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  1. gillyallan

    How accurate is the fuel gauge?

    It would look like your gauge is actually more accurate than the ones that dont move for ages.
  2. gillyallan

    Oil life sensor accuracy

  3. gillyallan

    Oil life sensor accuracy

    OK thanks. Would still have thought after a year and 10k it would have calculated towards a lower percentage.
  4. gillyallan

    Oil life sensor accuracy

    On the fordpass app it gives access to oil life. Wondering how accurate it is? My car got serviced today and oil life was at 88%, after service its now 100% Was a year since oil changed so thought 88 seemed quite high, had done about 10k miles.
  5. gillyallan

    Sat nav saying "No GPS" 2011 Focus

    Mine said this the other day too but seems OK now. 2017 model. I think it's the Europeans showing us a taste of life after Brexit
  6. gillyallan

    Sync 3 radio changes source

    Another thing I forgot about as it happens less often. I can come back to car to find the temperature for heating has changed since I left it. Car is haunted I think.
  7. gillyallan

    Sync 3 radio changes source

    Definitely not usb with me as never use that. I'm more happy I'm not alone though lol
  8. gillyallan

    Sync 3 radio changes source

    I think mine generally is the same station but yesterday for the first time it was on AM 1152 or something.
  9. gillyallan

    Sync 3 radio changes source

    Mine generally is fm but did get am yesterday
  10. gillyallan

    Sync 3 radio changes source

    Anyone ever find occasionally on coming back to your car the source has changed from dab to fm? I get this now and then but can't quite work out a pattern.
  11. gillyallan

    Software update for Sync 3 Focus Titanium X

    Nothing of note. I think you needed v3 0 for the nav update though.
  12. gillyallan

    sat nav built in on a c max grand

    Have you tried it?
  13. gillyallan

    heated front screen

    I remember an old Ford ad when heated screen first came out. Person fires up car, presses button and almost immediately flicks wipers and drives off. Certainly doesn't work like that. I normally press it and then go scrape side windows. By time I've done that it's normally ready or not far off.
  14. gillyallan

    My Focus Mk3.5 Review

    Had the 5 speed in my fiesta 100hp and found it hated 5th till about 50mph. Maybe a little earlier. My focus 125hp having the 6 speed does seem the opposite end and like you say a lot of early on gear changes. Seems to me they needed a compromise of the 2 setups. I think out the two though I now prefer my 6 speed. I think global opening/closing of windows will only be there if you have rear electric windows. I think on 2 window setups it doesn't work?
  15. gillyallan

    heated front screen

    I don't think it works well on damp screen more frosted or hazy. Probably takes 2 mins to defrost enough to move I think