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  1. Could this be related to temperature? I have noticed on my Mk8 if it is cold the fan doesn't appear to run but once the engine has warmed up a bit I can hear and feel the fan speed up. Did you try the 'max' button. It might be nothing but it could be a way of not blowing cold air into the car if the outside temp is low.
  2. Four days now since I had my jab. No side affects so far, not even a sore shoulder where it went in which is quite common I am led to believe.
  3. Hi Tim Don't know how I got the jab so quickly. Both wife and I are 78 and we are both having it. Didn't expect to get it till mid February at the earliest. Neither of us has any medical problems apart from usual old age related. Must be in an area that has got itself organised faster.
  4. Get my jab on Wednesday. No hesitation about getting it.
  5. I doubt I would go for the LED headlights as the amount of night driving I do, an hour in the last 18 months, would warrant the expense. Could use that money for other things like Climair deflectors, mudflaps, bonnet struts. shark fin aerial and the insurance. Hadn't noticed the panoramic roof had increased but not one of my considerations as I would never drive a car that didn't have a spare wheel which you don't get the option of with the panoramic roof.
  6. Have just been pricing up a new Vignale and noticed that the LED headlight option in the extras section has increased from £600 to £700. Wonder if it is the start of a general Brexit increase?
  7. Thanks for the input Brian. I am having to download all updates via the Ford website as I have no internet connection to the car. Parked to far away from my router. I have the copy of Alexp999 F9 download but am waiting for the 3.4 update as I am still on 3.3.
  8. Still waiting for Ford to offer me the update for my 2019 Fiesta. At this rate it is going to be New Year before I get it.
  9. I noticed a couple of days ago that my airbox on my Mk8 ecoboost had vibration/movement. I found a block of sponge rubber in the garage and pushed it into the space between the back of the airbox and front of the battery box. The area to the left of your finger nail. Stopped the vibration and noise. Bit of a bodge job but will look at a better way of stopping it when I get a bit more time. Don't think it really matters as I haven't noticed the noise from it while driving and it doesn't knock against any other part of the car while vibrating.
  10. Well that is good to hear that it is finally being rolled out for the Fiesta. I shall just have to be patient but it would nice to have it soon as it will give me something to do. Installing it during lockdown.
  11. Hi all Yesterday I sent a query to 'UKCRC1@FORD.COM'. The query no doubt a lot of you will have asked, when are they going to release Sync 3.4 update and F9 maps for the Fiesta seeing as Focus and as I believe Kuga have had for several weeks. This morning I received the reply below. Thank you for your email dated 9th of November and for taking the time to contact us regarding your Ford Fiesta. We are happy to investigate this matter further on your behalf but in order to do so, please can you confirm or provide the following information for our records;
  12. Hi all Just done a configuration again on the Vignale after my missing Magnetic paint post. Now it shows up that you can have a spare wheel as an extra which it didn't have before. If you go for the panoramic roof that option disappears. Believe this due to weight. Even with a normal roof this option was not available even after the sub woofer was moved out of the wheel well some time ago. Ford seeing a bit of sense at last?
  13. Life was so much simpler in those days Bob I remember them well.
  14. As I said in my earlier post if I couldn't get Magnetic I might go for the Chrome Blue. The more I look at it in the configurator the more I am liking Chrome Blue.
  15. Happy again now they have brought the Magnetic back.
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