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  1. When idling and I turn the steering wheel , the revs dip by about 50 -100 . Does the same when I put the blower on any suggestions? Should I hear the power steering when i turn the wheel as i can hear a sort of low whining noise. Not loud but never had power steering before. Is it possible to have too much power steering fluid in the reservoir? Cheers
  2. general overhaul grease etc

    New to Escorts ( from vaux corsa ) and I will be spending some time generally maintaining my new ( to me ) escort. 1.6 lx zetec SEFI 5 door hatchback It had been standing still for 12 months but started 1st time.. New plugs , engine flush and oil change so far. Will be looking at auxiliary drive belt this weekend as there is a low bassy "thrumming " underneath the general engine noise....just wondered if it had been affected by being stood still for so long.. I would like to know if there are any greasing / oiling points that I should know about as i can't find anything in my Haynes manual. Can you grease wheel bearings and if yes is it easy ?? Would the standing still affect the gearbox oil at all? Cheers