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  1. Windows Phone 7 And Fiesta Mk7 Handsfree?

    zero views and zero replies? Has noone tried a windows phone with our favourite car yet? plunder
  2. Hello there, I posted on this topic a few months ago but it remains unresolved. My question is has anyone here got a Windows Phone 7 handset and managed to connect it successfully to a MK7 bluetooth handsfree? Someone must have tried this im sure(hope). I cannot get them to see eachother. I have the Samsung Omnia 7 and have had zero luck even after all the updates, and yet works perfect with my old HTC diamond with windows mobile 6. Any thoughts? Regards, plunder
  3. Hello, I have a new Samsung Omnia 7 running the new Windows Phone 7 OS. The phone is fantastic but i'm having awful problems trying to pair it with my Fiesta mk7 '59 Bluetooth Handsfree. Sometimes once in a blue moon I have paired it but it drops the connection after a few mins. More often than not I cant get them to pair at all. My old phone an HTC Diamond works perfectly. I've tried everything i can think of from disconnecting the car battery to taking the car in today for a bluetooth update. All to no avail. So the question is could the phone be faulty? Has anybody got one of these phones or any other Windows Phone 7 mobiles to work with the mk7? Thanks for any help, Mark.
  4. Tiny USB stick for Fiesta

    Hi InstructorPiggy, The problem with a 3.5" external drive like this is it requires a 240V mains power adaptor. Therefore not very useful in a car without an inverter of some type. Which is inefficient and would add to the cost considerably. With a 2.5" "portable" type external drive it takes its power directly from the USB port. This is the reason you pay a premium for the smaller portable type drives. plunder.
  5. Tiny USB stick for Fiesta

    Hello, I just thought i'd let you know how i did this. I bought a 500GB portable USB hard drive from PCWorld for £60. The USB socket simply pops off the car with a little prise with a screwdriver. There are 3 wires going to the back of the USB socket. I bought a USB extension cable from Poundland for £1. Cut the end off and bared the 3 wires and joined them to the back of the socket. Then simply fed the wire under the trim and under the drivers seat where the HDD drive is velcroed in place. Now have 500GB of songspace as opposed to 4/8/16/32GB etc. The socket is now empty so the job is totally invisible, but the socket can still be used if needed. The drive can be unpluged and taken indoors to add/delete songs as needed. Total cost £61 - Took less than an hour to fit. It all works flawlessly. plunder.
  6. MK7 De-Tango

    Hello Stephen, Possibly the ones i ended up buying are not as good quality and are therefore not as bright? I got these: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Chrome-Indicator-Bul...les_CarParts_SM They are Spanish... the make is "Krawehl" I know, never heard of them either... The Philips are 4 times more expensive... mind you if they are 4 times better... I just couldn't justify £30 to £40 for 4 indicator bulbs that I may not even like. Its not like they are packaged in such a way you can return them if you don't like them ;)
  7. MK7 De-Tango

    Hmmm... i may well leave the mirror lights well alone... You wouldn't think it would be so hard to change a bulb in 2009!! As to the number plate light fitting... you need a small thin flat screwdriver... like a jewellers type. Look to the right hand side middle of the fitting and you will see a small silver coloured clip. Push this in and gently prise the fitting out... it will come out very easily.. needless to say i learnt this the hard way! Thanks for the advice. Mark.
  8. MK7 De-Tango

    Well I De-tangoed my MK7 today. It was pretty tricky removing the rear lights the plastic wing nut was tight as anything and murder to get a hand or any tools to, but got it in the end. Rear indicators replaced with chrome. Then did the front headlight removal. Quite easy to remove the unit, but getting the indicator bulbs in and out was again quite tricky. Also changed the number plate lights for 5 way leds. Well overall i'm quite pleased. The lights do look better without the orange glow when off. BUT.... be prepared for a loss of brightess compared to the stock bulbs. I would say with the bulbs i used they are only about 70% as bright as the stock ones. I think it will be ok... as the stock ones are very bright in my opinion. As to the number plate leds? yes they look pretty good... still wish they were a little brighter. The trouble is only 3 of the 5 leds, at most, are actually shining down towards the plate. (They are 360 degree bulbs) Now to echo the question already asked here... How do you open up the side mirrors to replace the bulbs? The manual offers little help other than to squeeze and lift. I was pulling and pushing squeezing and cursing all to no avail. I don't want to break them obviously, so has anyone else done this upgrade? Any tips on removal? Thanks, Mark
  9. background buzzing noise & after a trip...

    Hi Brent, So its not just me then? I does seem poor indeed, there doesn't seem to be any reason for it... ah well. Mark.
  10. Newbie Fiesta spec questions

    Hiya coysht, Do you have a link to that usb stick as im looking for a short one too. Ive been using a maxtor 80GB usb drive which works quite well but is a little slow to search through. Also can need the usb plug pulling out and in again now and then for the car to recognize it correctly. I think this is because it requires a little more power than the car outputs. So ive decided instead to go with a large capacity but physically short/small flash drive. Or... Thinking about it... i could simply wire in a usb extension cable behind the usb socket which is very easy to access, and put any size usb flash drive on the end of it and keep it under the seat, where the usb hard drive is at the moment. This method would leave the socket empty and free for anything else. The reason i didnt do it this way was because the hdd required this occasional plugging in and out. Hmmm... Mark.
  11. background buzzing noise & after a trip...

    Hiya Hedgepig, Thanks for that, rather reassuring. However... on mine its really really loud. Rather like when a fan in a computer wears out. I wonder if its a similar issue. It sounds exactly like in the youtube video featured earlier in this thread. It drives me crazy. But I guess there are worse things to worry about! Also does anyone else notice that the rear window wiper doesn't complete a 180 degree sweep but stops rather short at about 140 degrees? It leaves quite a portion of the window uncleared. Or is this just on mine? On my MK6 it used to "go over" much further. Mark
  12. background buzzing noise & after a trip...

    I wonder if this only occurs on Fiestas with Electronic Climate Control? The buzzing emanates from the right hand side of the centre console. There is a single small rectangular vent there an inch or so across and the sound seems to come from behind that area. Its got worse over the couple of months ive had the car, i hardly noticed it originaly but now its getting louder and can be heard when driving with the radio on quite low. (4-6) Passengers have commented on it as well. I can't imagine its "meant" to be like this because more people would have complained, im sure. It starts the moment you open the door and continues until 5 mins after you stop the engine. Why would the climate control need it to do that? It even does it when the heater has been off for days! I'm thinking of going to see if the dealer can fix it under warranty. Mark
  13. background buzzing noise & after a trip...

    Hello, I too have this awful buzzing noise exactly as described here. Did anyone find out what it was/is? Has anyone found a cure at all? Its got worse since i got the car 6 weeks ago and is now driving me mad. I'm due to go in for my 1500ml service this week so i shall point it out to the dealer. Thanks, Mark.
  14. New to forum and pics of new car

    Hello Dan, Firstly may i thank you for all the excellent advice you have offered here on this forum. I have been considering alloy pedals for a while. Are they merely cosmetic or is there any other advantage? The Ford ones in your link do look very good... but come to approx £60 with vat and p&p. What would you say is the difference between those and these: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...e=STRK:MEWAX:IT Apart from £53 that is ;) How are the Ford ones fitted? Do they replace the old rubber ones or go on top? which is best? I'm not sure how the cheapy ones on Ebay fit as they dont really say.... On a seperate topic... (but i may as well ask this here rather than start a new thread...) Is it just me but the MK7 rear window wiper doesn't seem to do a full 180 degree sweep as my mk 6 did, but instead stops rather short? Is this the same for everyone? Thanks for any thoughts, plunder.
  15. ! Guide ! Installing A Sub Box To Mk7

    Hi there, Is titaniumsteve still about? I too would love to to know what the colour codes are for the front (4 speakers) and the rear (2 speakers) on the back of the headunit? Anyway of getting a wiring diagram for this from anywhere? There is nothing in the manual that i can see. Mark.