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  1. RSM123

    Re: Ap Coilovers

    Ordered mine from venom motorsport, woman said they was on backorder or something and would be about four weeks, they arrived in just under four weeks, so I was pleased lol this was back in march, the ride and handling are brilliant, my main concern was that it was going to make the car uncomfortable on the rubbish roads in my area but it rides fine. Hope they arrive soon.
  2. RSM123

    Removing Fiesta Mk7 Side Skirt Covers?

    I will try again tomorrow,it felt like something was going to snap lol don't want a broken sideskirt In the process lol thanks for the speedy reply.
  3. RSM123

    Removing Fiesta Mk7 Side Skirt Covers?

    Sorry maybe I wasn't clear, I'm lowering my car on coilovers in a couple of days, I'm wanting to remove the covers that are on the sideskirts which allows me to jack the car up on the sills, I'm only doing it this way because I'm changing the rear shocks so won't be able to jack up on rear beam to do this. Hope that's a little clearer :)
  4. Any technique to taking them off? I gave them a pull earlier and they didnt budge, don't want to break them , will jack the car up on rear beam and have a proper look later if no replies. Many thanks, Rob
  5. RSM123

    Anyone On Coilovers Yet?

    Theres a few people doing them kw being one of them ,also gaz and ap, ive got some ap coilovers sitting in my house at the moment, not fitting them yet though because have a knocking on my steering and ford cant fix it so they are waiting for headoffice to get back to them, had a new column and that hasn't solved it lol anyways back on topic... theres a guy on here with ap's already fitted...Ap coilovers Hope that helps a little bit.
  6. RSM123

    Mk7 1.6 Ti-Vct Ecu Location

    If i remember correctly its set abit further back from the battery on the left hand side. Hope that helps you out abit.
  7. RSM123

    Auto Hazard Warning Lights

    Ive activated this a few times, it has to be very sudden violent braking from high speeds, the indicator lights flash in the car and you can hear them like when you are using your hazard light button, my one is a 2009 Zetec S , not that it should make any difference.
  8. RSM123

    My Mk7 On Ap Coiolvers !

    Glad to here the car was ok, im sure i will do the same thing when i get mine lol when you planning on getting the back down abit more? How long did you have to wait for your kit to arrive?
  9. RSM123

    My Mk7 On Ap Coiolvers !

    Looks awesome,i dont know if you remember but i was pm'ing you over on zsoc regarding these coilovers, finally took the plunge today and ordered them phoned up the company that deal directly with importing ap coilovers in from germany and managed to get them for £445 delivered, going to take about 3 weeks though as apparently they don't have any stocked so have to be shipped from germany. I bet you get lots of looks when you are out and about now, had any problems getting over speedbumps or anything?
  10. Would love to know what this recall is , if you are not associated with fords im sure you won't get in any trouble for sharing it with us , im sure we will find out anyways, i don't understand why you are telling us we are going to recieve some news but not telling us what it is. Im sure this will all be cleared up eventually.
  11. RSM123

    Mountune - Ford Finance

    I cant see why your worried, im personally not to worried because if they don't want the car back like that then i shall just buy a car from a different manafacuturer and trade this car in, if it comes to a sale of a new car i cant see them turning the car down, especially as it is all warrantied through ford themselves.
  12. RSM123

    Mountune - Ford Finance

    Tony what garage did you buy your car from? Pic looks like it could be rates in grays, thats where i bought my car, i was telling the guy i bought my car from that i wanted mountune and he was looking it all up for me and he never said anything about it stopping my finance agreement, and he recently had a mountune focus st for a trade in and the guy got offered a little bit more money due to spending the extra money on the upgrade, im not saying you will get all your money for the upgrade back but they paid a little extra. Ive since spoke to my salesman and he has seen that i did go ahead with the Mountune kit and he never mentioned anything about my finance agreement then either. Hope you get this resolved soon.
  13. RSM123

    Sound only coming through one speaker

    First thing i would do is try another cable, a wire may be broken in the cable.
  14. RSM123

    Mountune question

    Im presuming Mountune themselves have told you your problem is the sensor failing? If this was the problem why would they of not told me and Michelle this? Like i said in the other post all i can think of is that your local ford dealer are just trying to fix the problem themselves instead of contacting Mountune.
  15. RSM123

    Loss of power

    I have the same problems as michelle, ive had both mine and mountunes ecu on my car and both times it still did it , however i tried a few various changes on the mountune ecu , it did get better but still did it, at this present time mountune are trying to solve the problem... the problem is not yet solved, its nothing to do with michelles car, it is affecting numerous fiestas, if it was just Michelles car Mountune would not have put a bulletin on there website regarding this problem. Never tried switching the car off, most of the time i just let it do it ,but generally dipping the clutch has stopped it before, neither of us have any warning lights on , it sounds like you have a either a different problem or your ford garage are going there own way about fixing the problem on your car.