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  1. Anybody else noticed a leak from the joint between the upper and lower plenum panels where they are clipped together at the front? As far as I can tell, this has only occurred when the car is facing downhill, and in heavy rain or on the rare occasions it gets washed. Water drips onto the engine below and collects in places on the cam cover, etc. Only a minor leak at the moment, but I notice that the join is "sealed" with one of those nasty foam rubber gaskets of the type that have given grief to Passat owners such as myself!
  2. Don't worry, normal. ABS self-check apparently.
  3. Car Revving/accelerating Itself!

    'Automatic' revving at idle is a classic sign of idle valve sticking. What happens is that the idle valve sticks too far open, producing a high idle rpm. However, with your foot off the throttle the ecu sees the revs are high and assumes that the car is in motion but with no throttle (ie slowing down).So it cuts out the injectors as it normally would in that situation. This of course causes the revs to drop to normal idle, at which point the injectors are switched on again. But the idle valve is still stuck open, so the revs rise to a high idle again and the whole thing repeats. Hope this makes sense. Happened to my old Cavalier.
  4. Oil Catch Can For 1.0 L

    I would consider fitting one to any direct injection petrol engine, in view of the inlet valve carbon contamination that seems to be a potential issue with this design.