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  1. Are you able to connect your car to WiFi? If you are and haven't already, I'd get it to scan for updates, which maybe jolt the server and then try again from the Web page.
  2. It probably puts a lot of folk off buying another Ford. Maybe other manufacturers are as bad I don't know though
  3. Replying to my own comment here. I went out and done a scan again and it's updated the servers. At moment I'm not being offered the mysterious 4th tiny update. Mine saying all up to date. Ps. When I press steering button mine just says something like say command at top of screen. It's always done that. Maybe there's an option I have off to show all the commands.
  4. I'm going to be honest here. When I press the button I'm not sure I've noticed the screen changing. Sure I just speak. I'll have a look later. [emoji15]
  5. I've just done the 3rd update. Once Ford server recognises(updates) I'll grab the small 4th and post contents if nobody has by then. I've not done a master reset as unsure what wasn't working and if it's broke I want to see if the 4th update is to fix that.
  6. I agree but only saving grace is they are free, whereas the old type sd card had to be bought. Theres no way I'd pay for these though and would just use Android Auto to use either Google or Waze. I actually just prefer the screen colours of the inbuilt one, which is main reason I persevere.
  7. Hopefully someone can show you the contents of 4th update soon. It's unlikely I'll get 3rd done today so won't have 4th til then.
  8. OK thanks guys. Guess I'll bite the bullet and do the 3rd, the reset and 4th. Probably be a few years til next update anyway lol.
  9. What happens (or is broke) if I leave off the 3rd (8.9gb) update? Also do u think the 4th tiny update might be a fix to save master reset?
  10. That's a pain in the rear if they initially put the wrong one up. Another 30-40 mins wasted. [emoji849]
  11. I seem to be back to the server saying I need a 8.9gb update again. I already done the 16gb then the 8gb one and car seemingly updated the server to say I was up to date after that. This just appeared this morning on server. I'll try getting car to search again see if it clears it. Not sure why I even looked.
  12. I scanned in car for updates which seems to have essentially done my log file, so now getting the 8gb file.
  13. It's not given me a log file to upload. I'll just need to hope the car does it over WiFi. I'm sure it has before.
  14. Sitting waiting 1st part installing now so i can switch off and go into garden centre we've driven to.
  15. So over a year old maps. Wow. Someone said after the 2 parts of the map update and letting the servers know, there was another 8gb download. Do we know what that was for or done?