if anyone has been in this position before, I got T Boned at a Junction last week (the offending driver has admitted full liability fortunately), and my drivers door has been totalled but my concern is the door frames (pic attached), its a 2004 Mk 2 Focus, which I like, just this last 3 months had to replace the CAT, a full service including timing belt and a tow bar, spent some money on it, don't want it to go :-( One good thing though it was low speed and the side airbags didn't deploy I have a sneaky suspicion its going to be a write off, has anyone had a similar experience? The garage is taking it away on Tuesday.
  14. Welcome to the Ford forums michael74 :)

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