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  1. External mirrors

    Hi, I'll get photo in daylight tomorrow. thanks
  2. External mirrors

    Hi all. Anyone have any idea what the small 'protrusion' is beneath my near side door mirror? I was trying to get the casing back on earlier after someone had pushed the mirror the 'wrong' way last night. There isn't one on the drivers mirror casing. Struggling to get casing back on properly but that's another story Cheers
  3. Emergency Assist

    I thought the emergency assist was purely to enable your location to be transmitted to the emergency services in the event of an accident. I don't think it stores any information. Although I'm probably mistaken😜
  4. 2013 Focus overheating etc.

    I was there about two hours. Just glad it was sorted.
  5. 2013 Focus overheating etc.

    You mean they 'might have fibbed'?
  6. 2013 Focus overheating etc.

    Bit slow to update. Took the car back to dealership who recently replaced the engine. It appears one of the injector seals was warped. They looked at it while I waited. Car all good again.
  7. 2013 Focus overheating etc.

    Morning Ian, I'll be sure to update
  8. 2013 Focus overheating etc.

    Grrrrrrr!!!!!! Ran engine in slowly, serviced and MOT done. Coming home tonight, just as I approached house, engine symbol flashed up on dash and car seemed to want to cut out. Now runs, no symbol but idle doesn't feel as smooth as normal and petrol smell. Call to dealership in the morning.
  9. Focus MK 2.5 Service

    Focus servicing tends to be 12500 miles or every twelve months, whichever comes first.
  10. What do people do for work?

    I design electronic security systems. Although many moons ago I used to be allowed to manoeuvre my dad's artic around the company yard. Nearest I got to driving them for realm
  11. you know your getting old when....

    Can't remember being 40
  12. Surely if the car is unlocked you open the boot with the tailgate button? My boot doesn't lock every time I close it unless I've locked the car. Then the fob is used to unlock Maybe I'm thinking too much into this😄
  13. 2013 Focus overheating etc.

    Ford Customer Services called me today. They are sending £100 of Ford vouchers for the inconvenience! Deflectors here I come 😄 Ford sell Climairs I think. Any good?
  14. servicing

    I have a 63 plate Zetec S which I have serviced by a local garage. VAT registered and only genuine parts. I've used them for years and all our family cars are serviced there. I've just had the engine replaced by Ford under warranty due to the degas hose fail. No quibbles, questions or bull. Local garages are generally better value and often go that extra bit for customer service.
  15. 2013 Focus overheating etc.

    Hi Mike. Certainly will. Need to run it in for 500 miles. One thing I didn't ask about was servicing. It's due it's third annual service and MOT end of November. Does it get serviced as a new car/engine or standard third service?