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  1. That's true ! looks cleaner, besides I dont think i'll find ones that match my vision blue color and if i was to paint it myself, it would look naff...
  2. Seen Lennys guide, the camera on the boot handle is much better idea than the number plate lights, as i would have to get a matching led somehow on the other side and it would be off center anyway also with this unit :|parentrq%3A9a7f217f1690aada6b4e6dbdfffc4e8f|iid%3A1 I will get TPMS for it, but do i have to get this one : or would a USB one work ? the USB ones are much much cheaper Thanks again
  3. i need to check my car, but i think i have two number plate lights (either side of the door handle in the middle) so i think it would be best if I changed the door handle one ?
  4. Thanks Damian so far then, at the moment seems to be the best route coupled with : thoughts?
  5. Thanks mate found this one , cheapest 4GB one
  6. found this on the bay, would this go straight in ? although hes asking too much when a new one is that price with a warranty ?
  7. Cheers I found a video that shows u an eronon system installation (not with camera or any extras though) , seems straight forward but not sure on the rear camera wiring it through.. no idea what system to get (if this is the cheapest route?) id get an Android unit probably with version 8 and get a camera that just changed the number plate light one
  8. Thanks those are the Android units from China ? My friends other half has one in her Focus and is quite happy with it (not sure in make though) a few little problems but nothing major Have you got the reversing camera on yours ? Does any companies offer a fitting service ?
  9. Hi all Looks like im keeping my current car for a lot longer than I thought, it is super reliable so as im in "saving" mode im not changing it to a MK3 so now, what would the cheapest way of getting : Parking sensors BT hands free I even looked at changing car to another one with the above (with climate control as i have it) and seems to be either really expensive or there none or little around
  10. its false economy changing your car if theirs nothing wrong with it, stick with what you have, unless you have / need to change it ? i was considering of changing mine but weighed up all the options, its better to keep with what I have got because i know how reliable it is
  11. Hi all People with the Focus 1.5 Ecooboost (2015 on) Titanium X Automatic, what is this car like on fuel ? im comparing it to my 2009 1.8 and i get 30 mpg in this car (manual)
  12. regarding Ah, but once fully charged is a higher Ah better than a lower rated one?
  13. thanks all just curious on what to get and where from Tayna batts, gives me this : never heard of them before ?
  14. I have a Ford Focus 2009 (facelift) 1.8 petrol Can you recommend me a decent battery that has at least a 4 year guarantee and with a high power and a High CCOA ? many Thanks