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  1. Forscan

    I've never use the forscan for enabling my auto lock, Iirc I used a program called FoCCCus.
  2. Ford 6000 cd

    The one thing I could think that makes sense to me if it only occurred after the clutch would be one of the ground cables
  3. Dashboard lights

    Check out SJ Conversions on facebook if you have it, The guy does top quality work and will be able to help you change the color of your instrument cluster, windows switches ect.
  4. Car is looking good bud, Seen it at the breakfast meet on Sunday there and must say it looks even better in person.
  5. Faulty Part - Warranty Advice

    So after some back and fourth with ford they have agreed to take the car in for inspection worse case scenario I am down on the labour which I was quoted at £510. I am half expecting them to say it was incorrectly fitted although if thats the case and they can prove it I would go back to the original garage. My thinking is you can only fit a clutch one way and if it wasn't fitted right it wouldn't be drive able at all. Got a video of the noise with me pressing the clutch any opinions in what I could be would be appreciated. https://goo.gl/mN0WMP
  6. Faulty Part - Warranty Advice

    Part was put in less than 2 weeks ago and I've only done around 200 miles, Not been riding it or anything as I know everything needs to be broke in, Took it to a couple of garages and without me mentioning what is was they both came to the conclusion it was the bearing. Got a video here .
  7. Hi, Having some issues in terms of my parts warranty, I bought a new flywheel, clutch,bearing and flywheel bolts from a genuine ford dealer. Got my local garage to fit the parts. After they were fitted it was found that the release bearing was faulty. So I called the supplier and asked how I would go about about getting this replaced who would cover the labour costs and the replacement part. They advised me take it to my local ford dealer and they will deal with it, In terms of fully inspection, approval and the replacement part being fitted as it was a genuine part. Although I went to my local dealer today and was told that ford didn't fit the part it wouldn't be covered under any warranty and said to speak with the supplier as they supplied the part. My question is what kind of leg do I have to stand on, Who exactly covers the replacement part and the labour involved I would have thought with it being a faulty ford part any ford dealer could inspect and deal with the issue.
  8. Fair enough, I managed to get on offer just waiting for it now. I've just finished the big stuff so can spend on the little things now. £585 is a great price for the block mod I got mine done a few months back at GI Motorsport cost me just over £700.
  9. Looking good so far, Have you thought about getting a green RS vac pipe to tidy the engine bay up a little more?
  10. I am unsure if there are ready made Kits available. I would recommend SJ Conversions to do it for you.
  11. They are SMD led's which can be a pain to solder if you only have little experience like myself, I would recommend SJ Conversions, Great guy and does a great job. I know the picture attached is a focus but he does the mk7 fiesta's aswell.
  12. Mk2 vs Mk3

    I currently own a MK2 Focus ST and love it to bits, Handles great, Exhaust note is spot on and not as thirsty as everyone makes out if driven sensibly. I've never drove the Mk3 although from what I've heard the MK3 is slightly better handling wise, the interior is lot more modern and economy is a little bit better. They are both great cars and I think at the end of the day its down to your personal preference and how much you have to spend.
  13. Focus Titanium LED Reg light

    As far as I know about the MK3 it is an LED, if the color is white, not yellowish, then it definitely is. I'm pretty sure it is a module, that can't be disassembled as there is no bulb. Any pictures of the bulb holder to confirm?
  14. focus st3 rolling road set up

    Unsure of what you fully mean, If you are asking about mapping then none of the things listed will improve performance. If anything I would personally avoid the K&N filter and just replace it with an OEM paper one. A stage one map will map a big difference to the car although I would recommend a off the shelf map as from what I've heard the MK2 Bosch ECU's can't be live programmed.
  15. Mk2 Projector headlights

    Hi Adam, Not sure myself how to do it although I know it is possible as mr-venn has done it. Here is a brief description he gave to me although I never got round to doing it myself. The halogen lights only have 7 pins. Where as the projectors have 10 pins. Behind motor more under the hi beam bulb theirs a little plug in connector. Which is basically the plug to power auto motors. Unplug that. Then you have the plug that pushes in your actual motor unplug that. Now in the motor u have black brown and red. Don't touch the red one. On the auto adjust connector. All you need is the green and red wire. All the rest are useless as the 5 wires all together on that plug. Green goes to brown and red goes to black. Boom they work.