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  1. Should add, compared to a rotary http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/car-polish-compounds/3m-polish/3m-electric-rotary-polisher/prod_768.html you are much cheaper, and safer :)
  2. This would be a good kit to start on http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/machine-polishing-pads/polishing-machine/das-6-dual-action-polisher-meguiars-kit/prod_521.html
  3. Defiantly do not polish after waxing. All this will do it remove the wax you have just put on. Two layers of wax is always a good idea, it will fill in the holes that have been missed by the first layer. As for a machine polisher, go for it, start off with a DA rather than a rotary and you will find it extremely extremely hard to cause any damage with it.
  4. Start early as possible. I have most of my prep done, wheels sealed etc and will probably lay down the sealant this weekend. You can always top up just before the weather really starts to get bad.
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