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  1. Few Interior Mods

    Yep I've had this.sometimes some LEDs do it and others don't also.
  2. New Ford Focus S

  3. Poor Quality Paint?

    And that's why I always apply protection,dodo juice red mist is good as it only takes 10 mins to do the whole car and is great or giving your paint that extra barrier.
  4. New Ford Focus S

    That's what I'm waiting for really,the bluefin as it is great for putting it back to standard before any service,warranty work etc,I've emailed them too see if they are working on a re-map but had no reply yet,the trouble is now for these firms who do the handhelds is they need to know the codes for the ecu which from after the focus st,ford have made it harder for developers to crack,when I a mk7 zetec s I gave up waiting for the re- map from Superchips/bluefin and opted for the expensive but good mountune conversion which is good if you plan to keep the car for along time,because once it becomes an mp200 it stays as one.
  5. 1.6 Ecoboost Fuel Figures?

    Ive done 4000 miles in my 1.6 ecoboost and I'm getting around 34 mpg urban but that's cold start. 2 mile journeys,I did I 300 mile run last month and returned 48 mpg! Ok I set the cruze to 70 mph but it can be done
  6. Change Hwadlight Bulbs On New Focus !!

    no mate this time i put philips blue vision in to give a more xenon looking white light,you get all four bulbs in a pack,ive had them before in a previous car and as long as you dont expect them to look blue your fine,they actually give a white light rather than the standard yellowish light bulbs,brighter too.
  7. Change Hwadlight Bulbs On New Focus !!

    hi there,changed my side lights and headlights last week,the units come out alot easier than the mk2 ones(not that they were hard) as for the bulbs the headlights are a doddle,the side lights you have that long plastic bulb holder again in the small hole,i used a pair of long nose pliers to grip it and twist it to remove the bulb,took me 20 mins to do all 4 bulbs,hope this helps :)
  8. Dissapointing Ecoboost Economy

    i get around 34 mpg to work which is all 30 mph,but half of that is cold running as its only 3.5 mile,had a run down to brighton though with 2 adults,2 kids and the boot full to the roof with cruise set on 74 mph(which gives 71 mph with gps)and it returned 48 mpg over 365 miles.ps thats with all my petals intact.
  9. New Ford Focus Titanium

    :D thanks for that
  10. New Ford Focus Titanium

    think i might have to have the door re sprayed all ready those drips wont polish out without taking to much laquer off,think i am going for the 18's,got a quote of £540 for the alloys and the steering rack limiter,just need to get £400 for my other alloys for tyres though.i might fit r18 225/40 rather than the 235/40 as there £40 cheaper a tyre for pilot sport 3 anyway,theres only 5.3mm in diameter,could someone with 18's give me your full tyre spec ie 235/40/w95/xL/fp etc is this correct?
  11. New Ford Focus Titanium

    :D yes ive done the clay today for the first time and wow its smooth as glass now!,if i would of known how easy and good it is the time i would have saved with all the cars ive had,i have always been a bit of freak when it comes to shiny cars ie dodo juice shampoo,super resin,wax,red mist etc but never needed to clay,will now though,only thing ive found something else wrong as you do when cleaning,ive found two great dirty paint drips right on the bottom edge of the drivers door,which know ive found them stands out because of the black plastic sill covers.off to the dealers tomorrow,just need some cash now for the five spokes :P
  12. New Ford Focus Titanium

    :) thanks i give it abit of a detail today found the paint finish shocking though,it feels like fine sandpaper in places so i set to it with megs swirl x but i dont think its abrasive enough as its still rough to the touch,not sure what to use as i tried autoglym super resin polish and paint renovater!,didnt want to go to t cut level on a new car,has anyone else noticed this on a frozen white?
  13. New Ford Focus Titanium

    :) well ive got her,and i must say i am very happy with it,i am getting 32 mpg urban allready and the engine has some good low down power speaking of power that sony headunit is mad!,just need to give it a proper clean and wax when i get the time,ive had her 3 days now but ive been working nights which in one way has been a benefit ie looking at all those buttons,screens,led's etc all lit up very cool i must say.i will get some better pics up later, though i am still wanting the 18' wheels if anybody knows where i could sell these to and get a good price on the 5 spoke 18's?
  14. New Ford Focus Titanium

    hi mate falken 452's for my st are £60 and conti's sport contact 2 are £114 the same tyre for the 17 inch alloys they were £156,weird i know,probably because they are not so a popular size.
  15. New Ford Focus Titanium

    :D thanks,i must admit i do like the alloys i just wish they were that little bit bigger to fill the arches,like the optional zetec wheels,its a pity ford didnt give the titanium them ones as standard,though ive checked both the 18 inch five spokes and the 17 inch multispokes on how much there tyre size's are on camskill,both of them are more expensive than my currant focus st tyre size! must be because they are not common.