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  1. gillyallan

    sat nav built in on a c max grand

    Have you tried it?
  2. gillyallan

    heated front screen

    I remember an old Ford ad when heated screen first came out. Person fires up car, presses button and almost immediately flicks wipers and drives off. Certainly doesn't work like that. I normally press it and then go scrape side windows. By time I've done that it's normally ready or not far off.
  3. gillyallan

    My Focus Mk3.5 Review

    Had the 5 speed in my fiesta 100hp and found it hated 5th till about 50mph. Maybe a little earlier. My focus 125hp having the 6 speed does seem the opposite end and like you say a lot of early on gear changes. Seems to me they needed a compromise of the 2 setups. I think out the two though I now prefer my 6 speed. I think global opening/closing of windows will only be there if you have rear electric windows. I think on 2 window setups it doesn't work?
  4. gillyallan

    heated front screen

    I don't think it works well on damp screen more frosted or hazy. Probably takes 2 mins to defrost enough to move I think
  5. gillyallan

    Sync and parking sensor faults

    Turning auto dim off might stop the flicker
  6. gillyallan

    Sync and parking sensor faults

    The jumping day to night is I think this time of year. It can't work out whether it's day or night. I was going to ask the other day what others do with there's. Do they take it out of auto brightness? The auto headlights will have much the same issue.
  7. gillyallan

    Brake Pads

    Interested too as just scrubbed front wheels today so much dust. [emoji19]
  8. gillyallan

    Lock v deadlock

    Lol. OK I see. Thanks
  9. gillyallan

    Lock v deadlock

    Wondering what the point of standard lock is? Why not go to 2nd stage straight away? I guess there's a reason but I don't know what?
  10. gillyallan

    Map update on UK sync 3 update site

    Id try with a different unzip prog if you can or on a windows computer.
  11. gillyallan

    Map update on UK sync 3 update site

    Here's to F8 maps. Ps the upload of log file isn't working right as rechecking it still says maps are available for me
  12. gillyallan

    Map update on UK sync 3 update site

    Updated today but disappointed since major roads around me still aren't in it. Guess maybe in another 2 years they might have this updated on it. Went smoothly though and took 30 mins then 40 on mine. I'm trying to get that xml file
  13. gillyallan

    Map update on UK sync 3 update site

    Yeah. I presume you'd need to modify it to yours.
  14. gillyallan

    Map update on UK sync 3 update site

    Any idea what year the maps are from on this latest update? Trying to get time to install it.
  15. gillyallan

    Map update on UK sync 3 update site

    Says it takes about 35 mins then asks for a key cycle to do the second part, which then takes 45 mins. Guess I'll go a run at weekend and make the most of it. Can I do a long key cycle? Say half install on road to work. Work all day and on road home do 2nd part?