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  1. Battery

    So this pretty much confirms the charging during overrun behaviour mentioned earlier... Interesting. I charged my own battery again the other day, got it to 90% but it's not been left untouched long enough I don't think as neither S/S not heated screen are working still. Unless I can get around to getting a new battery soon I will have to give that slip road acceleration a try. Thanks for sharing Latman.
  2. Battery

    And/or/maybe done a reset on the software side, when I did a bit of Forscan tinkering on mine it ended up resetting something on the battery side of things as it temporarily fixed my Start Stop and Heated Screen until it realised and went back to normal. [emoji38]
  3. Battery

    I have a 64gb usb thumb drive permanently plugged in the arm rest usb socket on mine, the thought has crossed my mind that there could be an issue with power usage but have not really tried troubleshooting, I'm assuming a simple MP3 drive wouldn't warrant worrying about. But I have certainly heard of people having genuine power drainage via their usb devices leading to naff batteries. If be interested to hear your findings with your cables...
  4. Battery

    Just to chime in with my own experience with this: I have an Econetic variant with the Start/Stop and neither that nor the heated front screen ever work for me neither, and I also do regular short journeys. I chucked it in to Ford once to see what they could do and they simply charged the battery, which fixed the issue temporarily but it soon returned to it's usual non-functioning self. I have since purchased a decent Ring battery charger and have only so far charged it overnight on occasion and it seems to take the car numerous hours (think overnight) before it learns the new battery charge state, and as such you'll find it tends to all work again the following day after charging. The charger always says that my battery level is 70% whenever i check it, and from what I have read the car requires 76% or there abouts before it'll allow the SS/HFS to be used. I'm currently contemplating replacing the battery to see if that helps keep a better charge, otherwise my only other alternative is to give it a really good overnight charge again and ensure I do regular longer journeys. I always find it frustrating that my mk7 fez never let me down in this department but the Mondeo just has too much going on to keep its charge. Still, can't blame it with a ruddy big screen thats always on etc.
  5. Tempted by this myself Proz, getting frustrated in the mornings without the heated front screen...
  6. Indicator cancellation point

    For what it's worth, my MK5 Mondeo has the best indicator behaviour out of all the cars i've experienced thus far in that it behaves how I want it to when using roundabouts. Example scenario: approach roundabout and indicate to turn right, you then turn left slightly to drive onto the roundabout and proceed to go around it to complete the turn all the while with the indicator still going, and not cancel itself once you did that initial left-turn to join manoeuvre. My father is always commenting on how his Hyundai would have cancelled itself after the initial joining of the roundabout, whereas my Mondeo does not. There are times when it will cancel the indicator when I don't want it to, but these instances seem few and far between.
  7. Many thanks for the chance at installing this update, I installed it on to my Mondeo 2015 with nav and all seems to work fine. As others have said, it took roughly 30mins with various reboots and all was up and running. Have not properly tested out sat nav yet but will come back and chime in once I do. Thanks again!
  8. Any chance of a link also please? Appreciate the chance you've given us! Thank you.
  9. Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCi ECOnetic anygood?

    I currently have 2014 Fiesta 1.6 econetic and had it for 2 years now. I think it's fantastic, avg mpg on very short trips never falls below 52 for me, and it only costs me about £250 or below per year to insure. I recommend them.
  10. Stop Start

    I have an Econetic model and I must admit I've not experienced the engine turning itself back on when the Start/Stop was active before. My experiences so far have been it turns the engine off whenever i stop after a minimum of 5-10 minute run as long as the outside temp is right and I haven't got too many electronics turned on at the same time. I regularly need to sit around for anywhere upto 15mins while the missus finishes work every other day and the engine has yet to decide it needs to start itself again, I did not realise it did this. Maybe I should take a second gander at the manual again :p
  11. Sony Dab System

    Just chiming in with my experience, been using an HTC One m8 without issue in a 2013 fiesta with the Sony dab unit.
  12. Reversing Camera

    Hi all, just to add I picked up my brand new fez yesterday that i had built with the Sony Dab + Sat Nav aswell as the reversing camera, as far as i recall it was a prerequisite that you had at least the Sony Dab unit to qualify for the camera, would have to double check to be sure though.
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums Kyutu :)

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