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  1. Aircon help needed

    59 plate
  2. We've had our Mondeo for nearly 2 years now. When we first went to look at it, the aircon wasn't very cold, so they recharged it. It then worked all summer long and was still working the following July when it went back for a service and MOT, however since then it stopped working. I think over the winter that has just gone. So when it went back again for its service and MOT last week I had them recharge the aircon again for £49. It worked great when they returned it but a few days later it stopped working and now makes a noise when you put it on. I can't quite work out where the noise is coming from. I can't hear it outside the car. You can hear the noise coming out of the air vents. The noise changes a bit with revs and is most audible when the fan speed is low. If you increase the fan speed you can't really hear the noise. As soon as you press the button to turn off the A/C it stops the noise instantly - it is unrelated to the blower motor itself. I presume it is more of a compressor noise but as I say you can't hear anything under the bonnet. I'll probably give them a call but I don't really want a huge bill to fix it. Any ideas on what it could be? Even if the repair is cheap I will need another aircon recharge - between the two that will have cost me £100.
  3. Electrical Pop/crackle

    It is a busy through fare road - lots of people still use it. It is hard to give up 40 minutes of my day every day in order to sit in a traffic jam :( 3 Hours and 20 minutes a week extra. I already work long hours. That would probably be 50 hours extra each winter when the road floods. What makes it worse is that my wife has to drive our other car through it every day too. On the good side of things it hasn't done it again since. Everything appears to be functioning correctly including the heathed screens.
  4. Electrical Pop/crackle

    Thanks - would that not blow a fuse? Any signs to look out for? Unfortunately my other options to get to work aren't great. My journey is only a couple of miles. Takes me approx 7 minutes. I can avoid this road by driving up to the main road but this adds at least 20 minutes to the journey. There is also a little lane that skips past the flood, however this is a very narrow lane with deep ditches either side and few passing points, it is ok if empty but if you meet someone coming the other way then one of you has to reverse - seen far too many cars in the ditches.
  5. This morning when driving to work there was a sudden quite loud pop/crackle. At this point the headlights dimmed and the radio went off, the headlights then came back brightly and the radio came straight back on and started searching for my BT phone again. Everything appeared to function correctly so I continued to work. On the way home it did it again, I don't know if it was a coincidence but on the way home I had the headlights on full beam and it did it when I knocked them off. I think the noise this time came from the speakers (no idea about the first time) I thought it might also have been the heated front or rear screen turning off as it was about the time they go off in the journey and they were off after each crackle but I tried putting them on but there was no pop when they went off this time. I do drive through a flood twice a day at the moment, it is there 90% of the time from October to Feb. It is about 20m or so long and I'd guess about a foot or so deep. Not sure if that could have affected anything? I checked the voltage and the battery is at 14.5V with headlights on and engine running. 13.3V when engine is initially turned off. It was around 13V with the heated screens on.
  6. Mondeo Mk4 Under Door Trim

    Ours is the same, massive design flaw IMO. I'll be buying some of those clips though. Thanks for posting the link - got to be worth a try.
  7. Bt Audio - Crackly/stuttery

    No, nothing wireless. Most of my journey to work is along country roads with not much in the way of life along it. It does it all the time though. I have tried switching wifi off on the phone as well to no avail. My thinking is that there is a limit to the amount of data as it is always when the music is fuller. You'll just lead up to a big bit in the the music and it will always be at that point if you see what I mean.
  8. I've not used the BT audio much as I tend to use the USB, but since having my new phone I've been using it more. However the sound keeps distorting. It sort of crackles every so often. I thought it might be my phone but I have since tested my phone with two other bluetooth audio devices and it works perfectly with them and I have tested another phone with the Mondeo and it has the same problem. I would say it is when the music is fuller so I'm wondering if the bitrate is too high? All the tracks are 320kbps MP3. The same tracks placed on the USB stick work perfectly. Has anyone else had similar? The car is a 59 plate. I retro fitted the BT module to give USB and BT Audio.
  9. I retrofitted USB in mine and didn't want to pay for the expensive ford USB port so just used a 99p mini USB to regular usb lead which I plugged into the module then fed through one of the existing holes in the back of the glove box. In the 14 months it has been fitted I've probably only taken the USB stick out 3 times to put more music on so I wouldn't bother spending much on it.
  10. Boot

    Thanks for the replies mine is a 59 plate - is that too old for the modification to be in place? I do park facing uphill at home (most of the time) but at work it is all flat.
  11. Boot

    I've got the regular Mondeo not the Estate. I've noticed that the boot doesn't seem to be the best design ever. When I'm parked water runs down the channels either side and collects at the bottom. When I open the boot the boot lifts up some of the water which then drips on me. Then when I close the boot the remaining water splashes out and makes me look like I've pee'd my self. Has anyone done anything to stop/reduce this problem? I don't like the thought of the boot lid sitting in pools of water all the time - although it does feel like a good portion of the boot lid is plastic anyway. I also notice there is a bit of a mark in the middle where it looks like the boot lid rubs/makes contact with the bumper. Is this normal or should it be adjusted away a bit?
  12. Are My Glow Plugs Playing Up.

    If it is on a Mk4 mondeo - I would expect forscan to be able to tell you if you have a glow plug down. (not 100% sure as mine is petrol) I would have thought it was worth a scan. Failing that you could take each one out and test them and replace where necessary.
  13. Mondeo 2010 Ipod Help

  14. Mondeo 2010 Ipod Help

    As above you need to plug the audio lead in as well. You can do an update which removes the need for the audio cable. Have a search for either the april 2012 or nov 2012 update. I'm pretty sure either makes the audio work without the cable. You download the file, put it on a usb stick on plug it in. Takes a while to update then all works. I got the update files from talkford
  15. Automatic Boot Opening

    There is a post on talkford detailing this. The poster tried a variety of die springs but ultimately appeared unhappy with the results. It was OK when first fitted but then wouldn't lift on cold mornings etc. I think you can buy some replacement struts which just do the job but they were expensive Update... http://www.ebay.de/itm/Ford-Mondeo-MK4-BA7-automatischer-Heckklappenoffner-Heckklappendampfer-/141298744248?pt=DE_Autoteile&hash=item20e60fbbb8&clk_rvr_id=787414202291&rmvSB=true