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  1. Hi, my 1.6 Ecoboost c-max will soon be due for a cambelt change. (100,000 miles or 10 years) As this belt unusually runs in oil unlike “normal cambelts” I am wondering if anyone on here has had this job done and at what cost. I guess it won’t be cheap!!
  2. Car was due for a service today and as I had the recall notice (again) two weeks ago dealer also did the software update. That is five, yes five months after the parts were fitted!! Thankfully the car is running just as before with no radio or other problems so far. I had thought that something different might have shown up on the display when starting the car, but nothing I can see has changed. Begs the question how do I know it is working correctly unless a coolant problem arises.
  3. Just watched the videos from pjrouse (thanks for those) not happy about that. Mine when cold starts with a fast idle, as it should, then reduces slowly with no blips. Ryan_Tango how was your own car after the cooling system mods and software update?
  4. Thanks for that, I think! There does seem to be a trend developing here. I would have thought that after waiting all that time Ford would have got it right. Did I read somewhere that the 2011 C-Max had different software and that is why we have been waiting so long? As I said previously, all the pipework etc has been done and so the car should not have a problem, but there would be no warning or power reduction. My motor runs very smoothly and the idle is perfect. Almost tempted not to have the software update!!
  5. Interested to read that, my car also 2011 1.6 ecoboost C-Max. Car was recalled over three months ago for the cooling system mods. All done o.k. But software update was not available. Just had another recall notice exactly the same wording as the original so hope this is for the software. Having read your post, I hope mine will be o.k. Two weeks time with service. Watch this space. My car is the only one that my dealer has done, I am a bit surprised about that, plenty of various Fords around here!
  6. As I said in my April 6 post the mod was carried out and car is running fine. To-day the dealer connected car to check for the software download and there is still nothing available for my 2011 C-Max. This seems a very long time and still no updated software, whilst the cooling system is working fine there will be no alarm notification if a problem arises. Anyone got the update yet, bearing in mind that my car is 2011 and I thought I read that early models required different software update.
  7. I had the letter from Ford about a week ago and my C-Max had the mod today, all except the software update. Dealer says this will be about 6 to 8 weeks time, First registered 2011 so I guess this is one of the early ones with the different software mentioned here. Should add that I have never had any coolant loss at all in the past. Some good video can be seen online with the mod being done on a Ford Escape I believe.
  8. My C-Max (not S-Max) also has a poor turning circle but this is because it is fitted with 18" wheels. This means that a restrictor is fitted to the rack to stop tyres rubbing bodywork. Maybe this is the same with the S-Max?
  9. I have recently bought a 2011 C-Max with the Ecoboost 1.6 engine but mine is the 150 ps engine.In my opinion this is a really good engine with plenty of power when needed. A few years ago I had a C-Max with the two litre diesel engine which ran very well and this petrol motor is the nearest that I have found to that for performance. The 180 version should really move! Tell her to go for it!
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