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  1. Hi Mark Like me you have gone for the shark fin aerial and wind deflectors. It just seems to set the appearance of the car off better in the darker paint models.
  2. If it is any help. Picked up my new 125 MHev early March. In April it drove 179 miles of mainly short trips and got 31.86 MPG. In May I did a long return trip and some short trips covering 338 miles and got 46.90 MPG.
  3. Thanks Mike. Definitely a better picture than mine to what I am on about.
  4. Hi All Question on my Fiesta Mk8 Vignale 1.0 ecoboost 125, MHEV build date 15 Sept 2020. Which I purchased new this March. As I have four weeks of no driving due to heart valve replacement I thought I would do a couple of modifications in my engine bay. Battery cover and NB Styling bonnet struts (well worth it). During the fitment of these struts I noticed that on the rear scuttle the full length seal is fitted but at either end of this there should be a large sponge rubber block but these are missing or I think so. On my last Mk8 they were there. Can anyone look on their post Sept 2020 models for me and let me know if they are now still fitted to the MHEV. Or can someone give the official description of these items or better still their part numbers. The block is the item above the rear screw of the headlight attachment in the photo. Thanks in anticipation.
  5. I wonder if they would look better painted with silver Hammerite. Might give it a try when and if the weather gets better.
  6. If it helps my Vignale with rear drums came off the production line 15th Sept 2020.
  7. No Tom Titanium and Vignale both same power 125. Car still stops well so not overly bothered. Don't use the handbrake when car is in the garage, just leave in 1st gear.
  8. A bit off topic but my 2019 Titanium Fiesta had rear discs. My new 2021 Vignale Fiesta has gone back to rear drums. Cost cutting I suppose.
  9. Well said Ian. Why doesn't he ask the mechanic who said it works well when used right? He must know to say that it works well.
  10. No. The disguise is still on. I did notice further down on the article that there was a link to a new look Focus. On that it showed the back lights the same as the present model. I now wonder if the new look Fiesta has the same back lights but the disguised has over laid the boot lid part of the light fitting. If not my opinion still stands.
  11. Have got to agree with Guy and the back lights don't look right either.
  12. Try Memory Foam Mattress Specialists | Memory Foam Warehouse. Have had two from them, excellent delivery and price.
  13. I had this with a Fiesta. Very bad vibration when braking from speed. Turned out to be distorted brake discs.
  14. Just tried an ST 155PS, 5 door, magnetic and all extras no problem.
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