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  1. Started on the passengers side of the boot was a good layer of filler and a Bodge repair, so turns out some one had gone through the the effort of ordering a repair panel and welding it in but not correctly, 😂 was just placed over the rusted out part and welded in,seems a waste of effort to me but there you go, cut out the top panel will look at cutting out the original bad panel next time.
  2. Also picked up a set of mini lite wheels for a good price nice chunky 8s should look good when spaced in the arches, could do with a little tidy up tho.
  3. Driver's rear lower quater tacked in place for now.
  4. So couple of days off work and decided to get the driver's side of the boot started, inside is just tacked on same will be done to the lower rear quarter, after the other side is done the same and everything lines up with the rear lower back panel on,I'll start to weld it in place, just a little bit of the scrap that has been taken off the car so far plenty more to do, mess on the inside arch not a problem at the moment as most will come out with the Forrest arches and exstenshions will need to be welded in to bridge the gap.
  5. Next lot of panels have arrived, got a week off work so I'll look at getting some of these put in over time time when I'm not out on the bike.
  6. Ordered the other boot part yester day so waiting on dispatch will look at getting some 1mm sheet metal, but waiting for parts delivery now really will look at finishing off the spit if parts have not arrived by the weekend.
  7. Got the rest of the rear skin off, looks like there's a bit more work to be done inside the boot first tho as it looks to need both inside and outside lower rear quarter repairs done so I'll get onto ordering tho's up along with some sheet metal, left the boot skin clamped on to see how it's looking.
  8. Right so got the rear outer lower boot skin after a mess up with deliver which resulted in it being sent back to motorsport tools, started the hack off the badly repaired one and already sick of the spot welds only managed a couple hours and got halfway through remove.
  9. So picked the car up today seems to be quite a bit that needs to be done as most of the repairs are poor, more have been uncovered. The splash panels have gone and need replacing so the wings are going to have to be removed, not a real problem as they have been welded on pritty bad. Will replace the rear boot skin that should remove most of the bad welding on the rear engine bay needs quite a bit of attention.
  10. So got a call in work today from the guys shotblasting the shell asking if I could come take a look at the half they have done before they do the rest finished 2 hours early to get down and take a look fearing the worst, turned out not to be to bad, a mix of bad repairs, rust as expected and what looks to be mot patch work. So told them to carry on as they were and to blast the lot. Should be done tomorrow and ready to go down to get a layer of primer.
  11. So 3 weeks down the line and still waiting for news, no shell yet
  12. Been a while now but finally got her in to shot blasting should get her back Friday/sat to see what I'm working with. Being shotblasted and apoxy primed
  13. So trailer tests done and dusted time to start looking for somewhere to get the sandblast or have it dipped.
  14. So still haven't had the chance to get on with anything, on another note I have my trailer training and test this wed/Thursday so hopefully will have that sorted and will be able to look at getting it in for dipping or blasting.
  15. So van box was a second hand 1 and was a bit whine, sooo only ended up getting something else lol, so now I have a towing vhecial, so shall be looking at sandblasting after the new year, also snowed a bit here and had some fun XD