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  1. Hi Mavroz For some unknown reason when you enter the email link I posted it added. %EF%BB%BF to the end of it. If you delete that part from the Page Not Found url and press enter again you should get it.
  2. Might be of interest. I know it refers to a Focus but I should imagine the system is the same on the Fiesta. http://www.carbuyer.co.uk/news/163429/watchdog-ford-focus-rs-sat-nav-waits-a-year-for-update
  3. After the Ford email reply telling me to, check with dealer, I did just that. They said they had no updates and had not heard of any in the pipeline. General opinion is if and when updates are available it will probably be a download to a USB stick and load it yourself.
  4. As I said previously mine has behaved itself for the last eight months until the hiccup last week. Trip back from the west country trouble free. If it starts to play up in the future I shall use Google maps via smart phone and Android Auto app. At least the maps will be up to date as my Sync 3 ones are at least two years out of date. Emailing Ford about updates receives the usual response. 'Check with your dealer'.
  5. Have not had any problems with my GPS after a couple of signal loses during first two months of ownership. Eight months on I went to the west country last week. On a trip to the local supermarket with no destination selected but the nav screen on, I lost the GPS signal. Strange thing was the nav screen still showed the correct map orientation and the car icon still following the road and turns as if it still had GPS. Strange.
  6. jsk

    Which spare wheel clamp for mk8?

    Hi Just checked my factory fitted one and the boot floor on mine fits flush. I have noticed though that if you fit the re-fueling adapter with the cut out facing up it does cause the floor to raise slightly due to it fouling the adapter.
  7. Hi All Has anyone out there heard any rumours of when we are likely to see a map update. My Mk 8 Fiesta has the supposed latest map which is at least two years out of date.
  8. jsk

    Which spare wheel clamp for mk8?

    If you are having problems finding the correct part could you not buy a length of threaded rod. Cut it to length and then cut out a disc of ply or MDF just a bit larger than the centre hole in the wheel and then use a nut to tighten it onto the wheel. Bit of a bodge but it should work.
  9. jsk

    Which spare wheel clamp for mk8?

    Hi Looks like Ford Parts have got it wrong. The photos are the actual bits out of my car. I have a 14" X 5.5 steel wheel fitted with a 175/65 R14 trye. The actual threaded rod is 173mm long. The plastic bit on it holds the jack in place. On the round plastic wheel retaining disc are the following numbers F1EC-1402-AA and B4V0A >POM (FoMoCo) On the jack retaining piece are the numbers B17A012. Not certain if this is the complete number as there is a bit of scoring at the bottom end. Hope this helps.
  10. jsk

    Which spare wheel clamp for mk8?

    Hi Try this. It is the same screw that is on my Mk 8 that came fitted with a spare wheel. https://www.fordpartsuk.com/spare-wheel-fixing-screw-130mm
  11. jsk

    Which spare wheel clamp for mk8?

    Hi Could try this https://www.fordpartsuk.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=spare+wheel
  12. jsk

    MK8 fuel economy

    Hi All Refueled my Mk 8 125 this morning. Over last 345 miles achieved 46.3 mpg, my calculation not the onboard fuel computer. This included two long runs of 125 miles on mostly dual carriageway and the rest on general short urban driving. ECO was on throughout the 345 miles. Car has done 2453 miles. Fuel used Tesco Momentum.
  13. jsk

    mk8 Climair wind Deflectors

    Hi Fitted Climairs to my Mk8 five door 5 months ago. I know the fronts are different from your 3 door but I had no difficulty fitting mine.
  14. jsk

    2018 passenger fuse box

    Hi Fuse box is not behind the glove box on the 2018. It is in the passenger foot well below the glove box combing. Dead easy to get at just two pins to pull.
  15. jsk

    Deep impact blue

    Hi dansallis Hope you are right as I was thinking of going for the Blue Wave on my next new Fiesta. The more I look at it online the more I seem to like it. Must contact my local dealer to see if he has one available to look at in the flesh. Still a shame about the DIB though.