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  1. Thanks both of you. Having read some of the threads I think I shall give them a miss.
  2. Hi all Have been thinking of fitting Emerald automatic boot struts to my Mk8.5. Has anyone fitted these to their Fiestas and has anyone had problems with distortion of the mounting attachments after fitting the aforementioned struts. Thanks in anticipation.
  3. Hi all Daughters 9 year old Fiesta ecoboost going in shortly for cam belt and oil pump drive belt change. Car has relatively low mileage 57000 miles approx, in daily use doing short stop start journeys (Care worker). My query is, while cam belt and oil pump belts are being changed would it be wise to include a new oil pump? Thanks for any advice as you hear a lot of stories on how critical oil is to these little engines.
  4. Mine has water pooling in passengers footwell. Dealer checked and said not door seal, although it was loose. Said it was windscreen. Screen removed reseal and refitted. Next time it rained water in footwell again. Have now taken upon myself to re-stick loose seal. Suggest you check seal at top front edge downwards to see if it is loose.
  5. Not exactly your problem but I came across what may be a problem with my AC that someone might be able to enlighten me on. Whilst away on holiday my car had been sat out in the sun for most of the day. When I got in to drive back home the cabin temperature was sky high. Switching on AC had no affect in either Auto or manual. System reset to Auto and AC left selected, after about 10 miles of urban driving for approximately 20 minutes the Ac kicked in and continued to function normally for the rest of the journey. This is the second time this has happened. Other times it comes on as soon as it is selected. Any ideas?
  6. Could be waiting a long time Dave like me.
  7. Hi All, Anyone else seen this because it isn't showing up for me. I am one of those people who has been having problems with the update site accepting previous log file downloads. I am wondering if I still have a problem although it supposedly cleared a couple of weeks back. Mine left the factory with F11 installed so I assume this is F12.
  8. This is a known problem that a lot of people have been having, check focus and fiesta forum sites. I had the exact problem you have back in March. A couple of days ago with me doing nothing the update site has now decided mine is now updated. Looks like a problem Ford has finally fixed. There is nothing you can do just keep checking back on the Ford Sync update site to see if it has fixes it for you.
  9. Hi Melvyn Did you get any compensation. Just had an email from Kcrc offering me £100 Ford Voucher now mine is fixed. I have accepted this of course.
  10. I don't believe it. Just been onto the Sync update site and it is showing I am up to date. Sound like Ford have got round to sorting the site out.
  11. Fitted Rimsavers to my three Mk 8 Titanium X. Well worth the money.
  12. Still waiting for mine to be fixed from reporting it in March. Had email yesterday from Kcrc saying techies have not got back to them yet. Hopefully mine might be fix next month then. Not holding my breath though. Car into dealer at the end of the month for another problem but will ask them to look at my Sync problem at the same time but don't think they will come up with a cure.
  13. I'm 81 and can still remember the little rubber foot pump for the windscreen washer. Better still I had a Morris 10 that had a hand cranked pump in the engine bay with a selector switch that you could use to select what wheel you wanted to lift off the ground via a hydraulic jack. What I wouldn't give for one of those now on my car.
  14. In answer to question 1. That is normal on newer cars. Even my Titanium X is the same.
  15. Like Andrew mine is a 2022 and I find no trouble with the idling. Once warmed up I sometimes have to look at the rev counter to check if the engine is still running when stationary, as it idles so quiet and smooth.
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