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  1. im sure they would be easy to do if i wanted a different colour, im quite happy withe standard looking ones , but thank you anyway 🙂
  2. they are over £40 each from them ! erm, no thanks
  3. thanks i want to replace the nozzles anyway, because they are crap!
  4. mines only a Zetec, im surprised they are heated
  5. being as the Garages are closed i assume i need 2 of these ?
  6. Hi all I thought there was a guide to change these to the better mk3 ones? I'm hoping it's easy to do, need to replace mine asap I should get it checked for blockages too, is it easy to do? I'm hardly getting any water through mine at all now Cheers
  7. i was in Wales with my dad last year, and we were in Costa having a coffee We were sat by the window, and in one of the parking bays (right next to us) for a while Zetec S MK3, couldn't stop looking at it, really nice in white those ZetecS's
  8. Zetec yes, not the T.X. ones want to go back to HID/LED lights, night and day difference my Halogens (Philips Vision plus bulbs) are Rubbish, im like driving around with sidelights on! 😞
  9. ooooo, id prefer a face-lift if i'm honest ! im getting old now, wrinkles are starting to show! 😉
  10. thanks guys unfortunately you cant get a 1L ecoboost Titanium X in a powershift Ford dropped the power shift boxes in the later ones because of the problems . but im not saying everyone will have a problem with them, some people don't Im currently looking at a 1.0 Ecoboost, Titanium X , 2014 car (14 plate) with 48K miles, price is £6K, a bit high ?
  11. came up with no recalls at all with that reg, does that mean, if there was a recall its been done ? or just means Ford haven't recalled it at all?
  12. do you mean DVLA ? not sure where it is on their site