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  1. 2000 Ford Focus Mk1 - Help With Miss-Match Wheels!

    Hi, thanks for the reply! To be honest it doesn't feel any different other cars I have driven, but, I'm very concerned about the legality of it that's for sure! No one really notices it until I point it out, and I didn't notice it for ages! Thanks for the advice on changing them round - I will look into this. The tyres are all 185 65 R14. I'm thinking of replacing all the steelies with some cheap alloys to solve the problem. Do you have any advice on which ones would fit the tyres? (I don't want to lose the tyres as they have very little wear on them). Perhaps some alloys from another ford model? I think you are right about them being kerbed way back in the day. Cheers
  2. Hi, First time poster - I hope you can help me out here! :) My Focus has odd wheels and I'm trying to find out which ones are actually the correct ones! (I think two of them might be from an escort potentially?) Here is a picture of the drivers side front wheel: and here is one of the passenger side front wheel: As you can clearly see, they don't match! This means that the drivers side wheels stick out slightly from the car body and the passenger side ones look sunk in. I'd say by about 10mm for each respectively. My question is: are either of these the correct steel wheels for my 2000 Mk1 1.8 Focus? (its second hand by the way). Many thanks Max
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums MaxHBurrell :)

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