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  1. ScorpionSX

    Focus Cc Bumper On Mk2 Hatchback.

    They are different on standard and CC, on CC they are the same as the pre-facelift ST, and all facelift models. That being said, with a little creativity, you can still utilize your standard fogs in CC bumper. 😉
  2. Yeah, I don't get it with the boot light either I saw your halos, I wanted to get similar as you have (only different size), but they wouldn't fit to the original halo ring place, as they are a bit wider. So I went with these, I found a seller on Aliexpress which allows you to combine the size as you need, so I didn't have to buy 4 rings from each size (they are 100 and 106mm in diameter).
  3. Wow, 6th page in the build threads! :D Looks like it's been some time since the last update, lol :D Aaaanyway, here's what's new :) 1. Finally got myself to do the boot light upgrade, so now I can actually see something there in the evening/night :D 2. While doing the lighting upgrade, I also decided to put in the rear interior light, I found a good looking one, also with map lights for the rear, so why not :) 3. I "upgraded" my stereo back to the first one that I had some time ago, but that one wasn't oval, so I needed to change the trim and I found this "light carbon" one for sale, so I got it :) It's an OEM version, so no worries about tint removing, etc. :) 4. Aaaaand back to lighting again, during the winter I decided to upgrade my headlight a little bit, so I split them apart and put in new angel eyes LED halos with switchback function. Also, during this upgrade, I bought a turn signal LED bulb with switchback function, that's been used alongside with the halos for parking lights. The halos have their own controller, so no power without key in, but the turn signal LED is connected to the original parking light wire, so it's on in the "P" position on headlight switch. Halos are bright enought to be used as DRL, as demonstrated on one of the pics below, it's during a direct sunlight right to the car and you can still see how bright they are. Together with this, I also put H7 LED bulbs into my projectors, they are 36W, 6000K, so far only in testing phase, I'll see how they will perform. But I like them so far :) Next on the plan is to finally change the brake pads/rotors, as the stopping power is getting veeery below awerage, next to that, I recently purchased parts to change the door windows to OEM all 4 electric windows system, so I'll be doing that in few weeks/months and maybe, but very big maybe, I will change the climate control to OEM dual zone climate. That's very much depending on the prize of the parts. Luckily, the car runs perfectly, I'm doing just the regular oil/filter changes, so I decided to keep it at least for few more years. No reason to upgrade now :)
  4. Veeery nice! Congratulations on the purchase, many happy miles!
  5. You can definitelly use them, no problem. I just wanted to clarify the sizes, since lot of times there is a lot of confusion about the size
  6. Didn't read the whole thread, so maybe this is not all the information you need, but as an owner of 1.8TDCi MK2 I can tell you that the front discs are 300mm and rears are 280mm. This is for MK2, but I doubt they would change this on MK2.5.
  7. ScorpionSX

    Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    Yeah I get that ... I hope you're lucky enought to find a decent ST!
  8. ScorpionSX

    Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    Congrats on the new job, mate! Starting in one myself I can also see all the goodies that I'm going to buy now for the car too, lol Finding a decent mechanic is a tough task these days, they're either too far away, or overpriced, or they just suck...recently I found a decent mechanic myself, he lives a little further than I would prefer, be he worked at our local Ford dealership, and he doesn't charge horrible prizes so I think for now I just stick with him. Btw, instead of the eSTate, wouldn't you also go for an ST-line estate? The bodykit looks very nice, you get the 1,5 ecoboost which I believe can perform very well and the mileage and the running costs could be lower than with "real" ST...
  9. ScorpionSX

    Fuel light on with 1/4 tank of petrol?

    This happens all the time with my mom's Fiesta. She drives extremly short trips, so the fuel consumption calculated by the car computer is terrible. When I fill the tank to half, it still can sometimes light up the fuel light
  10. Many people use 16"s for their winter setup. It can look good if they are nicely alligned with the body of the car, either using spacers or wheels with lower ET. Also helps if car is lowered, it gives it more "stanced" look (sorry for using that word, but it kinda explains it the best, lol :D ) ST line comes with standard 17"s, which look good, also some people go directly for the upgrade to 18"s, which can be less comfortable on bad roads. I think 17"s are perfect for daily use and also good looks. Pick either OEM, or something good looking, don't go for anything crazy, you'll ruin otherwise a good looking car.
  11. ScorpionSX

    Focus mk2.5 H7 led Headlamp bulbs

    As promised, here's the "review". Received the N1-H7 bulbs from CN360 yesterday and fitted them right away. The good news is, that they fit very nicely in both stock reflector headlights and also in my aftermarket angel eyes projectors. You can close the lid on the headlights without issues even with the cable coming out of them right from the back, not through the side. So no issues with fitment at all. They use passive heatsink, so no moving parts which is nice and it doesn't get very hot after some time. I wouldn't worry about it in everyday usage. Colour is nice "pure white" without any blue-ish tint or anything, visibility seems to be very good with these. And, as mentioned before, with 25W, they will not be as strong to the opposite drivers. Now onto the main part, the light. In projector it is good. See on the pic attached below, it's only tested at home as I'm currently rebuilding the projectors, but you get the idea. In the stock reflectors the situation is a little bit different. On the picture you can see that the light output and the light line "break" seems to be good, however, in reality it's quite distorted on the top of the light. There is no visible "__/¯¯" pattern when I drive closer to the wall. And here is stock halogen headlight pattern. Maybe also not perfect, I'm not sure if they are not alligned too close to each other in the middle, but the pattern is still the best here when I drive closer to the wall. So far I only tested these and it was really a quick test right after I got them. I'm planning to do some more testing, also with my friend's LEDs that he bought, which are also from the same brand, but a different model. I didn't have time to test those in my headlights yesterday. Also I will make better pics, in complete dark and with a better camera. Hope this helps TL;DR version: CN360 N1-H7 headlights. Good pattern in projectors, worse in reflectors. Good build quality, no extra heat, no blinding opposite traffic. Recommend for projectors.
  12. ScorpionSX

    Focus mk2.5 H7 led Headlamp bulbs

    These are probably the only E-Marked ones now: HOWEVER, from some brief research online it seems to be, that the E-Mark is only for the "electric product" - which the bulb is, not for it's function as an alternative light source in the car. So...this really depends on how far you want to stretch the law here. Recently, I ordered this set: which should have very nice output according to feedback gathered from various sellers of these bulbs on Aliexpress, I can review them once I get them. They are 25W, which is lower than standard 35W which these LEDs usually operate at, which should mean that they won't shine that bright to blind others on the road. I'm planning to test them in reflectors and also in projectors. Approx. 6000K light colour should be fine for daily driving, maybe I would prefer something lower, around 4500K, but I will see how it will look in real life.
  13. ScorpionSX

    Auto locking doors

    It's similar where I work...we "have the responsibility for it"...whatever that means...I don't leave it unattended in the car of course, even with tinted windows, when there is nothing visible inside, but I don't have problem leaving it on the backseat...
  14. ScorpionSX

    Auto locking doors

    I'm carrying my laptop bag with me on the back seat - so I have to open all 4 doors, not just driver's + boot, so I enabled the auto-locking, just to be safe on a parking lot at slow speed, when anyone can jump to the car from behind and grab the bag from the back seat. I'm not worried on the company parking lot, or by my house, but when I'm running errands after work, in the city, looking for parking spot or something, it's easy to just quickly open the doors and take the bag autolocking with re-locking it is :)
  15. This exact issue is also present on my FF2 2005 1.8TDCi...just discovered it few days ago, but because of the coooollld weather, I'm leaving it to car service to fix it, although it should be an easy fix. Hopefully there is also leak on the leak off pipe, because it could get pretty hard to get out the injectors after all this time, and also with the leaks all over it... Anyway, good job fixing the leak, if I may throw my piece of advice here, I would (and will) replace all four leak off pipes, because the issue might appear again, so why mess with it all over again.