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  1. Dang it I used normal bog standard toothpaste and nothing happened.. I should have used the whitening type one instead.. Hopefully that will remove it or I will try some cerium oxide polish or jewellers rouge, but I don't have money to buy a drill for the polishing part.. So hopefully something easy for elbow grease usage 😉
  2. I have tried to used Colgate Toothpaste to remove scratches/scuffs but it doesn't work.. Unless it takes hours to remove them....
  3. Yep my scratches/scuffs are very, very light... If I use toothpaste, does it matter any brand, any special ingredient in them or can I really use a very cheap one?? In regards to the metal polish ones are they just for parts of the bodywork, not glass parts? At moment it blasted raining so can't do anything about it
  4. Alright peeps I have got a few scuff/scratch marks on windscreen (nothing deep at all) and was wondering how I can get rid of them because they are annoying, but I don't have tons of money to do it
  5. I'm not an expert when it comes down to all the mechanical stuff on a car.. The Engine as far as I know is an 1.4litre
  6. will I need to get it done before I go to London or not??
  7. Alright Peeps I have a quick question about the cam belt/timing belt that I am little bit confused about that I am hoping you guys can answer... I took my car in yesterday for a MOT at Ford and it passed but they mentioned that the cam belt and water pump will need to be replaced soon.. They mentioned the same thing two years ago on the full service, but then last year they didn't mentioned anything.... My Car is a 2011 model and has only got 26,000 miles on the clock.. So I am little bit surprised due to the low mileage of that car that I need it changing al all.. Oh I forgot to mention that their is a slight little leak in the water pump.. Also I am thinking of going to London next Saturday which will be 120 miles one way and then of course the same on the way back... Will the cam belt be ok?? Because they did say if it snaps then the car is a scrap job.... I just don't know how long I have got left
  8. Alright peeps I have just been and got my car done for a MOT and found out that my dash cam has been removed due to it being in the wrong place.. Even though last 3 years it has been fine... I had the dash cam to the right of the rear view mirror mount and a bit down so u could see the screen... Now they are saying it should be higher up literally right behind the mirror, but if I do that if effect the rear view mirror positioning.
  9. Alright guys I have got a fiesta Zetec 2011 model which now I'm having a slight issue with the boot.. Currently at the moment I am having a very hard time opening the boot even though it is completely unlock.. Has anyone else had the same issue and how to solve it please??
  10. Yeah I think there is ice completely in the whole sensor section.. Have to wait until the weather warms up and hopefully that will sort out the issue :)
  11. Hi guys I am wondering if the freezing cold can affect the parking sensors plus the boot lock mechanism? I have got a Ford Fiesta 2011 model which has got some rear parking sensors on it.. They were find yesterday but now for some reason when I put the car into reverse it beeps once (like normal) and then a continuous beep even though there is nothing behind it at all. Also the Boot is very hard to open in the morning.. Plus sometimes while driving the boot sensor says that the boot has come open.. No idea if both things are affected by the freezing cold or this is more of a serious problem
  12. Alright guys I am wondering if someone know this or not.. When I went and my servicing last year I got told my water pump was leaking... However I could replace it now, or in two years time it will get automatically replaced when I have the CAT done due to the age of my age.. 2011.. Now for the life of me I can not remember what the CAT stands for.. All I can remember it will cost for 400,, I don't know if it's the timing belt, cat convertor or what?? Does anyone know??
  13. I never brought the Halfords one because it is much bigger in height than the one pulled out... I need to know where I can get the exact same one that I have pulled out from please??? Like for like.. Please note the one I am talking about is the J type 20 blue one, not the blade type fuses...
  14. Alright guys I have got a Ford Fiesta 2011 Zetec Model.. Yesterday my dash cam was working via the cigarette lighter port in the car when I went to pick up my wife from work. However on the way back we noticed that the dash cam wasn't working now. We have tried a view other Cigarette lighter adaptors for other things and nothing works, so we are presuming that it might just the be the fuse gone for that section... Our fuse compartment is right behind the glove compartment. In the manual there are just two different fuse compartments that could be here, we are option 2. For the cigarette light part it is using a small blue fat 20amp fuse. I believe these are called J type fuses.. I have been to Halfords and they do sell some, but they are not the same size. They are bigger in height than the one that has gone.. Where do I find/buy the exact one that has gone from please??
  15. Alright guys I am wondering If anyone has got a rough idea on how much I would get if I traded in my Ford Fiesta Zetec 2011 car for a newer version please???