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  1. Thank you gentlemen for some great advice. How did we ever buy used cars before the advent of t'interweb...? George
  2. Many thanks Clive, that's tremendously helpful.
  3. Afternoon all, can I ask for some advice please? I'm in the market for a Focus diesel, either hatchback or estate. 05 new shape, ideally with 80k or less on the clock and for around £2.5k. There seem to be options on Auto Trader in this range, but I read about some (fairly serious) issues around failing turbos and DPF issues. My understanding is that the 1.6 especially is to be avoided, and to a lesser extent too the 2.0 (DPF). Both Peugeot engines, I think, as opposed to the 1.8, which is Ford built and doesn't have a DPF. I'm looking primarily for something reliable with good fuel consumption and reasonable road tax. Some comfort and extras would be a welcome bonus. Is my understanding of the options correct? Any specific recommendations? Thanks in advance Pord
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Pord :)

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