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  1. Ok so a month before xmas my ford focus 08 engine blew a belt inside broke there's now a reconditioned engine in it hoping nothing else goes now haha thats the bad news The good news is I got a new job i am now an apprentice electrician starting from new. Hope everyone had a good xmas and a good new year
  2. Yeah me too haven't tested it out yet ha and loving the 4k feature Aswell
  3. I got the Sony Xperia z3 it's a good phone so far so good it was the cheapest of the lot
  4. Ok so I got a message today saying I'm now legible for an upgrade. I don't know which to choose from there are 4 phones which I like 1st being my favorite the Samsung galaxy s6 edge but that will cost me 250 to 300 to get that but it looks so nice and its samsung . 2nd one is the Samsung galaxy s6 the normal one it will cost 99euro for it 3rd one is the HTC M9 I used to have a HTC one its was nice it also costs 99euro 4th and final one is the Sony Expedia Z3 which is 169euro but it comes with a smart watch and that would solve 2 problems with one stone as I don't av a watch haha and the phone is water proof
  5. Lol it has a lot of bad points
  6. Here it goes me on holidays 2 year ago best pic I got of myself I think
  7. Calm down I'll just get the RPG out
  8. haha very good and to the mods i may have accidently posted the topic more than once
  9. So there is a rumor going around Facebook that apparently an astride is going to hit earth and is going to be 2.5 miles long so hypothetically speaking if it was real and it hit it would wipe us all out. So yeah its fake all made up crap to get likes and shares. Though it gave me the idea of this thread. So basically this thread we will all say what we would do if we had 4 weeks to live. First week: I would tell my boss to shove his job up his job (you know where) and burn my uniform in front of him. Then go home and spend time with my Family. second week: quickly plan what i would want to do before i died. I.e rent the new Shelby Mustang for the day in the USA and drive route 66 pushing the car to its limits all with my fiance and baby of course. and travel to as many places as possible for a weeks worth of travelling. Third Week: Go spend a week with my Sister in Canada, go to Banf national park let my naphew and my daughter spend time together. Return home to riots and looting. week four: spend most of the week in the house watching movies with the family. the second last day track down as much people as possible in a day and kill or beat them around the place. last day spent with family. hoping to hear more wilder posts than this one
  10. Marks12


    I have noticed or maybe I haven't but I'd thought I'd start a thread too see if anyone else follows sports on here lack of chat about it indicates otherwise but ah well have to try it can be any sport football, rugby, basket ball any sport So I support manchester united
  11. Looks like an unsuccessful mating ritual where the female tried to eat the male during the course of mating Said in my best David Attenborough voice haha