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  1. Why wont they pass the MOT ? Why are you driving around with an illegal mod ? does the insurance company know ? (i am not having a dig, im just curious)
  2. possibly the same, but on mk 2.5 you can get xenon headlights, just swap them over, but it will fail the MOT because i wont have the headlight washers and the automatic leveling for them, so classed as illegal i guess
  3. thanks guys, really appreciate your input basically, i may have around 5K to spend 1.6 (even 1.0 ecoboosts) T.X. seem to be high prices on auto trader saw a 1.6 ecoboost t.x on ebay, they relisted twice, never sold that was 4,700, which i was prepared to pay, but it was an 11 plate, with 51K in the advert, it mentions it had the Sony DAB upgrade
  4. here is the car in question not much in the detail tbh, but under "driver convenience" it does say "Sony DAB" and "9 speakers" and "BT Hands Free" also it does mention "Voice Control"
  5. come to think of it, is there a website that lists when these things changed over the years? thanks
  6. oh right, so the early ones dont have BT or Voice control ? need BT really in this day and age Im looking a a Titanium X which comes with auto parking as standard i thought ? My ideal one , is a black T. X. with appearance pack....
  7. oo thats interesting ! so what your saying then, as its pre sync, its not worth having? no idea what the differences are, but if it is better to get a later model, then i will
  8. Thanks Tom i was perhaps thinking around 4.5K, due to it being nearly 9 years old is the Nav one better to have ? i.e. screen bigger etc?
  9. Seen a red Ford Focus Titanium X for sale 2011, 1.6 ecoboost (150 bhp version) with the 18" wheel upgrade, 40,000 miles on the clock MOT history checks out, been no advisories or fails in its life 3 owners Also, i thought these had the SONY stereo upgrade ? do some not say SONY on the front ?
  10. On the MK 3 and 3.5 am i correct that the pre face lift only detects upto 20 MPH and the face lift upto 30 MPH? can this be changed ? i.e. higher ?
  11. oh i didn't mean the numberplate lights should be red, i mean , when your following a car, the lights and brake lights are red for a reason, and white lights for reversing, so the numberplate light shouldn't be overly bright
  12. BLIMEY they are erm, BRIGHT i think too bright for the back, as should be RED at the back, so having a bright white light is a bad thing? I was following a BMW in traffic today, his right brake light was white 😞 so distracting
  13. ok thanks the boxes are identical , same part number, so i thought they would be identical lol