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  1. Mine is 1.0 ecoboost 125. Maybe I just do the sorts of drives it loves.
  2. Yes I get that but now over both years I've had car my oil life only seems to drop 10% over 10k each year. Folk here are dropping 50% at 5k.
  3. I don't understand my oil life estimation. After a year and 10k miles my oil life was about 90% now back to 100 after service.
  4. I just put pirelli p7 blue on mine the other week. Seem to be round enough [emoji16]
  5. I've kept mine on the last few days due to the very wet weather and its kept my windows nice n clear
  6. Totally disappeared or someone turned them down to minimum? As said just take it back
  7. Ouch. I'm no mechanic but what about a replacement (from crash damaged car) surely wouldn't be £4k but guess still won't be cheap for labor.
  8. Yeah I know it's really poor of Ford. I feel for you as F7 was crap around my area.
  9. Yeah it seems so. I'm F8 but that's a year old now.
  10. So since sync is split now into v 3.0.and 3.2+ surely they can still give updates to us with 3.0 as its not stuck or aren't they interested in us now. I've done 2 map updates so far and both went fine. I'm sick of website saying I'll be pleased to know I'm up to date. No, I'm not pleased I'm checking cause I want an update. Ps. I know none of you can do anything about it, so only venting.
  11. Took it a spin down the road and app now showing 100% not sure why it hadn't updated before but my panic is over Thanks
  12. I can't read it in car. Mk 3.5 not sure it has that optio
  13. Just home from a service. My oil life was 92% before the service but Ford pass app now saying 0% Have they reset or not reset something? I'll need to go back tomorrow now.
  14. How come that's a 3rd service? Mines a 17 plate and in for 3rd service right now. Unless it's due to mileage as mine at 27k after 3 years
  15. I like keyless entry. It's the older fobs like mine emit thier code constantly I don't like as open to scanning. The new ones switch off after a while until they sense movement and then come to life. For the most this avoids scanning and nicking off your driveway.The reason I asked is the article I had read said some manufacturers offer to convert for free or a small charge. Obviously not Ford then.