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  1. Long time I know but regarding the original problem, I changed the air filter again yesterday as a matter of course and decided to remove the top of said filter housing to clean it. I noticed that the clip that holds the rubber hose after the MAF sensor was missing. With my limited knowledge of said 130 TDCi I would have thought that this could have caused the uneven tickover? I have cable tied it at the moment until I can get a clip. It does seem better today on a 75 mile motorway run, will keep an eye on it Thoughts please!!
  2. Hi all. Mondeo mk3 2007 reg, Tdci Ghia X. Yesterday all was good with my windows 10 phone pairing with the Sony 6 cd player via blue tooth. Went to pick up SWMBO and a text came through which was unusual as I have it set to send a reply 'I am Driving at the moment' I checked and the phone was not paired? It usually pairs up into driving mode as the radio comes on. Can anyone give me instructions please as to clearing the paired phones and re-pairing my phone? I cannot find these anywhere and I know I read them somewhere as I managed it before. The radio/cd player is a Sony 6 cd with the centre volume control/on off button. Phone is microsoft windows 10. Thanks
  3. Many thanks, never thought of that. drrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  4. Hi all. Can anyone point me in the right direction to purchase a new transponder chip. the glass tube thingy in the key. I have two keys but dropped my flip key and the transponder chip inside has broken the glass tube and no longer works.It is I believe the blue one ref ID4D . Mondeo mk3 2.0 Tdci 2006/7 Many thanks.
  5. Hi, If you look under the rear of the seat,that plastic trim is held on by a screw from the inside and screws into the plastic lower down. You need to be in the rear with the front seat forward. You can then lift and unhook the front.That is how mine is on 2006 tdci leather interior. No idea of price of switches but may just need contact cleaner?
  6. Hi all. 2006/7 Mondeo mk3 2.0 TDCi, Mentioned before in a previous post, when cold the idle is good then after about 2 minutes it will start to idle erratically. It feels as if it is going to stall but doesn't.once the temp gets up a bit then it idles smoothly. Otherwise the car runs superbly and using the onboard computer is showing 57.5 mpg. Car doesn't smoke and has had oil and filter change, fuel filter change,injector cleaner,re-coded injectors. Could the problem lie in the 'fuel pump regulator imv valve' ? I don;t know what this does, can anyone through any light on this and what this valve does? Many thanks in advance
  7. This happened to mine, got some weird beebing also. If you have a stethoscope you can check each for a clicking sound ie good. If you have good hearing you might hear it without. my o/s had gone I got a replacement and put it on and fixed. Mine was off the bay of flees and from the Chorley area if memory serves. Check for water ingress also in the plug.
  8. Ahh that got you thinking then haha, me with too much time on my hands now i'm retired doing more with hobbies than ever. Have a good Christmas if that is your thing.
  9. Thanks, will get one now. Pedals and amps:_ guitar effects and amplifiers etc. LOL I build them along with guitars. Cheers Barrie
  10. Me again Jeebowhite. Having looked into this ELM jobbie can you tell me which unit I need? I can sort the switch out no problem to modify it. If I can build pedals and valve amps I think I can possibly manage that. If you wouldn't mind doing that then I can get on with it as I have downloaded the Forscan.Just a thought I will be using Win 10. Many Thanks again Barrie ;)
  11. Hi, Thanks for that. Birthday and Christmas present methinks!!!! Thanks again :)
  12. Hi Jeebowhite. Can you explain please: Have you done a proper diagnostic scan? might be worth getting a modified ELM and FORSCAN on there. If I get a modded ELM (I have googled them) what do I do? These modern cars get me LOL give me points and a cigarette packet Ha Ha. sorry to be an idiot!! Any help etc. Thanks.
  13. MMMM you got me thinking now about the crank sensor! will clean the MAF first and remove the blank plate see how that goes. There's a local chap who does all the diesel taxis around here with testing gear so get him to put a test on there. Thanks again
  14. Hi Jeebowhite, Thought about both your ideas but as it runs perfect when even slightly worn I was leaning towards MAF,MAG, or even a temp sensor. Really pleased with the motor otherwise. It is just a bit annoying that's all. Cheers
  15. Just another thing, I put a new battery on but the car had the problem before that! Cheers