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  1. I need your advice and guidance

    im afraid to say that i have decided not to buy a new car at the moment... i dont want to have to be paying out for it over the next 5 years... when in 2 years ill have finished paying for the pug... i was hoping it would be do-able but sadly this is not the case... the garages wont give me anywhere near to what i had thought i would get for my car :( Thank you all for your help and advice though... you have prevented me from making another mistake in my life. Kind Regards Lucy
  2. I need your advice and guidance

    at 6 months old it was recalled to have a new engine fitted after i had gone back to the garage at least 4 times and said to them that something was wrong with it! New engine has been fitted now and all is dandy with the car... runs really nicely... its just a bit of a heavy drinker and the stop start journeys i do kills the fuel ... but looking at the figures at the moment, i may have to stick with it for another 6-9 months and review the situation then.
  3. I need your advice and guidance

    £42 a month interest!! :( sux dont it :(
  4. I need your advice and guidance

    i am leaning slightly more to the 1.4 petrol titanium.... is it under powered though? i heard that the old ones were?
  5. I need your advice and guidance

    I have no intention of buying without trying it first dont worry. I was just shocked at how little they offered me for my car :(
  6. I need your advice and guidance

    Thank you to those of you who have replied so far :) my reasons for considering a 1.4 titanium is that i do an 8 mile round trip to work, stop start (roundabouts, junctions etc) and on the weekends i drive 25 mile to my boyfriends one way which is B roads.. so i can reach a steady 50-60 mph. I thought for those reasons that the titanium might be more economical for me. THEN My brain took over and made me start to think about the 1.6 Zetec S as it looks the cats whiskers! hence why i am now stuck in this quandry :( i will await further replies and see what people are telling me.. as far as prices go.... this is another major problem i am having... for my 08 plate 207cc with cream leather, heated seats, rear parking sensors & Sports pack they will only give me £8500! i OWE £5800 still on it.... which doesnt leave me very much of a deposit to get my monthly payments down. the best my local ford can do it £230 a month over 5 YEARS!!! something i wont take up lightly, not only that they wanted me to buy a car without having even test driving it first..again something else i am not prepared to do.... am i on my own here? or am i being old fashioned? Lucy :D
  7. Hi There Everyone :D I feel a bit cheeky about asking this but I have been looking on this site for the last few days and you seem a very friendly bunch of car enthusiasts like myself and as i am interested in getting either the 1.4 Titanium (Body Kit & Blutooth) in White or to get the Zetec S in white with bluetooth i thought there is no one better to ask than those of you that already have one :D The only fear i have is that the Zetec S is going to drink as much as the car i have now does (That being a 2008 207cc in blue with loadsa extras on it) My pug is 1.6 Petrol and im lucky to get 30-35mpg combined. SO my question to you all is: What car do you have? What size Engine is it? Diesel or Petrol? What sort of driving do you do in it? and What combined MPG are you getting out of it? and how many miles have you done so far? Thank you for you help :) Kind Regards Lucy :D