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  1. Northwest area and prices on tints!

    i am SOOOO glad i don't mod in the UK man. I had my entire 3dr focus done for 145us with a lifetime warranty. Did they give you a warranty? What you need to remember with things such as tint or paint ESPECIALLY with cars is....you get what you pay for. You pay a little more and your def going to see that difference in the long haul down the road.
  2. Overheating Issue

    The thermostat is NOTORIOUS for being prone to issues. They are always cracking breaking or some stupid other thing. had MULTIPLE issues with my own. Mine is US Spec but i am sure your issues closely follow ours. As for your newest issue. Seems like whenever your running your AC or whatever it wants to overheat. Could be a fan issue. Maybe not kicking on and cooling the system as it should. I would turn the AC on and let the car idle for a bit. Seem if the problem persists. If you see your temp needle start to inch cut it. You will know if this is an underlying factor possibly causing it. Could also let it idle with whatever setting you want and give her a good bit of gas sitting still. See if when the system is under load if it is doing it as well. Good luck let us all know how it turns out.
  3. 1.6 performance / pinking / revs not dropping off

    Sonds exhaust related. Ai leak would lead it to bearly runing or trying to keep it slf level. I would start by checkng o2 sensors, your evap system, thing lke that. Let us know what happens.
  4. Fuel consumption figure ?

    Ford and many other companies used to perform tests drving at a slightly lower then average speed as well as not running he AC at all or barely but typically not full out. In the past 4-5 years i believe they were forced to road test vehicles under actual conditions. Yours seems right where it should be. All depending on age, running condition, weight of driver, weather, road conditions, amount of AC being used, Rate of acceleration, how you drive your focus all factor into this. Seeing as how you ae only under the mark by 1mpg i would venture to say your touching your little pedal to the right just a tad more then the test driver was B)
  5. Red and blue high quality leds

    Check out www.oznium.com I have ALWAYS bought through them. They back up everthing they sell and the owner is more then happy to help out in case something goes wrong. There are a bunch of guys from the uk and so on and so forth that buy from there. They have the single best online customer service i have ever seen. Andamazing shipping prices. I think you will need either 3 or 5 mm LED's may be different for you guys i used 5mm though. Also when you install them find some sand paper and sand down the tops of the LED flat. Wil make it produce a smooth and wider glow vs something that may be harsh and kinda directional or spotty. Good luck. I did mine and love em.
  6. ST170

    Boost it man.....if the ST170 has the same motor as the SVT....(i believe thats the same one just US spec for us) They have a factory built motor. Good for closer to 300bhp with some boost. NA is fun but once you taste boost in a focus let me tel you....you won't go back I have the 3 door hatchback 2.0 model and for 2k (my money) i was able to turbo my car and have it tuned and am making 300whp in my beast.
  7. IPODS

    The only way to bypass the FM transmittter would be like previously stated using the aux port if you have one. Or finding a way to intergrate an actual ipod interface into the radio....which would=paying some serious dough.
  8. IPODS

    ^^^ That one is pretty good. Me and my good friend both have this one though. The cables and such are universal from UK to US just need to find someone who sells it over there. Which is easy with google. http://www.amazon.com/Monster-iCarPlay-Wir...8163&sr=8-2 I swear by it as does he. We never lose signal, have it fade out, or distort our music, i have a focus and he has a supercharged cobalt. Neither have any issues what so ever blasting our ipods to all hell as we drive.
  9. Car jerking / loss of power

    double post.... Also i would check all your vacuums. Use a smoke machine or something. You could have a small vaccuum leak causing these isues.
  10. Car jerking / loss of power

    start checking exhaust and intake sensors first if you must dig in......sounds like that's where the issue will be.
  11. Engine cooling system problem ?

    I have a 2.0 zetec ford focus US Spec. Mine reads JUST under the middle mark on the gauge face. And it used to read almost perfect middle. Over time your needels and so on and so forth in the guage cluster can come just a tad out of factory alignment with the reading ford sets. It happens with all cars because of drving styles, age, loosness of the needles over time from going back and forth through the spectrum. it's nothing to worry about. Now when it starts reading OVER that middle mark i would worry a bit. As for it dropping 10-15 mins after. Mine is turbocharged and gets QUITE warm even in the summer if i let it sit for 15-20 minutes it drops almost to the lowest "cold" rating on that guage. It's nothing bad check your oil every so often if you think your burning oil. Or let the car idle and watch for blueish/white smoke which would indicate oil. As for losing coolant that's not that case as you are well within the safe temperature settings and are cooling down more then well after the car is sitting off.
  12. Advice for my focus

    It is there for a reason. It is solely a heat sheild from the exhaust gases traveling back to the back of the car. My car is turbo straight pipe nothing between and i dont have that shield. Not once have i ever been worried without it. All it does is protect that metal under the car which in my honest opinion doesn't need protecting. Get under and yank it off. You won't scrape, you wont worrying about damaging other things, and you won't notice any adverse effects to the car or yourself and others. As for suggesstions you need those wheels to be black......and BAD. Your tails look darker then factory as do your bumper lights in the rear. Doing your wheels black would bring it a great sense of justice all around. QUOTE (SierraYankee99 @ Apr 22 2009, 07:17 AM) Sound advice, it wouldnt be there if they didnt HAVE to put it there for a reason. ^^ they put it there to meet saftey codes and manufacter specs. Other then that i am sure ford would save the extra money and not put them.
  13. wheel sprayers (notts/derby)

    Powdercoating still chips easy especially on roads that aren't the best. Don't know if your roads are beautiful if they aren't i'd just do it yourself. Because if you pay alot to have them powdercoated you will be kicking your self in the !Removed! as you guys say. Because it's a nightmare to have them redone just for a little spot. I just sanded prepped primed, and painted then layed an automotive clear coat over my wheels to protect them from rocks and such and have had them black for about 5 months now. They have been through hell and back and show little marks and maybe one or two chips in the paint.
  14. battery light

    That grey clip is what i think your talking about. it is a voltage regulator built into the system for the alternator. The ford focus is notorious for this problem as i have been through 3 seperate alternators all with this issue. Look in the area containing your Relays(dont know if thats what you call them) Under the dash....it should be like R24 clicking at you. This means there is a load not cooperating in the system. And most likely will lead to your alternators demise. i had it happen on the highway car started to lose power dash cut out then the car just stalled. Couldnt even roll start her. Look at that relay and ask ford to check your voltage regulator
  15. Hey Everyone

    Thanks guys i sure will be around next week if there is a area here ill have a dyno slip for everyone....it's gonna be wicked