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  1. Front Wipers Juddering St-2

    I don't know they said they looked at them and cleaned them and had sorted it but they still judder over the screen :/
  2. Front Wipers Juddering St-2

    I have the same problem with my st-3 I tried cleaning the screen with no luck. the screen was meant to have a water repellent coating from ford. so I took it back and they couldn't sort the prob either so am at a loss
  3. New To The Forum :)

    haha that's what I thought at the time but I thought aslong as mines ok I aint worried ;) just to start getting the modding started now :)
  4. New To The Forum :)

    went into ford today and they sorted it straight away and took it from another car :)
  5. Cree Led Headlight Bulbs

    cheers for that mate. I will order some in the morning that seems like a really good price :) after listening to what lenny has to say I think there the best ones to go for
  6. Cree Led Headlight Bulbs

    ok mate cheers I will have a look at that website :)
  7. Cree Led Headlight Bulbs

    ok thanks for the advice :) am I right in thinking that hids are more of a pain than there worth ? thanks again
  8. Cree Led Headlight Bulbs

    I was wanting to upgrade the dip beam on my fiesta and was looking at the cree led conversion and was wondering if anybody on here had had any experience with them ? I was looking at hids but they seem to have bad reviews. just looking for a little brighter and a blue tint thanks
  9. New To The Forum :)

    oh dear it will be going back again then and thanks had a old fiesta 1.6 for my first car and loved it so just upgraded :) the orange looks amazing in the sun. I will start a build thread soon as I want to do a couple of things to it. led bulbs to start :)
  10. New To The Forum :)

    hi thanks for the reply :) ford have replaced it just wanted to know if anybody else had the same problem :) I went for moulten orange in the end :) got all the extras apart from the adjustable boot floor. I noticed on some of the sts there is a polystyrene part that sits on top of the spare wheel and mine don't have one ? but apart from that its a really nice car and I was very shocked about the insurance was only 1400 a year (im only 19)
  11. New To The Forum :)

    sorry forgot to add has anybody had any problems with the st logo lights/ scuff plates ? mine broke in the first two days. also I have noticed my boot floor is starting to sink almost like its not supported ? thanks
  12. New To The Forum :)

    I have just bought a new 14 plate fiesta st3 and loving it at the moment. I have had a few problems with it so far but they have been sorted by the dealer. looking forward to getting some mods done soon :)
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums rickyst :)

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