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  1. gillyallan


    Why not? Are you trying to keep crime figures down? Maybe, though doubtful the person doing it might have 2nd thoughts thinking maybe someone seen it and report it themselves. They could then contact op.
  2. gillyallan

    Really sharp brakes

    I don't notice this with my focus. When I took it a test drive I felt them much better than my trade in car but within a week I felt they weren't as good as at first but guess I just got used to them. I don't brake heavy anyway
  3. gillyallan

    Ford Focus mk4

    Hate cars that looks like they've just dumped a tablet on the dash and it doesn't look built in. Seems to be the style though.
  4. gillyallan

    Sync3 Climate controls reversed

    Crap ain't it? Same with map updates. Sell you built in sat nav then never update it. Try to now promote using 3rd party map via waze.
  5. gillyallan

    Sync3 Climate controls reversed

    So original poster and others who have noticed this issue. Did your cars come with climate enabled or did you enable yourself. If its yourself. Do you think this is why it was disabled from Ford as they knew there was an issue with right hand drives.
  6. gillyallan

    Sync3 Climate controls reversed

    Wonder why they feel we in UK don't want it in sync screen so disable it. If i asked a Ford dealer to enable it. Would they entertain it?
  7. gillyallan

    Sync3 Climate controls reversed

    Jeez just figured the dual and single mode by holding auto. Didn't realise this.
  8. gillyallan

    Sync3 Climate controls reversed

    Can UK sync screens be enabled to control climate or is a physical connection missing? Also what's this about single and dual mode? Can this be done on mine? I do have dual controls just not via Sync.
  9. gillyallan

    Sync 3 and Andriod Auto

    I didn't use hey Google I just held the car voice button down. Note you do need to hold it down until you're finished talking unlike the sync commands where you press and let go. However the fundamental problem with AA for me was I was unable to answer a call or hang up without physically touching my phone which defeats the purpose and makes it illegal.
  10. gillyallan

    SYNC 3 F7 Maps

    Don't like that site much. Log in with fb or YouTube to gain access. When u click yt it says it gives that site control over my yt account... Erm no thanks.
  11. gillyallan

    Maps again - customer service

    Beginning to hate on Ford over this lack of official map updates on sync 3. You contact via email to Ford UK and they say best to ask your dealer. Ask your dealer and they just say they don't know. Why offer a service and not follow it up. I'm fairly certain it said yearly updates on maps but I could be wrong. My car is 1 year 3 months but never had a map update. Instead they advertise partnering with waze, which so far is ios only via applink.
  12. gillyallan

    Ford pass 2?

    Wish traffic would stay enabled on my app. Keep having to go in and enabling it each time.
  13. gillyallan

    Valet mode?

    You'd be surprised who is watching and if stolen there'll be no claim as fob left inside. I'll go with the unlock then open door and put back in house. Not sure why I didn't think of that before asking. Doh!
  14. gillyallan

    Valet mode?

    Will give it a go next time ta
  15. gillyallan

    Valet mode?

    Probably but I open doors to clean the sills and particularly the boot lower part. Usually have music on also...but yeah it is an option