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  1. are either of you still interested? or anyone else for that matter? its going to the scrappy in a week or so if not.
  2. im open to all offers mate, its not so much about the cash its more about not having teh project or all the spares lost in a scrap yard somewere,
  3. i have spoke to my IT guy at work who i saying the issue may be your end with download limits or something as my mail is saying they have been sent but are being delayed somewhere. he is saying that my mail server is waiting for them to be received by you.
  4. i sent you a load of pics again from my live account last night and now im getting mail after mail telling me each message is delayed ffs. i dont understand the issue have you recieved any pics?
  5. just tried again, but sent a few at a time, it may of been too many in one go mate
  6. Hey dude, sorry was having some issues, i have sent you some photos i took recently, mainly of what is in the car etc but you can see the car in them too, let me know your thoughts dude.
  7. i took some a few weeks back when the misses first kicked off lol, i will see if i can get them on here tonight for you or i can mail them to you if you wanted?
  8. I'm open to offers mate. Even if someone didn't want to carry the project on there is still all of the suspension engine old recaros etc that will end up on the back of the scrappys truck in a couple of weeks. It's more about finding a home for it than anything else.
  9. Hi every one, im desperately trying to send my XR3i off to someone who will have a use for her or her parts. Its an unfinished project i had to stop due to ill health and changing jobs so the car has been sitting in my garden for a while now. the images are here http://www.escortcab...to-get-serious/ This is a link to the thread i had on the escort cabriolet site, if you want the whole thing for parts or whatever please call or text me on 07801741159 as it will be in the scrappys very soon as the misses has finally given me an ultimatum. i have some pics on my phone too that i will try to get on here once im home in the next few days. the car was on the road until i took it in for the refit. im in the colchester area of essex and you would need to collect it, i would just rather it go somewhere to be of use than just be smashed up/dismantled in the local scrap yard thanks max
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums Million1 :)

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