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  1. Were you using a mac or pc? Doesn't natively like mac unzips
  2. I like your optimism that Ford will fix the issue by the time you get your new drive. I wouldn't hold my breath though. Lol
  3. The map updates are generally around 25GB zipped
  4. I can't believe the amount of folk blatantly ignoring temp speed limits on like of motorways. I don't always drive to limit but say a 70mph down to 40mph for roadworks/workers. I've at least dropped to about 50 and folk are tearing past at I'd estimate 80.
  5. I like the idea of cars with the warning in mirrors of a car at your side and potentially in your blind side, wish I had that, but to keep you in lane is a bit much imo.
  6. I've seen my dash dimming going into and out a tunnel. Generally see green lights on indicator dimming if happen to have side lights on.
  7. I was quite surprised when I read the talk of F9 on SD card, as it wasnt that long ago we had F8 on sync 3 and in turn F7 was only towards end 2018. I was thinking they maybe look to be doing twice yearly and so wasn't expecting F9 until maybe late August. That doesn't explain why it's on SD already though. As much as I like up to date maps, any more than twice yearly is a bit of a pain. Sure you don't have to take it, but if it's there I will no doubt.
  8. Today the update site saying my maps are up to date. Up till then I had the 0mb update. 2017 model.
  9. Again an obvious one. On the phone when playing have you pressed the volume button. I know my old Samsung used to go into a hearing saving mode via BT and gave about half volume. You could then over ride it and increase it. Just wondering if yours goes so low as not to hear it
  10. In my experience once you upload a log file it can take up to a week to change as being up to date.
  11. Still the 0mb one for me. 17 focus sync 3.0
  12. I think the little road work signs might appear without fordpass so guess that's trough radio. The coloured roads are only through fordpass. My wife thinks the roadwork signs look like little guys about to put an umbrella up.
  13. The remote start would be quite good in winter plus can't be driven without key in car anyway it says so pretty safe. For our cars it's not really good enough to warrant paying for but.if newer ones have all the features then maybe so. I presume though if you have a Manual you'd need to park up in neutral, which I never do.
  14. On that site it says 2 years but looks like in UK at least its 3 years from new. For me the traffic is interesting rather than useful for me. I'm generally going to go my normal route anyway whether busy or not. If i did need it as above there's always android auto and waze or Google maps. I know someone who just bought a new merc A class and looks like there's no free period with that. If you want it you gotta pay.
  15. Ouch. Will probably give that a miss then. Thanks