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  1. ok i dont know anything about cars, but using my common sence and 2 stroke knowledge, when you say the spark plugs are submerged you mean theres water in the cylinder? meaning most likely a headgasket problem? checked the radiator levels? is it over heating atall on the petrol station journey?

    hello, i have a ford fiesta 1.25 zetec and it !Removed!. i drove it for a week and one of the conrods decided it would make a brake for freedom. but i like it too much so i thought rather than scrap it, ill get a new engine, which got delivered to my local garage today, and work starts on monday :) couple other problems with it, no biggies, but im not going to ask as its abit cheeky joining a forum and ask for help straight away, i know forums and i know theyre not 24 hour help hotlines. i want to socialise abit u know, from harrow/stanmore, doo way to many miles when im on the road so im up for meeting/cruising. ace cafe is my home from home. and im pretty handy with small 2 strroke engines, (mopeds, basicaly), erm. lookslike a wicked forum. i really want to get into cars, mechanically. will save me a bomb on labour fees. sorry for the life story. also my right leg has only half a kneecap, and did you know chuck norris is the only person who can slam a revolving door? and cockroaches can live 9 days after you cut their heads off. TA MUCHLY for reading the life storrryy, i might know a few people of here. mmm oh and kfc is blatantly the best.