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  1. Mondeo 2.2 Tdci 2 X Fault Codes

    Have you decatted or blanked egr valve off
  2. Mondeo Mk3 Electrical Fault

    If u take the plastic cover off in the boot that covers the p/s tail light youl find the wiring loom there and also should be an earth stud check the earth is. Tight and cables are connected solid always a good way to start loose earths or corroded can cause alot of problems not saying its definatly the cause but always worth checking
  3. Poweflow Exhaust

    Hi guys been offered a powerflow exhaust decatted for £50 but it seems to rub on the mounting bracket apparently and you can hear it vibrating in the car is it worth it and will it benefit my 2.2 st ?
  4. Bonnet Lock And Gear Knob

    Yeh so ive seen £87 from ford !Removed! that got a grill for £15 was having bumper sprayed anyway got a few marks just need to see if the new grill is shallow or deep for the lock
  5. St Tcdi Exhaust

    Im unsure what my car should have but id prefer a bigger exhaust as theres a massive cutout for it in the bumper and looks stupid with a little exhaust
  6. St Tcdi Exhaust

    Hi guys recently brought my mondeo st 2.2 but noticed it has a standard dipped exhaust and al the others ive looked at are like this
  7. Bonnet Lock And Gear Knob

    Done the knob changed lock shaft fell off lock and couldnt open bonnet so had to smash the front grill to open it couldnt afford to leave it as ive got an oil leak
  8. Bonnet Stuck!!!!!!

    That grill is in peices had to do it got an oil leak needs tp top it up and barrel fell off the lock
  9. Bonnet Stuck!!!!!!

    That was my thoughts but a gloss black debadged one and matching bottom grill wud look good on mine i think
  10. Bonnet Stuck!!!!!!

    I wouldnt of broke it if i didn't have an oil leak and needed to check and top up
  11. Bonnet Stuck!!!!!!

    Lol how mamy gun metal grey do you think there are lol myt try an After market debadge one just cant find anywhere that does them
  12. Wrapping Bodywork

    Just want bonnet roof top pf boot done gloss back im thinking
  13. Bonnet Stuck!!!!!!

    Lock wasnt the problem it was turning but the plastic barrel had come off foumd out when i smashed the grill to peices
  14. Hi everyone im looking for an aftermarket front grill for my mondeo ST been ad ive just broke mine to open bonnet (long story) anyl e know of a decent place to get one