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  1. Ordered the other boot part yester day so waiting on dispatch will look at getting some 1mm sheet metal, but waiting for parts delivery now really will look at finishing off the spit if parts have not arrived by the weekend. 

  2. Got the rest of the rear skin off, looks like there's a bit more work to be done inside the boot first tho as it looks to need both inside and outside lower rear quarter repairs done so I'll get onto ordering tho's up along with some sheet metal, left the boot skin clamped on to see how it's looking. 




  3. Right so got the rear outer lower boot skin after a mess up with deliver which resulted in it being sent back to motorsport tools, started the hack off the badly repaired one and already sick of the spot welds only managed a couple hours and got halfway through remove. 



  4. So picked the car up today seems to be quite a bit that needs to be done as most of the repairs are poor, more have been uncovered. The splash panels have gone and need replacing so the wings are going to have to be removed, not a real problem as they have been welded on pritty bad. Will replace the rear boot skin that should remove most of the bad welding on the rear engine bay needs quite a bit of attention. 








  5. So got a call in work today from the guys shotblasting the Shell asking if I could come take a look at the half they have done before they do the rest :unsure: finished 2 hours early to get down and take a look fearing the worst, turned out not to be to bad,  a mix of bad repairs, rust as expected and what looks to be mot patch work. So told them to carry on as they were and to blast the lot. Should be done tomorrow and ready to go down to get a layer of primer. 










  6. So still haven't had the chance to get on with anything, on another note I have my trailer training and test this wed/Thursday so hopefully will have that sorted and will be able to look at getting it in for dipping or blasting. 

  7. So due to weather and other problems haven't been able to get much done, another to start the week off was the gearbox on my van went on the way to work Monday so have to change that over anyway going up to castle combe for rally day to morrow should be plenty of nice examples up there and may give me some ideas. 

  8. so after the dreeded 7.5lt oil change on the van had some time free for the car, upper chassis crush holes have been welded up have also tacked some strengthening plates in upper rad lower rad and inner wing to slam pannel, will look at getting some of the floor holes blanked up and the c piller next time there's a nice weekend.





  9. so got some stuff done today cut out the battrie tray as it will be relocated to inside, also makes the engine bay look alot cleaner. Had a look at the strenghing kit done the fuse box blank weldings a bit rusty atm, filled the holes for the headlight screws as there was around 8 so can redrill and look tidy. Strenghing kit seems to be a massive jigsaw so having a look online to where parts go and getting some iders, should get a chance to do a bit more tomorrow




  10. right started and finished a small troll to push the car in and out of the garage today so I can start some strengthening and cleaning up the front while I sort out the sandblasting will be looking at ordering some 4 point harnesses aswell in the next couple of days

  11. so put part of the cage in lose to see how its going to look, need to make out the front arches now and mock them up onto the body, will try and book it back into sandblasting again of not will try and find somewhere els to get it done as its holding me up now, should have a bit more road presants with the arches and spliter.




  12. so it was like and early x-mas after work today got home to find the seats have arrived as well as the long awaited safety devices full roll cage.

    so decided to go for motamec evoone seats insted of the sparco in the end, fiberglass so light weight.

    these are full fia cert till 2022 will be ordering a of matching harness's aswell.




  13. unfortunately the Shell didn't get to sandblasting this time but on a plus a set of motamec evo-one seats have been orderd and the part list is getting alot smaller will start to clean up the front of the car and add some of the strengthening to the front while I try and sort out sandblasting again.