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  1. Do other manufacturers have as much trouble with map updates as looks like Ford havent a clue.
  2. Mine is still OK on mk 3.5, however I wish it would stop saying you'll pleased to hear you are up to date with maps. I'm not pleased, id be more pleased if there was an update, which is why I looked.
  3. Yeah the one touch bit is useful. On global, possibly on having a load of passengers, you get out to discover someone left the window open. Guess it would save turning ignition back on.
  4. It's something I always thought would be good, however now I have it I never use it. In fact only used it to show folk what it does.
  5. I just couldn't take another 2 wheels I'd have to heavily clean. Can I convert the front to drums too lol
  6. It does on my mk3.5 focus on sync 3.0. There must be an option for it. Unless you have the sign recognition, as funny feeling I've read before that doesn't show it for some odd reason.
  7. It's an embarrassing horn. The one in my previous 14 plate fiesta was better.
  8. Thanks. Like I say I've not witnessed it and not aware of hearing it from my current or previous Ford
  9. My wife's pal bought a 16 plate eco fiesta from a Ford dealer but has complained about a clicking noise when braking. Now I've not heard it myself but the dealer has said all ford's do it. They even let her drive another pre owned and a new one and both apparently done this. Thing is I had a 14 plate eco fiesta and now have a 17 eco focus and they never did this, either that or I'm going deaf. Anyone know if this is a common thing like they say?
  10. Last time I asked Ford dealer said 3 hrs at 100/hr
  11. I guess when they do R & D on new cars they work out what's best for it and this was their conclusion.
  12. Yeah was my thoughts when I first got it too. Only seems to be about 7-8 mph between gears at 1500 approx. It's a nice gearbox don't get me wrong. I prefer it over the 5 in my fiesta but just kinda feel it would be nice to drop into some overdrive if on a long straight stretch at 65-70. Not sure it would handle hills with such a gear though.
  13. I find myself quite often going to change up gear, only to realise I was already in 6th. Oops!! Makes me wonder if it needs another. Just wondering if anyone else does this? I'm not sure if it's cause it goes up the gears quite quickly so when get to 55 or so I'm thinking I'm due to change up again, due to previous cars. Ie my last fiesta 1.0 5 speed didn't really like 5th til 50.