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  1. It's probably best to search out who you would want to work on your car and ask them... i doubt many on here would have the answers to how much it would cost and if they would do it at your home address.. :)
  2. Problem Starting!

    Joys of motoring sadly.... it's a real kick in the nuts when that happens... hopefully you will be up and running again soon.
  3. Problem Starting!

    ouch! i had a feeling that all 16valves would have gone :(
  4. Problem Starting!

    hahaha same luck as mine... my belt on my volvo had been done 3 months prior to it going... luckily the garage that done it suffered all the cost.
  5. Problem Starting!

    All depends on the garage and how long is a length of string... best thing is to get your garage to look at it and come up with a quote for you... I wouldn't have though it would be silly money... not thousands more like hundreds.
  6. Problem Starting!

    it's hard to say... hopefully only a few bent valves.. or in my case on my volvo i had.. all 16 bent and needed a new head.
  7. Problem Starting!

    does sound like the cambelt has gone... the belt you're looking at in the video is the fan belt... the belt that drives the alternator and ancillaries
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums sotonstuart :)

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