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  1. Hi Gary & Roger I also get that on rare occasions. I am not too worried about my topic problem as it clears it'self in about 3 minutes. I might try a master reset at some time and see if hat has any affect.
  2. Mk 8 Titanium 125 69 plate. Yesterday when I got into my car the information screen that normally shows the Ford blue oval logo was blank. On reversing out of my garage the reversing camera was not working. After getting out and shutting the garage door the information screen was up and running. As I drove away I noticed that the car position arrow on the GPS was out of position. Slightly forward and about 60 yards to the left. After about 30 seconds of driving the arrow re-aligned itself to the correct position. This morning when I got in the car everything was as it should be. Ford blue oval logo straight up on the screen, reversing camera workig and GPS positiion correct. Yesterday was the first time I had used the car for 5 days and once before when I hadn't used the car for 4 days I had the same symptoms. I vaguely recollect having read somewhere that the car can go into a deep sleep mode. Is this what is causing my issues? Has anyone else had this? Before anyone asks the battery is fine, 12.4 volts and stop/start working every trip.
  3. Past week sometimes it works,most times it doesn't.
  4. Titanium 1.25 car is two months old and today has been the first time I have driven it in real rain. With the screen fully wet the drivers wiper strikes the screen pillar. Slightly wet and it doesn't. This to me indicates that with less friction the wiper seems to flick over more at the end of it's travel. Yesterday I did clean the windscreen with a product called " Screen clear" that came with the car. This seems to be a product similar to RainX. Used Screen clear on my last Fiesta with no problems. Have any of you had problems with drivers wiper stricking screen pillar?
  5. Yes had this problem but found if you pull the two edges apart hard it sits back in the cut outs again and remains OK for quite some time.
  6. Hi Dev They hope to have a new one to fit by Christmas.
  7. Hi All Picked up my new Mk8 Titanium this morning. I fitted a Paintmodz sharks fin aerial to my 2017 Mk8 and ordered one for my new 2019 Mk8. Trouble is Ford in their wisdom have altered the shape of the aerial attachment so the Paintmodz aerial will no longer fit. Have sent a message to Painmodz informing the of the aerial mount change in design. So if you are thinking of buying a cover from them make sure you don't have the new design of aerial
  8. Hi Tried feeding these co-ordinates into my sync 3 and it would not accept it. Are you sure you have the right co-ordinates as when I put them in to google earth it puts me in the Atlantic ocean some miles off the tip o Cornwall. That could be why sync 3 is not accepting it. Have just checked the postcode WA6 6PB on google earth and it gives me the following co-ordinated for the road at that point as Lat 53.243155 LONG -2.665662. Hope this helps.
  9. Hi All Problem solved. If anyone is interested in how check my Sync3 build 18093 topic as idiot that I am I put it in that one. Saving grace is that it is linked to that topic in a way.
  10. Hi All All sorted, rear veiw camera back up and running in auto. Appears to have been cused by update build 18093. Having checked the update website again found new update to build 19149. Having loaded it camera has started working again properly and the female voice in voice information is back to normal. I found in build 18093 the femail voice had a very broard American accent. Also somewhere along the download process of 18093 it through up F150 on the sreen. Now I think that is an American truck. I am now wondering if built 18093 was released by Ford Europe by mistake as it seems to be for the North American market. Just realised this should be in my 'Rear camera problem' topic.Sorry about that.
  11. Hi Martin Could be spec related as mine is a Titanium.
  12. Hi All Problem has arisen with the rear view camera on my Mk8. This morning when I reverse out of my garage dark night screen on camera working fine. As soon as it got into daylight and the info sceen went to the bright daylight screen the camera picture slowly fade until I was left with a blank screen. Tried selecting reverse numerous times with daylight screen with the same result. Initial camera picture fading to a blank screen. Went to setting/vehicle/camera and both settings were normal. Went to settings/display and it was still selected auto. I found that if I selected Day the camera would stay on when reverse selected in daylight. So it appears it doesn't like the auto setting anymore. Yesterday I updated the Sync3 to build 18093 and am starting to wonder if this is glitch caused by the update. Anyone out there updated to 18093 and got the same problem? I did try a master reset before anyone asks.
  13. Have had my glove box right the way out a couple of times. Take it gently and you should be OK. When you go to put it back up remember to slot the rod on the box into its tube. Part of th soft opening mechanism I think.
  14. Hi all Anyone any idea how long build 18093 update has been available. Checked or updates yesterday on the website and mine was up to date. Checked today and 18093 was available for update. Checking via Google it appears some have had it available for over 3 months. Appears it helps with the operation of Waze maps. Could have been released in North America first. Took approx 15 minutes to update mine.
  15. jsk

    Mk 8 delivery

    Update. Got a VIN for my car today. Checked on ETIS and found it was built on 17th, 15 days from placing order on 2nd. So would be looking at maybe mid to late August for delivery to dealer.