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  1. Clunk In Steering When Turning ?

    Well I took it to the dealer yesterday. After 3 hours of waiting, they have diagnosed the problem as: 1) Needed Greasing 2) Some spring or something in the suspension. This needs replacing. They have greased it up already however the part wasnt in stock so they have had to order it in. They are doing this under the warranty. Fingers crossed once this part is installed, that will be the end of it. However im not convinced, as the clunk is still there after they have greased it! Matt
  2. Clunk In Steering When Turning ?

    Turns out my 59 plate Fiesta Titanium has this same issue, and its !Removed! annoying. I only noticed it a couple of months ago, so thought I would mention it at its 3rd service yesterday. When I went to collect it, the guy said it needed lubricating ( the joint near the pedals ) and told me to put WD40 on it! So, I went out today and got some WD40.... to which it hasnt worked!! I called the dealership and spoke with the service manager who has booked me in for tomorrow to investigate it. To say I am peed off is an understatement. Why didnt they investigate it at service when I told them too? Instead they just tried to fob me off knowing full well my warranty is up in two days time. I know that I will have to pay for the grease, but its not the point. What if its the steering column or something else which would be covered under warranty! I have also spoken with Ford and have been given a reference number. They will also be phoning the dealership tomorrow to see what they are going to do for me. Mine is when I get in the car and slightly turn the wheel left or right, a huge clunk can be heard.... the faster you do it the louder it becomes. Also, when I reverse off the driveway slowly and full lock it, the steering makes a horrendous clunk like its grinding! Matt
  3. Will This Y-Cable Work?

    Cheers mate, I am going to risk it!!!
  4. Will This Y-Cable Work?

    Anyone? :)
  5. Will This Y-Cable Work?

    Hi all Its been seven months now since I bought my Panther Black Titanium and I have loved every minute of it! I have recently bought an Ipod Touch, and would like to listen to it in the car, aswell as control the menus from my steering wheel! I have the USB option in the car with the Aux in, and as i understand it i have to buy the Ford Y-Cable for roughly £25, which is not on!!! I came across this on Ebay: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=300443583093#rpdId Its a fraction of the price, but will it work just the same? Any help appreciated! Matt
  6. Say Hello to my new Titanium!

    Collected the Mini today. I drove it back from the dealership. Have to say the Mini drives great but the Fiesta in my opinion is a lot lot more comfortable. I do like the way the Mini tells you what gear to be in though, thats a pretty cool feature. I think I will line them both up and take a picture.
  7. Say Hello to my new Titanium!

    Yup, didnt want to take the risk of any stones coming up so had the mud flaps on the back and front.
  8. Say Hello to my new Titanium!

    Yeh it was Sytner Mini. I get a Police discount with Sytner, so she managed to get £575 knocked off the price of the Mini which isnt a bad discount at all considering! Cheers for the heads up though, we are getting there for opening time ( 9AM ). Brum will be hectic tomorrow. Jon, I wasted no time at all my friend. I have a programme on the computer that stamps your own version of the titles and descriptions to the MP3 tracks. It all gets displayed on the computer. Its well cool! Also I really like how it shows up on the computer when someone has opened a door, and which door has been opened! There are so many wicked features on the car, it unbelievable.
  9. Say Hello to my new Titanium!

    I will let you know tomorrow morning. I am going to collect the Mini tomorrow, and I will be the one driving it back from the dealership as my GF isnt confident enough to drive it back through Birmingham City Centre... its going to be hectic! It will be interesting to compare considering I would say they are both in the same class of car.
  10. Say Hello to my new Titanium!

    Solihull mate! My gf just bought a new Mini though, and her reg starts with a BG59.
  11. Say Hello to my new Titanium!

    I hadn't locked it, that's all. It does all that automatically.
  12. Finally got round to taking some photo's of the new car while there was still some light! Here it is!!!
  13. Automatic Windscreen wipers?

    Cheers guys, I will give it a go today!
  14. Hi all, Just playing with my new Titanium!!! I know how to put the Automatic Headlights on, and it works perfect! I just need to know how to put the Auto Windscreen wipers on? I have done what it says in the book ( Which I think its saying flick the stalk up 1? ). On doing this, the wipers seem to be just going at a slow speed even when not raining. Do YOU have to put the automatic windscreen wipers when its raining? Or is there a position where you can put the stalk and they will automatically come on when its raining and stop when its not? Thanks!! Matt
  15. Just bought a Fiesta Titanium!

    I have a fiesta titanium sitting on the drive!! I cant take pics now, I got work in an hour :-(! No time to play with it!!! I am loving it so far!