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  1. Happy Birthday beatty36!

  2. 2010 Zetec S Rear Seats

    lol too much action on them :p Oj, try removing the base and setting it back in, no bolts just pulls straight out ;)
  3. Smart Phone App For Mpg

    Hi, Found an app which is pretty useful, i got it on my iphone, its called Road Trip Le, Its really handy, just type in your odometer, price per litre of fuel, how many litres you filled up with/added to your tank and it calculates how much you spend on fuel per week/month price of fuel and things like that on a statistics line graph and ultimately tells you your mpg and how many miles you got out of your tank, Handy ;)
  4. 2009 Mk7 Fiesta 1.6Tdci Zetec S Problems??

    Yeah sounds like the same problem, yeah thats what i thought, like the cold weather takes its toll on all cars across the board but i dunno, just makes me feel s@£t about the car ya know :/ yeah it was serviced in july/august and by my dads friend who owns a local mechanics, big service, new pads, discs oil filters fuel filters pollen and so on :s as for the squeaking problem, i thought it was the fan belt, and when i spray wd40 on it it solves the problem for 30 sec's tops then its back to normal, not really noticable unless your listening for it but none the less i dont like the car running anything than 100% :s but i asked a friend last night and he seems to think it could be the bearing away on the fan belt tensioner? would this sound right? \ thanks for the replies :)
  5. Hi, Ive noticed that my car is quite noisy when starting from cold, rattley ect, also shakes a good bit when stopped at lights for example, it has only started shaking at the lights since its last service, i took it back to them and they said its just the way the car is......but its not because it wasnt like that before being serviced, any ideas? Many thanks
  6. Fiesta Mk7

    dont do it, gloss black it!
  7. Mk 7 Cupholder

    play dough?? black draught excluder around the perimeter of the cup??
  8. Window Sun Strip

    Hey,I think you should try to find your nearest window tinting place and ask them to put one on for you, ask for a dark tint! i think it looks quitetasteful compared to the black out strips you see in all sorts of colours and should only be around £10 depending on who you go to!
  9. Nine Hours Of Polishing Later....

    thanks :)
  10. Nine Hours Of Polishing Later....

    thanks :) em i'm not too sure, i borrowed a camera to take the pics, but i think that it was long exposure cus it took a while to take the pic, like 10 secs maybe :s but thanks for the comments haha i would if you lived near me mate, i really dont mind doing cars at all, its a really good satisfaction, but i really would recommend this machine to any one, mines paid for its self already by doing friends and families cars
  11. Hi, Just bought myself a Meguiars G220 polisher and thought i'd post up the results. Any way i took all the wheels off, sprayed hubs and calipers, clay bar'd the car, coat of compound, polish, was, glass rain-x , tyre paint, full treatment and full did the inside of the car as well, the meguiars range is deff the stuff to stick to, i've never had as good results as this before, and the compound got rid of what little swirl marks there were. the list is as follows if any pones interested of using any of the cleaning products ;) Meguiars range: - Quik Clay bar kit Ultimate Compound Ultimate Polish Ultimate Liquid wax tyre endurance gel all metal polish (wheels) then rain-x for the windows followed by autoglym fast glass All of the compounds are applied by the machine then taken off by hand using micro fibre cloths, and the machines really good for any one as it oscillates as well as rotaes so at no point does the paint work get hot, meaning it wont burn throught the laquer or damage it in any way :) Really is a good piece of kit, ut heres the results and let me k now what you think :) (day time shots would have been better but i wasnt finished in time and it was raining through the night. Thanks for looking.
  12. New Fiesta Metal

    em, maybe an obvious question, but what's a fiesta metal? :S
  13. Can Any One Photoshop Please??

    yeah i checked that out there, looks really good, going to download it here and play about with it when i get a chance. looks well tho, better than i could do lol. Yeah definitely, got the cash sitting ready to buy it so as soon as i decide whether to go for twin exhausts with the stoffler, twin exhausts without it or just one exhaust on drivers side without it :s its really hard cause i don't want to have to pay 300 plus for stoffler, fitting painting when i could have the exhausts on the car for that much, but at the same time i don't want it to look like a half job by not getting it :S
  14. Can Any One Photoshop Please??

    Thanks, some really good photo shopping skills there, I'm trying to get good at it but al i can do so far is change the colour of my car and fill in stuff and then it looks awful lol, like so :S :/ >>> And these are just for the novelty before every one starts giving abuse on them ;) But thanks for the photoshop MRC and Callum, looks mint! deff considering this without the stoffler because its money i just cant justify spending right now with a service coming up on the car (y)