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  1. Somebody correct me if im wrong, :
  2. Do you mean the android version ? I thought it was an old one (8.0 instead of 8.1)
  3. seems to be back on the xtrons website, assuming this is the correct one ?
  4. i couldnt find it, probably becuase i was looking for the silver one to match mine lol the ebay one has just ended lol
  5. ok thanks, shame i cant just swap them out for xenon ones .. oh well
  6. Im having trouble finding this unit now what was the seller called Damian ? Xtrons PB78FSFP looks like Xtrons official site have no longer got this listed. Im wondering if they are updating the unit to the Android 9 ?
  7. Hi all I am just wondering, I have standard halogen headlight, is it possible to fit xenon or LED headlights that is an MOT pass ? i dont mean using the current lens, i mean by changing the entire headlight housing for hid ones cheers
  8. I've decided I'm not going to attempt this myself I have no clue what I am doing , so to dangerous, ive pulled the glove box out and got my torch out and had a look, i dont want to be doing more damage trying to get the fiber glass thing off and finding the correct path through and damaging any wires Anyone in South east / midlands that can do this comfortably that could do this for me ? I am quite happy to pay a few pound notes Installers don't want to know 😞 cheers
  9. Removed Glove Box now i need to see whats behind the fibre glass ! hope its easy to get to ! anyone got a vid or a piccy that shows the exact wire (hole) i need to look for ? 😄
  10. i use Fuse 131 which is ACC , so not live (2009) Fuse 131 should relate to the Rear Wiper
  11. cheers Simon ! you've avoided giving me a headache !!
  12. Just been looking on YT This guy does it over the top, is that ok to do or best through the rubber ?
  13. ok thanks i best keep the hole small enough then !!
  14. I getting close to finalizing my installation of a Cellink Neo 9 battery before i it, i just wanted to check with people that have done this to their MK 2.5 i did a thread a long time ago , and was told to remove the glove box to get to the hole where i need to push the wire through to the engine bay, that is covered by a rubber bung is it easy to do ? do i have to remove the bung? can i thread the wire though easily enough and keep the bung in place (or remove it temporarily and replace it again?) this is the last hurdle for me, then i can continue installing thanks
  15. That's true ! looks cleaner, besides I dont think i'll find ones that match my vision blue color and if i was to paint it myself, it would look naff...