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  1. Hi welcome Sent via the 'Clacks' GNU STP
  2. Like Dezwez says, price up a scrapyard engine and get a price for a backyard chimp to chuck it in, that would be cheapest if you need the car. You will get next to f.a scrapping it, and as there are still loads left I doubt it will break for a nice stack of cash, you'll be left with pieces of car which will sell for peanuts. Look around gumtree etc, there are scrapyard dodgers on there, you might be able to pick up a shafted car for cheap and have the engine out Sent via the 'Clacks' GNU STP
  3. That is cheap for a mk2.5! Sent via the 'Clacks' GNU STP
  4. Sounds highly suspicious to me... But then offer someone a great deal for free and they will query the catch! Sent via the 'Clacks' GNU STP
  5. Surely it is the ECU becoming self aware, realising it is a Vauxhall, then spontaneously combusting from the shame? Sent via the 'Clacks' GNU STP
  6. Thanks for the clarification Jeebs. I once asked a mechanic the battery question, and he said he sticks normal batteries on Fords, he was completely unaware about the Silver Calcium requirement so I would easily believe others would do the same. Sent via the 'Clacks' GNU STP
  7. Is it four inches? I once had a elegant 3 inch locking knife confiscated by the rozzers for being illegal... Do they owe me it back? I thought the police frown upon any locking knife. Sent via the 'Clacks' GNU STP
  8. Should be safe then as the law isn't due to be changed for another 90 odd years... ;) Sent via the 'Clacks' GNU STP
  9. Newer Fords need silver calcium, as they have a 'smart charge' system that supercharges the battery to compensate for the power used when cranking, and keeps the battery at optimum charge. Conventional batteries do not support this as such and can be problematic, and can be the cause of many a electrical malady. Sent via the 'Clacks' GNU STP
  10. Huzzah! Always good to get a pass! Sent via the 'Clacks' GNU STP
  11. Now I prefer the mk2 out of the whole bunch. My mate's Grandad had one, custom two-tone paint job, 3 litre, slatted rear window and spoiler, and to top it off it had air horns. He eventually chopped it in for a Peugeot 309. God knows why. Sent via the 'Clacks' GNU STP
  12. Rust. Check the front wings and sills, they rot like hell on the bottom of the wings. If it is only doing short journeys, go for petrol as any savings made by the diesel will be spent on maintenance. If you buy the petrol version, invest in a engine cover. The washer jets, unless modified, leak into the spark plug ports making them fill with water, and it is an afternoon's work drying them out and putting it right. Personally, I would avoid the mk2 and spend a little extra getting a mk2.5. That is what I did, much improved over the mk2 with a lot of the issues rectified. Sent via the 'Clacks' GNU STP
  13. Agreed, my mk2.5 is fairly high, with 130k on original clutch. It doesn't concern me in the slightest. Sent via the 'Clacks' GNU STP
  14. Lotus Carlton. The one true car Poxhall got right, and that is only because Lotus got involved. And with the 65k change I reckon a new Ford Taurus from USA. I haven't factored in depreciation as the Lotus will appreciate, and will no doubt counteract the depreciation of the Taurus eventually. Sent via the 'Clacks' GNU STP
  15. Damn, keep it, give it a service and use it as a daily! Or give it to me, I wouldn't mind a low mile escort in my fleet! Sent via the 'Clacks' GNU STP