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  1. first post/ build thread

    Been a while now but finally got her in to shot blasting should get her back Friday/sat to see what I'm working with. Being shotblasted and apoxy primed
  2. first post/ build thread

    so hi first of all my first post, as i am doing a project fort it would be a good idea to have the build recorded somewhere so why not here, i perched the 1975 Mk2 Escort ghia a couple of months back as a full mot'ed car with some mods since then i have started to strip back to shell. the plans for the car so far are : strengthening (gussets , front strut , group 4 kit , strut brace and a small amount of seam welding) forest arches and front spoiler anti ***** bars type 9 5speed box and rear axle safety devices full bolt in cage 2.1 pinto on bike carb's wilwood powerlite 4 piston front brakes sierra cosworth rear disc conversion bia's pedal box sparco rev bucket seats harness's snap on boss new steering wheel flocked dash alloys (not sure what yet) alloy tank in boot oil cooler oil pressure gauge tracker and hidden kill switch finished of in diamond white, here are some photos of the car and a couple of the parts that are already here:
  3. first post/ build thread

    So trailer tests done and dusted time to start looking for somewhere to get the sandblast or have it dipped.
  4. first post/ build thread

    So still haven't had the chance to get on with anything, on another note I have my trailer training and test this wed/Thursday so hopefully will have that sorted and will be able to look at getting it in for dipping or blasting.
  5. first post/ build thread

    So van box was a second hand 1 and was a bit whine, sooo only ended up getting something else lol, so now I have a towing vhecial, so shall be looking at sandblasting after the new year, also snowed a bit here and had some fun XD
  6. Overheating problem

    Heaters working fine?
  7. first post/ build thread

    So due to weather and other problems haven't been able to get much done, another to start the week off was the gearbox on my van went on the way to work Monday so have to change that over anyway going up to castle combe for rally day to morrow should be plenty of nice examples up there and may give me some ideas.
  8. first post/ build thread

    got some more blanking/strengthening tacked into place got some more to do then ill look at welding them into place fully.
  9. first post/ build thread

    so after the dreeded 7.5lt oil change on the van had some time free for the car, upper chassis crush holes have been welded up have also tacked some strengthening plates in upper rad lower rad and inner wing to slam pannel, will look at getting some of the floor holes blanked up and the c piller next time there's a nice weekend.
  10. first post/ build thread

    so got some stuff done today cut out the battrie tray as it will be relocated to inside, also makes the engine bay look alot cleaner. Had a look at the strenghing kit done the fuse box blank weldings a bit rusty atm, filled the holes for the headlight screws as there was around 8 so can redrill and look tidy. Strenghing kit seems to be a massive jigsaw so having a look online to where parts go and getting some iders, should get a chance to do a bit more tomorrow
  11. have a look on the rally sites thats where I get most of my mk2 parts from, not that expensive eighter.
  12. first post/ build thread

    harnes's and the rest of the rear axle studs arrived this week need to look at getting the engine sorted as ill need to have to car as its going to sit to weld the anti ***** bar mounts on.
  13. 1990 p100 blue smoke on idle

    would be worth checking any crank case breather pipes, make sure they ain't blocked, ideally need to figger out weather its burning oil or if its fule.
  14. 1990 p100 blue smoke on idle

    has is hard any work done recently ?
  15. 1990 p100 blue smoke on idle

    what you mean by missing? Blue smoke is a sign of burning oil
  16. first post/ build thread

    right started and finished a small troll to push the car in and out of the garage today so I can start some strengthening and cleaning up the front while I sort out the sandblasting will be looking at ordering some 4 point harnesses aswell in the next couple of days
  17. first post/ build thread

    so put part of the cage in lose to see how its going to look, need to make out the front arches now and mock them up onto the body, will try and book it back into sandblasting again of not will try and find somewhere els to get it done as its holding me up now, should have a bit more road presants with the arches and spliter.
  18. first post/ build thread

    so it was like and early x-mas after work today got home to find the seats have arrived as well as the long awaited safety devices full roll cage. so decided to go for motamec evoone seats insted of the sparco in the end, fiberglass so light weight. these are full fia cert till 2022 will be ordering a of matching harness's aswell.
  19. first post/ build thread

    unfortunately the shell didn't get to sandblasting this time but on a plus a set of motamec evo-one seats have been orderd and the part list is getting alot smaller will start to clean up the front of the car and add some of the strengthening to the front while I try and sort out sandblasting again.
  20. first post/ build thread

    fiberglass bonnet arrived today also ordered 1 wheel stud to check size as will be looking to space the wheels out, ill have to order another 7 now, roll cage is due to be delivered around the 10-11th, started to markout the rear arches on a bit of cardborad. running out of room now so looks like the cage will have to be stored in the shell lol.
  21. first post/ build thread

    phoned up and have booked it into get the shell sandblasted, 23rd she's off be nice to start putting some stuff back on for a change even if it is just the strengthening plates when its back.
  22. first post/ build thread

    Thanks i have always wonted to do one myself so bit the bullet :P , So tock the half shafts into work the other day and tryed the oxy/acetaline on the bearings and retaining coller, ended up having to get the grinder and dremal out but there off now. Safety devices full bolt in roll cage has been orderd (3week lead time) will be looking at booking it in for sandblasting in the week as well, Can get onto some of the welding and strengthing when its back and start to add stuff instead of removing.
  23. first post/ build thread

    so its officially a shell there's no more to come off, time to look at getting it booked into sandblasting. Also started to strip down the rear axle half shafts are out after quite a fight, will throw some new bearings on and make some longer wheel studs as ill be looking to space the wheels out to fill the arches, also need to remove sway bar mounts and replace with anti t*amp car mounts. Also started on the front removing the brakes.
  24. first post/ build thread

    so found another distraction from the car, but have my last bike test in the coming weeks lol, so on to the car have more than less got it ready for sandblasting only have the rear axle to drop off which I will do in 1 hit then strip that apart for the rear disc conversion, need to find a local place to get some powder coating for 1 or 2 brackets, have also started to mark up the arches and splitter to drill the holes for the rivets.
  25. first post/ build thread

    archs and front spoiler have arrived, done some research last night and are in to minds on weather to do a power steering conversion using a corsa c steering colum and some of the ford parts