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  1. fiesta suspension WARNING

    My car was unfortunately out off warranty so i had to pay for the repair. Storm i take it your car is under 3 years old? Ford said it was totally down to the customers choice in regards to repairing just one side or both, but recommend just the one side being repaired. I just decided get both sides repaired for peace off mind really, didn't like the idea off the other one snapping while driving at 60/70mph.
  2. fiesta suspension WARNING

    Hi Storm, Well as you can see from my pervious post i too have suffered the misfortune off one my springs braking on my 04 reg fiesta on 26 april 2009 at only 17,500, and very light use i might like to add. I do think there is more too this than ford are letting on. Like i said in my previous post it does seem quite an easy and convenient excuse for ford to hide behind and to JUST blame potholes and road humps. But without proof there's not much any off us unlucky fiesta/fusion owners can do. I got both sides off mine replaced at the same time, as i was worried about the other one braking at some point in the near future. I took a nasty hit off £300 for both sides to be replaced. But am glad i did after reading your post. As yet i haven't had any luck with Fords Customer service, i was hoping to buy a New Fiesta in September but most likely will look else where as i have been really disappointed by Fords attitude to be perfectly honest. You would off thought in the present climate that customer loyalty would be important to them, but i guess not.! Does anyone out there, have an address for Fords Customer Service.! So i can put it all in writing.
  3. fiesta suspension WARNING

    Well, my car is now in my local garage awaiting repair. As usual they were very helpful ( NOT.!). Neither were Ford customer service. As other owners had reported i got the "its down to wear and tear" AND "The poor state off the roads excuse" It wasn't open to discussion as to if there might off been any other causes. The roads MAY have a part to play in regards to why they break. It does seem though however as quite an easy and convenient excuse for them to hide behind. The roads around where i live aren't littered with pot holes. I have driven the majority off the miles 17,500 miles the car has cover, and it certainly hasn't been driven hard or abused. People on here might say that i would say that, but that is the case. I've covered very few miles since the start off the january 09. I've always made a point off driving around any pot holes i encounter as opposed to driving straight over them. Off course i realise parts wear out and don't last forever, however i just would off expected them to lasted longer than they have, i don't think that im being unreasonable to expect that. Maybe my luck just ran out. At least i wasn't driving at the time the spring broke or i could off been facing an even larger repair bill, as the recovery man put it. I will wait to see if my springs are replaced to include the special zinc plate that others on here have mentioned in this topic.
  4. fiesta suspension WARNING

    Hi fellow forum members, i have just joined today. Sorry to go over old ground. As with many other Ford Fiesta owners who have replied to this thread i too today have suffered the misfortune off suffering this same Coil Suspension Spring problem. Today after opening my garage and unlocking my car and on opening my car door i was greeted with an almighty extremely loud CRACKING noise. Low and behold it turns out the drivers side's front coil suspension spring has broke off at the base. Typically my car is out off warranty as it has a registration date off june 2004. The car has only covered 17,500 miles and has been well looked after, and is still on its original brake pads and front tyres. So hasn't been driven hard honest :-). It also has been serviced at my local ford garage for the past 3 years, that i have owned it. As with other owners on here, it makes me quite angry that Ford seem to have chosen not to inform us owners off this manufacturing defect on this part. My main dealer deemed it most important at my last service to change my windscreen washer jets, as they said they had had a technical update briefing stating that the washer jet could perish over time and water could seep in to the engine bay causing corrosions. Its a real pity that they didn't deem it that important, to mention the Coil Springs on the Suspension.! I have yet to speak to my local ford dealer as it now the weekend, but what i was hoping to find out on here from someone if Ford have now held there hands up and now agree that it is indeed a faulty part, and therefore if they are now fixing it free off charge or are they still saying its down to wear and tear and therefore am i on my own. I hope someone can help.