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  1. Just to add a half-relevant experience to the 'pot'. I had a new 1.2TSI Fabia Monte Carlo 3 or 4 years back with a similar, deeply frustrating problem. Had it checked three times; 'no problem found sir' etc etc. Eventually traced to tyres! It had Dunlop SP-Sport Maxx fitted as O.E. Reports of the problem eventually filtered through and Skoda, I believe in some instances, changed the tyres to the equivalent Pirelli's; I think F.O.C. (?) which solved the matter in a kind of bizarre way! I Was also told (the bleeding obvious!) that the Fabia of the time was essentially a family car not really suited/developed for having such wide, low-profile rubber fitted ie, not an ideal scenario. A-run out model tarted up to clear. So, I personally I ran it a while longer with n/s tyres slightly over-inflated and o/s the opposite! Totally disillusioned and disinterested I soon sold it when I also increasingly realised that its lack of power and performance was also a distinct embarrassment what with all its 'flashy' appearance and pretensions that could not be fulfilled by a distinct lack of any oooomph. The Interior (dash) was also deadly dull whilst the whole caboodle had zero character. It taught me a valuable if very painful and expensive lesson! Don't buy on impulse, hope or false expectations! Good luck in finding a solution. I know exactly how you must feel.
  2. Help needed tuning a fiesta ecoboost to Stage 2/3

    Yeah, lots of caring, sensible comments! To add to your bank of knowledge/comments.....from best of memory, and I stand to be corrected, following also heard from 'around and about' from various sources. Yes, gearbox poss not up to it? 140PS already restricted (with longer 1st/2nd gears?) to protect it. Uprated head gasket on 140PS over and above that on 125PS. Only have drums on rear. Adequate but not outstanding for even 125/140PS state of tune for me. 100,000 miles or 10 years for cambelt life then £1000 job (as of 2/3 years back). Agree with other comments: stressed engine at stock, ST time I think too etc etc. Last time I looked even M-Sport R2T rally versions were 'only' running to 175PS and how often do they require rebuilds and so on a so forth. Guessing there would be a price to pay in more than one way!
  3. Any good pulling up hills

    Thanks. Thought as much but did not want to 'advise' someone unless 100% sure, was only 99%!
  4. Any good pulling up hills

    Hi. Being in North Yorkshire I have many years experience of its hilly terrain also its often forgotten large flatter areas around York and elsewhere in this large county where similarly safe A and B road overtaking performance/grunt is equally important to me. Coming from a couple of early 1.9L diesel FIAT Grande Punto Sporting's a few years back, (Pretty quick from 'A to B - vastly underrated - somewhat troublesome!) with around 210 'torques', as Clarkson alluded to at the time,' they had tons of gruff if noisy-when-pushed grunt and Maserati-like looks to die for'. Now they really would 'fly up hills'! Therefore, I was somewhat (highly!) sceptical of a 999cc 3-cylinder turbo tiddler but............... I've particularly found our current Red Edition 140PS despite being a very different animal to the FIAT to be so absolutely rounded, accomplished and complete but of course...... a lot of this depends on your own individual expectations and needs? Vital that you have a couple of meaningful test drives! For us the whole 'package' is just so delightfully brisk and refined. At first acquaintance it did not feel particularly quick and/or dramatic when taking corners.....until you glance at the speedo when exiting them! Okay If pressing on over more demanding roads and lanes and you don't keep the turbo spooled-up... yes there will be a some lag but today's small turbos are incredibly (almost) lag free in most scenarios, the 1L EcoBoost (along with Peugeots 130PS 1.2L Pure Tech) being the current cream of the crop. Its important to note that the Red Edition 140PS has lower overall gearing than our previous Zetec S 125PS which was over-geared for sure being less sporty and responsive on B roads (not as good 'up hills'!) and a bit of a pain in urban areas too though a tad more relaxed on the motorway. But, the 140PS Red is so refined, quiet and free revving as to not notice, even on long journeys. I do not know for sure but guess that the 140PS ST-Line has the 'better'/shorter/sportier gearbox not unlike like our 140PS Red Edition? You will need to find this out as it obviously has in our opinion a distinct bearing on its performance. Hopefully someone on here will know? Finally, as others have written; pushing-on up hills doesn't help your mpg but to be honest if you buy a car like this for how good it is etc etc.......well mpg is not a consideration we thought about for more than a split second. Fill it up religiously with Shell V-Power Nitro and enjoy the ride! Hope this is of some help.
  5. New Fiesta Reviews are in.

    My Initial Impressions of the ST-Line version based on photos/early anodyne 'too much warm Prosecco whilst tapping out the Road Test reports Hick!' are summed-up as follows: Good: Wholeheartedly approve of the Golf-style evolutionary approach. A really positive move in my book. At long last it's finally got a (reportedly) slick new six-speed 'box and discs at the rear too. Eureka! Thankfully Its outside dimensions are only slightly bolstered. Its interior is also designed to appear/is a tad more spacious. Always felt a bit too narrow in the front to us (never use the rear seats). Slightly larger boot; not needed but appreciated non the less. Red piping/inserts across dash look classy/sporty. Wheels look sporty/classy too...etc. etc Not so Good: Bonnet doesn't look quite right. A bit too plain, large and podgy to me? Rear 3/4 view looks very good, straight on rear is kind of okay but reminds me of so many other tail-ends? eg Hyundai i20 and numerous other cross overs etc. Just too bland and conformative in a 'slave to fashion' way. Interior obviously improved but does not appear all that different to old (?) except for a dreadfully intrusive, tacked-on looking infotainment screen. Makes you want to push and click it back down into the dash! At least the old centre dash whilst obviously dated at least looked integrated whilst you also quickly and easily got used to the buttons. Finally, a circa 10% hike in power/torque for the ST-Line's 140PS version would have been a nice touch to further distance it from the rest of the higher-end range but more importantly to elevate it to be more on a par with the equivalent DS3's/Polo Blue GT's etc of this world. (A future 'Ford Approved & Warranted' Mountune offering waiting in the wings perhaps?). Viewing it in the metal and a road test now await. Cars so often turn out to be 'quite' different to what you expect before you get behind the wheel. Would I consider buying one at this moment in time? Perhaps... but....errrrr perhaps wait a year? Depends on 'the deal' a lot too. Lets just wait for a good run in one and see!
  6. Fiesta Black Edition Few Questions

    Hi. Take nothing as 'Gospel' here but here's my findings/feedback: Think steering 'wobbly' when stationary/parking on full to full lock is just a 'characteristic' of it working 'in-extremis'. Did it on my previous ZS125. (Not too good an idea to turn it when stationary if can be avoided anyhow) No badge on left rear on my '64 Red Edition. Threre was an 'ecoboost' badge on previous ZS125 Aircon adequate but nothing really to spare on a hot day. Lucky we live in such a grey, cold, wet country I guess! Black roof chips easily. Black is softest paint pigment, red least durable by far. Looks like we're both stuffed long term! No floor mats included. Standard 'Fiesta' mats supplied by dealership FOC. Quite a few mostly temperature related rattles. Otherwise....a great car!
  7. Thinking about getting a Fiesta ST, but ..

    Great minds and all that stuff! If its next Feb for the ST I too will probably wait but in the meantime still try and get a drive in a 208GTi.... to see what the fuss is all about 'that' love-it-hate-it steering wheel/dash setup on the road (amongst other things)...all just to satisfy my curiosity...
  8. Thinking about getting a Fiesta ST, but ..

    From first-hand back-to-back experiences here are my purely personal impressions. Initially owned a 125PS Zetec S, then a 140PS Zetec S Red Edition. (Read precursor to ST-Line). Before changing to the Red we seriously considered and experienced two good test drives in an ST. Yes, we really wanted to like it that much! These were back-to-back drives over virtually identical roads. Red to ST first, then a few days later ST to Red. Firstly just to get it out of the way: The Zetec S 125PS and Red 140PS versions have different gearing. The Red 140 is a more sporting drive with not only it's greater power and torque but equally if not more so (?) its lower overall gearing and resultant superior in-gear performance - all from 3 cylinders and 999cc! It also has an uprated cylinder-head gasket to the 125. However like the 125 the Red 140 is also restricted (turbo-boost I think?) in first and second gears to protect its nice-to-use (except reverse) but not over-strong five speed gearbox. Thus as someone else has already said: "it's not particularly a traffic lights special". Apart from giving a slightly more relaxed motorway drive the 125 is considered by many, myself included to be somewhat over-geared especially so in urban/town driving when it could be a real pain! For me the Reds shorter gearing is also superior in such urban/town driving and is also far superior for brisk, press-on driving/overtaking whilst still being a quiet and accomplished motorway cruiser, if using a bit more fuel. Back to the subject/question. We found the ST to be a cracking cross country drive, no doubt about it, confidence inspiring handling and grip in spades, overall 'driveability', power, torque, brakes, seats etc - brilliant! However the ride was left wanting and in more than one area i.e. not only on our local North Yorks tracks and 'B' roads which okay you might expect but also most noticeably at slow speed on roads that didn't look too bad but turned out to be 'noisy' and fidgety in an ST with its 50p shaped wheels! Also as someone else most tellingly remarked to me: " went over the M62 at the weekend in brothers ST; chattered all the way there and all the way back"! Transferring back into a Red Edition we were immediately struck with a more refined, subtle, quiet, cosseting ride, very good 'burbling 3-cyl' performance, but yes minus a lack of ultimate outright punch, and its lesser brakes (needs discs at rear? - as upcoming new one has?) and no sixth gear and inferior far less hugging seats. So, on balance for us it was the Zetec S 140 Red Edition, for now anyway! Add in an ST's higher tax/insurance/fuel/ servicing costs et'al and it was in the end a slight but sure no-brainer. With its apparently (yet to test drive) less rewarding but more subtle, forgiving, liveable ride etc perhaps a Peugeot 208 GTi next? For the time being though our Red Edition will do very nicely indeed thank you very much!
  9. NightEye H7 LEDs Review (facelift fiesta)

    Applies to uprated Philips direct replacement bulbs......read-on. If it's of any help: As best as I can remember (??) I got away with replacing the offside bulb without removing the whole light unit, fiddly for sure but not impossible. BUT... nearside unit had to be removed to gain access. Would have been easy-ish even for a total 'know-nothing' like me except for the small metal-but-plastic-headed captivated (best as I can describe) screws on the top front which instantly loose their threat and have to be somehow cut/sawed/puled out...take your pic! An absolute total pain! Took me ages. (P.S. Some helpful videos on Youtube). By-the-way: Heard from a very experienced Ford source ''on the front line' that many people complain about Fiesta lights, just your 'normal' showroom non-enthusiast punters moaning on about just how poor the OE lights are. Crazy when you think at the other end of the scale you have those ridiculously bright beams fitted to Audi's and the like. What on earth is going on! I fitted Philip's upgrades last autumn. Can't recall the exact name/model - the most powerful/legal ones 'Plus 130' ? (Through direct experience I think they are a notch better than the Osram equivalents) - not the blue cosmetic things. The improvement was definitely noticeable both in range and brighter light quality. Also had them adjusted at the same time at my local tyre/MOT place which is just as important as the actual bulbs themselves I would say! Not a drastic improvement and sometimes barely noticeable in bright main street environments but a pretty handy upgrade all the same, especially for only about £18 or £19 quid. Great on my local lanes and rural 'B' roads. As said, my main reason for fitting was simply how dismal the Fiestas OE fit ones were. Would like to try these LED's myself but simply cannot be bothered and am a bit tight money-wise! Need to fully realise the expenditure on my Philips first which are a good enough upgrade for now!
  10. Reverse Gear

    It's a 'characteristic'! ....and a very well known too! Iv'e had couple of Fiesta's over past year or so; a 'standard' Zetec S and a Zetec S Red Edition, both exhibiting very similar traits. Just try various little 'tricks'/ways when selecting reverse. My S would best select reverse by holding onto/pulling back the gear lever as I lifted the clutch when it would then quite positively 'snick' into gear halfway up the pedals travel - before the clutch engaged! Difficult to get used to at first but eventually my jittery nerves calmed down as I realised it worked most of the time. Also try holding down clutch for 3 or 4 secs first etc etc. Mostly worse at cold start-up. Essentially as another comment says, gearbox is the weakness/ ancient and not really up to the job in this the 21st century, if ever it was any good in the first place. Apparently no 'cure' except eventual gearbox replacement if it gets bad. Not actually heard of many if any totally failing though?? Would simply get dealership to 'log' it when you book it in for its next service in case it gets intolerable but very much likely to remain an irritating ruddy nuisance. You are not alone!
  11. Sure you are right. Def. too high I'd say, well at least one pair anyway? Didn't have confidence in them after a few 'test-parking nudges' and didn't order any with replacement car either: wife said 'don't bother' so I didn't!
  12. We had XVision fitted on our previous Fiesta Zetec S. They were not very good or perhaps not fitted in the 'correct' place? One (2) on the bumper above the lip above the black defuser, one(2) just above the inner part of the reflector....sorry that is the only way I can describe it. The buzzer had a feeble sound and more importantly they did not detect 'lower' items and had a delayed effect at times when items actually were detected. Altogether unsatisfactory.....but my wife insisted they were fitted! I would strongly suggest a look at new Fiesta's in a showroom/as many others as I could where they have been factory or latterly fitted if at all possible? I'm sure I've seen others in different locations, with say a couple on the black defuser part with two on the bumper part? They were good at 'side' detection but otherwise not trustworthy. Needless to say our most recent/current car has not had them fitted!
  13. 2014 1.0 ZS Tuning Limitations

    Can't offer any direct advice as such so will simply relate my personal experience/thoughts/a few things to consider etc for what its worth. As said...NOT advice! Bear in mind any existing warranty conditions?; 140PS engine has a beefier, uprated head gasket compared to 125PS, also both have restricted boost/torque in 1st/2nd essentially to protect poorly rated ID5 'box; 140PS has lower overall gearing due to an alternate diff. My previous Zetec S 125PS pulled (approx) just over 2500rpm at 70mph in top, my current Red Edition just under 3000rpm ditto. Red Edition is perhaps somewhat obviously a more eager/sportier drivers car, whereas the 125PS was distinctly over-geared, if a little more relaxed on 'A' roads and the motorway. Brakes in my opinion are only 'adequate' for 140PS, Really needs discs at rear especially if full compliment of people/luggage/fuel on board or simply when pressing-on over your fav 'B' roads and lanes. On an ST, which I've also driven a fair bit, they are significantly better. Jump back into a Red Edition and you think "where have the brakes gone?!!". Not come across any specific problems (yet) with 'tuning for power & speed' as they used to say........except I read somewhere of two instances of 'metallic noises' in 1st/2nd gears after chipping for more power/torque. Think they were significant power 'hikes' as best as I can recall? So, as always.....pays your money, takes your choice! P.S. Also noticed in passing that M-Sport's R2 Kit for competition use have 180PS but rather obviously have much modified engine internals etc etc to cope.
  14. 1.0 125 Ecoboost mpg

    Many thanks for that. Good to know.
  15. 1.0 125 Ecoboost mpg

    My Red Edition (end Sept '64) has 140PS. That was the only spec you could get for Red/Black editions. Are they now available now in 125PS as per 'standard' original Zetec S?