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  1. Smokey Mondeo

    Not sure if the 1.8 diesel is anything like the 2.0 diesel but I had to thoroughly clean the Egr valve and replace the split hose with a silicon one.
  2. Smokey Mondeo

    Egr to intercooler
  3. Smokey Mondeo

    Try the hose that links the egr valve, check for splits. While your at it give the egr valve a good clean.
  4. Abs Light Staying On

    Mmmmm what next, the front lower valance on my bumper looks a little suspect and there a rattle from the back end when it goes over bumps, me thinks bushes. There's always something lol
  5. Abs Light Staying On

    Victorious, fitted a new abs sensor tonight when I got home from work and as if by magic the light went out. Yeah hahaha thanks for all the help and advice
  6. Abs Light Staying On

    Okay put my super f 2 on and up popped the fault code C1175 speed wheel sensor LR input circuit failure
  7. Abs Light Staying On

    Once I sort the problem I will post what it was.
  8. Abs Light Staying On

    Cool thanks very much for the help
  9. Abs Light Staying On

    Which should I be looking at
  10. Abs Light Staying On

    Is it worth investing in a code reader
  11. Hello, I am new to the forum and already I have solved one problem, namely a split in the egr hose. Now for the next one, I have a 2003 (53 plate) 2.0 tdci mondeo and the abs light is on constantly. I have tried a couple of code readers and there is no faults recorded. I have also tested the abs sensors using a meter checking for voltage and I get a reading off all four wheels. Can anyone help as I am kinda stuck.
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums fabias68 :)

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