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  1. Help Needed (Again)

    Have Focus 2ltr 55 plate manual and think i need the lower engine mount replacing.. or is it the gearbox mount it looks like a dog bone.. I see many on ebay but everytime i check my year on their ad it says it doesnt fit Umm are the the same on all focus's or different.. help if you can Thank You
  2. List Of Bits........

    Ok thanks for the help guys... maybe if i had a blown fuse id get help. i have joined a better forum so shove this forum up your !Removed!... Plus all i see on here is !Removed! ads.. if i wanna see ads ill watch sky... What a crap site
  3. List Of Bits........

    Hey all I have a focus mk2 2.0 manuel 55 plate.. Today i got the chance to get the car on a ramp at work and inspect the suspension and was told it all looks like the orignal bits. I know some bushes need doing so what id like to know from somone that knows.. What full list of bushes etc i would need id like to do the whole lot in one go. So if somone could write a list of what id need front and rear.. I have ordered a sway bar already as i know thats knackered.. Then once i have all the bits ill be handing them and the car for a fun job... Hope someone can help..... Thanks
  4. Air Box Qs

    Hi all i have a question and hope someone will know answer.. My focus 55 plate 2ltr manual durotec engine... Now i have seen that the lower part of the air box is broken and i cant find one. Its down below the air filter box where the filter goes into. All i can see is a black box and mine has a hole in it where the car must have taken a bump before and i can get my hand in it. I take it the box should be a sealed box.. there is a jagged edge on the top so i can see that part of it is missing.. Im sure that box has a name but unsure what.. Thanks
  5. Today... A Rumble.... Really!!

    Iv driven down that road many times. It appears to get louder as i got faster. Havint had time to jack it up and spin wheels. its had same tyres since july but never heard the noise. Today the humming noise was very loud.. Can i replace just one bearing or do i need to change both.. if it is bearing. Thanks
  6. Today i have noticed a rumble from the rear while driving. mine is the mk2 foci 2005. Im guessing maybe a wheel bearing. Found on eurocar parts and expensive.. Not had any tyres changed but not heard it before.. Any ideas please people.. Thanks
  7. Engine Mount

    Thanks all
  8. Engine Mount

    Its a foci 2ltr 2005.. I never buy 2nd hand parts. Ill ring ford on monday.. Thanks
  9. Engine Mount

    Does anyone know how much the engine mount costs? Its the the one under the coolant bottle.. The reason is ask is because when i pull away a bit had i hear a loud clonk noise and it sounds like its coming from that area. I had one go on my old audi and its sounds very much the same noise.. Tho i am hoping its that.. Iv checked eurocar parts but they dont seam to stock that one. I thinks its the other one they have.. if you can help... Cheers
  10. Bonnet

    Anyone help with this rubbish focus??? Bonnet lock knackerd so cut grill out and i still cant open the stupid thing.. The bowden cable is just hanging there and i cant get that off.. Iv pulled it twisted it and it wont budge.. I have read alot about cutting the grill away and removing the cable to open the bonnet but as i have just followed the instructions it isnt working... So can anyone help... just wish id kept my volvo i really do..
  11. Can anyone help.. This may have been covered already so forgive me ok.. I have the Sony headunit in my foci NOT the DAB one.. Plus NOT the oval one... Id really live to know if its possible to fit a MP3 interface box to the radio? I have the AUX socket fitted in the glovebox but really want the interface so i can plug my flashstick or sd card in rather than use ipod or burning discs.. I hope this is possible... Please help.. The unit i have is not bluetooth one..
  12. Headlights

    Hello All I have them stupid adaptive headlights and i hate them.. Does anyone know if i can just plug n play with normal headlights.. Thought id keep it brief... Oh its a foci 2 ltr titanium... thanks
  13. Squeeky

    Well the font size is an option on this website. Dont tell me how too write my posts.. Ok fella.. <_<
  14. Squeeky

    Hi All I have a Foci 2ltr 2005 and i am hearing some rumbling rattley noises from the front and also going slowly over speed humps am hearing what sounds like a low level squeeky noise... Ummm Could it be ball joints?? Waiting to hear Thanks
  15. 2 Qs....

    So i take it no one has heard of a rattle from a window. Oh well.... Thanks all for your help.. Really.....