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  1. charlierwalker

    Bluetooth Help

    Hi Guys I am hoping you can help me. I have a 2011 Ford Focus MK3. It has the old fashioned Sync in it with the Sat Nav built in. My phone is a 2015 Samsung Galaxy S6 and since I got the car in 2015 the two have worked in Harmony since working brilliantly. However, Last week I received a Samsung GearFit2 Smart Fitnessband as a gift. This connects to my phone via Bluetooth and my watch receives various notifications from my phone and sends various fitness data to my phone. This is all great and works fine. UNTIL, I get in the car with my watch on. My phone will connect to the car normally, and all appears well, until I get a phone call. It comes up on the car screen and I answer it through the car, HOWEVER, the sound will not come through the car if my watch is connected to the phone. If I turn the BT off on my watch, it works fine, but, I use the watch for a lot of the notifications so I'd rather not have to remember to disconnect the watch everytime I get in the car. Has anyone else had this problem with a smartwatch? How did you fix it?
  2. charlierwalker

    LED Headlight Conversion

    Hi guys. I am attempting to do a headlight conversion on my MK3 2011 Focus Titanium Hatchback. The kit I have looked at is the OPT7 LED CONVERSION KIT as the lighting is 180° left/right this apparently works okay and doesn't dazzle from reviews I've read online. They're also E13 tested and approved. However, I know the typical HID adaptors don't fit these as they don't fit between the bulb and the fan. So, has anyone attempted this and if so, what adaptors were used to get around the fixing issue? All help is appreciated. Charles.
  3. charlierwalker

    Start/Stop Issues

    Hey Guys Since the summer ended, I have noticed that my Start/Stop system has ceased operation and no longer works as expected. I was wondering if there was any experts on here? I've had my car at my local garage today and they've concluded that my battery is okay so what do you think? Note: I have aftermarket DRLs fitted in the Fog Lights (OSRAM FOGDrls with integrated fogs) This has an ignition feed off the fuse box and a permanent feed off the + terminal. I have disconnected the DRLs as a test to see if that is the issue but as of yet, the car is not yet stop/starting. What do you guys think?
  4. charlierwalker

    Heated Windscreen Issues

    Hello Guys I have a 2011 Ford Focus Titanium MK3 and I am having repeated problems with my Quick Clear Windscreen. I bought the car in September 2014, and shortly after collecting it, I discovered a fault so I got the garage to fix it under warranty and they replaced the screen. 11 months later, a similar fault developed so I contacted the company who fitted it, and they then came and replaced the windscreen again for me. It has now been 9 or 10 months and my heated windscreen has started doing this. I am starting to wonder, there is either 1 of 2 things happening here. 1. They are using cheap quality windscreens. 2. I have an electrical problem that is re-occuring. From the pictures, what do you guys think?
  5. charlierwalker

    DRL Headlights MK3 So, I just found these, anyone know if they'll work on the UKs roads or whether they will just be LHD only?
  6. charlierwalker

    DRLs? Professional Finish?

    Agreed. I've seen these but I have the honeycomb style grilles and I don't know fi these will fit!
  7. charlierwalker

    DRLs? Professional Finish?

    Hi Guys I'd like to fit DRLs onto my Focus 3.0 but I want it to look like a professional finish as if it came out the factory. What options do I have? I've seen a few designs around but no pictures of them fitted. any advice recieved greatfully! Charles
  8. charlierwalker

    Reversing Camera

    Hi guys I was just wondering if anyone had successfully retrofitting a reversing camera into their vehicle with the stock Headunit? (Focus MK3.0 Titanium - NON SONY) If so, how was it done? Rgds Charles
  9. charlierwalker

    Focus Mk3 - Ding Alerts!

    Definitely not that. I'm familiar with the noises. It can vary from end of my street to car park to farmers track near my parents. No reason for any warnings
  10. charlierwalker

    Focus Mk3 - Ding Alerts!

    Yeah. With 2015 card in it. Been in since Jan though
  11. charlierwalker

    Focus Mk3 - Ding Alerts!

    It's completely random. I've had it two minutes into a journey right up to 40 minutes in. There is no error on any screen, just the noise. At first I thought it was radio presenters getting mouse click errors until I heard it with radio muted.
  12. charlierwalker

    Focus Mk3 - Ding Alerts!

    This is my interior. It's definitely the noise I have attached to the original post.
  13. charlierwalker

    Focus Mk3 - Ding Alerts!

    2011 MK3
  14. charlierwalker

    Focus Mk3 - Ding Alerts!

    Hmm that's what I was dreading. I don't exactly trust my dealers to know that much
  15. charlierwalker

    Focus Mk3 - Ding Alerts!

    Hi Guys Hope you're christmas shopping is all going well. I hope you can also help. These past couple of days I have noticed a DING coming through the cars sound system, whether I have music playing, or the volume on Zero, this ding will happen randomly. It is the familiar Microsoft Ding. Now I know Microsoft designed the Interfaces for my Focus so that explains the ding, but why is it dinging? Has anyone had this before? Cheers Guys! Charles Microsoft DING.mp3