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  1. Try Memory Foam Mattress Specialists | Memory Foam Warehouse. Have had two from them, excellent delivery and price.
  2. I had this with a Fiesta. Very bad vibration when braking from speed. Turned out to be distorted brake discs.
  3. Just tried an ST 155PS, 5 door, magnetic and all extras no problem.
  4. Have you tried knocking the boot lid hinge pins from side to side. Could be corrosion making the hinges very stiff
  5. I would suggest you check the cable and plug at the door hinge. On one of my previous Fiesta I partially dislodged that plug while cleaning the car. Pushed it back in and everything worked.
  6. Hi Brian Check you have got the right version of the Autoinstall file. I had this problem (refer my comments further up this page) and when I used the file supplied by colinmcg71 (also further up on this page) it loaded no problem.
  7. Sorry to be asking more questions but I have spent most of the afternoon downloading map F9 file. According to the instructions on the website I should have three files. SyncMyRide, inst.file and “DONTINDX.MSA”. I am missing “DONTINDX.MSA”. Has anyone else had this problem and is this file critical? Going through another download now to see what I get this time.
  8. Many thanks Ben. I think my previous attempts were carried out using an incorrect inst. file. I have just tried an update using the inst. file supplied by colinmcg71 further up on this page and it worked a treat. Now just to install maps F9 and I will be a happy Easter bunny. Many thanks again.
  9. Question. Do you put the radio logos file and the inst. file direct into the root directory of the usb or to you have to put the logo file into a SyncMyRide folder? I have tried to update mine with these files and when I plug it into the car all I get coming up on the screen is 'USB detected' and then nothing. I am on Sync 3.4 build 20351 and maps F8. Am in the process of expanding latest map update to a USB. Long old process. Thanks in anticipation of any help in getting my radio logos back.
  10. Hi All Ongoing problem with updating my new registered Fiesta Mk8 sync and maps. Car arrived with sync 3.4 & maps F8. Ford update website ha nothing available to update. Contacted ukcrc1@ford.com who are looking into it. Must admit they have been keeping up to date so far. Any way yesterday I checked the update website and found that a sync update was available. Downloaded it and updated car, now build 20351, and uploaded log file to the web site. Then advised I had a map update available. The answer to my original problem I thought. Wrong. When I try to download the map update the si
  11. A few years back I bought a band new Fiesta. After a couple of weeks the battery went flat. Got it recharged and it went flat again. Contacted the ford dealership and explained the situation and was told it was a known problem and they were waiting for a software update to rectify it. In the meantime while I waited for the update they said to leave the radio on when I shut down and locked the car. This worked and since then every new Fiesta I have bought since I leave the radio on even if I am not listening to it, just turn the volume to zero. Doing this I have never had a problem with the b
  12. Thanks a lot. It looks as if I need to do a bit more investigating. Have checked the fuse list and can't see any reference for one. To get at the bulb I suspect I shall have to drop the glove box right out of the way. Can't be bothered with the dealers under current conditions and as you say it is not very bright. I know the one on my Titanium was not very good. Had a good drive in it today and quite impressed with the mild hybrid and as yet no rattles which some seem to suffer with.
  13. Hi all Quick question for vignale owners. Has the glovebox got a light in it? My new one has just got a hole where it should be but the micro switch to operate it is there. Have looked up through the hole and cannot see any light shinning in that area. Manual says nothing about glovebox. Thanks in anticipation.
  14. Picked up my new Fiesta Vignale today. On checking Sync it shows I have Sync 3.4 but maps F8. On checking with Ford sync update website it says both sync and maps are up to date. Strange.
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