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  1. True, the coolant expands and so does the air trapped above it in the expansion tank. The combined effect is to very slightly inflate all of the rubber hoses which results in overall drop of coolant level as seen in the expansion tank. Remember the whole system is under pressure ultimately limited by the pressure cap valve.
  2. Missed Simon's post.I think we agree.
  3. Think I may have misinterpreted some of the wording in your posts. If we aren't talking big movements in level then a small drop in level as the engine heats up, cap on, is normal.This is due to the various rubber hoses expanding. If left alone, when the engine is switched off and allowed to cool, the level will return to its original position.I think you've complicated things a little by topping up, so you may find that the cold level drops over time to a new position somewhere around Min. It's fine to leave it there cos that's it's 'natural' level. Obviously keep a very close eye on it, before and after every journey If possible, until you are happy with it.
  4. Sorry, hang on I've just had another think.... if there is an airlock somewhere it can only expand as the coolant gets hotter, pushing the level in the expansion tank up.
  5. Hi Eric, managed to spin my Viva HA van, also the one and only time. I blame that on leaf spring suspension and light loading, your honour. Think sleeping policeman started to appear in any sort of numbers on main roads in the 90s but that could just be my memory playing tricks. Since then they've proliferated massively of course.
  6. Does sound like a big airlock to me. As far as I'm aware blue and pink antifreeze don't mix but if they drained it thoroughly then I think you should be ok but best check with an expert!
  7. I've thought a bit about speed bumps and potholes because I'm sick of 'em as I guess most of us are, and it occurred to me that when speed bumps were rarely found on the roads, say 20 years ago, reports of Spring breakage were relatively rare. Then, I thought, in a car's lifetime it would rarely encounter the kind of spring deflection that occurs every time it travels over a speed bump at 20/30mph or so. That's my theory folks! I realise in certain situations speed bumps can be a useful safety feature, but I believe they are overused and are easily ignored by wrong'uns.
  8. This stripping of accessories seems to be standard practice. Years ago I bought a four year old Passat from a main dealer. As we were sitting there sorting out the paperwork, l noticed in a section called pre-sale actions or something similar that they had removed a tow bar and twin socket electrics. This was obviously historic and before I had seen the car but it was annoying for two reasons: 1. l could have used that towbar, but that's beside the point. 2. This mention of a towbar not surprisingly was never revealed to me on any paperwork I received. it's only because I sneaked a peek that I ever found out about it. So now I am buying a car which has clearly been towing something at least the size of a caravan or possibly even heavier around behind it for up to 4 years, with commensurate extra mechanical wear. mentioned it to the salesman he wouldn't budge on the price however, but the car was otherwise good and there weren't that many around with that spec. so l bought it. Still got it.
  9. Here's one for you.... if you now have access to the inlet stubs of the isolated heater matrix, maybe you could buy some coolant hose and clips and a funnel, and repeatedly pass hot stop leak through the matrix collecting each time in a bucket and repeating until you get fed up of it. Finish with clean water. If it doesn't work you've not lost much and you haven't contaminated the engine or radiator. As long as it doesn't soak the interior too badly of course! Just an idea, but as Bob says bars leaks does seem to have moved with the times and may be a much better product these days to put through the whole system.
  10. Don't forget to smear some on the sealing o ring as well. This can stick solid.
  11. Hi Matt, that's exactly what I did. I didn't trust my my de- rusting and painting skills, and was worried the corrosion might sneak back in under the paint. Easy to keep an eye on it this way, just like people used to do with brake pipes when the surface paint had flaked off. I think it doesn't burn off because the pipes are effectively water cooled.
  12. In addition, thread 'Coolant level' started by Piston Head on this forum might be worth checking out before you top up.
  13. That's good news Liam! might get a set for the wife's Passat which has a total of 8 rear side light bulbs which can be a significant drain on an elderly battery if left on all day accidentally, as I found out to my cost! Should add this is a 2003 era Passat not a newer one. God knows why VW chose to fit so many.
  14. Good luck with the new car. Just a quick heads up that you might have to swap the exterior bulbs back to original for the MOT.