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  1. jsk

    Mk 8 delivery

    Update. Got a VIN for my car today. Checked on ETIS and found it was built on 17th, 15 days from placing order on 2nd. So would be looking at maybe mid to late August for delivery to dealer.
  2. Like guy I mainly use it on long journeys that I know very well just for time and distance to various points on the journey.
  3. jsk

    Mk 8 delivery

    Thanks Pete like you mines in magnetic 125 ps and 9 extras. Your timescale is almost what I was expecting plus a couple of weeks for the shutdown. Just have to wait and see what happens.
  4. Hi All Ordered a new Titanium today and was given a delivery time of 18 to 20 weeks. I know the factory shuts down for two weeks in the summer but this still seem a bit excessive. Even my original Mk 8 was only about 8 weeks. What have you guys been waiting lately?
  5. Had mine for nearly two years and it hasn't missed a beat. Never had to top up the coolant level. No leaks of any sort.
  6. Thank you Martin. The reason I asked was I doubt the dealer will know.
  7. Off to the dealers tomorrow to order a new Titanium. Can anyone tell me if they are now fitting GPF's and cylinder deactivation on the 1.0 Ecoboost fitted to the Fiesta?
  8. Last week I was on a trip from Oxfordshire to Minehead. On the M4 approaching junct 15 Swindon I get the dreaded 'lose of GPS' icon. I know I am going to stop at Sedgemoor services on M5 so not too worry I can reset it there. Now the strange part. The rest of the trip to Sedgemoor services, what about 70 miles, the GPS works perfectly even with the fail icon showing. Lane indications, distance to junctions, timing and no drifting off route, all as expected. The few other times I have lost GPS within a short space of time it starts drifting. Have any of you had the fail icon and have it still working over such a distance?
  9. My daughter had the same problem with the drivers seat belt. Advised her to pull it all the way out to see if it fixed it. Glad to say it did.
  10. Hi Martin Give it chance mine is 22 months old.
  11. Thanks guys you have set my mind at rest. Didn't think it could be anything drastic. Just about to set off on my 115 mile journey so that should bring the battery back up. Thanks again for all your replies.
  12. Hi all Has anyone out there come across this on their Mk 8 sync 3 information screen. On opening my drivers door the sync 3 screen showed the following. SYSTEM SHUT DOWN TO SAFE BATTERY POWER Turn off ignition or start engine Underneath that was a progression that slowly went across until full and the screen went off. By the way the ignition was not on and the battery seems OK. Engine fires up no problem. Also had the same a couple of times about a month ago. Got a 115 mile journey tomorrow so should get the battery back up if it is a bit low. Be interesting to know if any of you have had this.
  13. Have used the genuine Ford rubber mats in my Mk 8 both front and rear throughout the winter. Perfect fit if a bit chunky but certainly worth the money.
  14. Hi All Anyone know how to reset battery monitoring on the Mk 8? I have tried the ignition on, dipped beam on, press rear fog light button 5 times and hazard button 3 times and wait for battery light to blink as suggested somewhere on the club website. Doing this doesn't work on my Mk 8. Any suggestions?
  15. Hi All Anyone else out there noticed that you can no longer order a 3 door Titanium. Basic price of the 5 door stays the same but a load of the extras have gone up £50.