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  1. The rear arch liners are made of a 'carpet' type material which is why they sag. The fronts are solid plastic so they won't sag. As for the tailgate strut, silicone spray or a little oil would be fine. Yes, they're expensive to replace, even used you'd be looking at ~£150!
  2. There's a little grill in the dash by your left knee.
  3. Feels like ages since you first posted this but it's only been 2 months lol! Bet you're glad to finally have it back anyway!
  4. Just checked, mines switched off! I like to fly under the radar too...
  5. Wouldn't it be easier just to buy the module? Heated seats weren't all that rare in Mk2.5s so there must be plenty in scrap yards now?
  6. That's the reverse light switch. Never seen one break like that before though!
  7. Nope, considerably smaller! Haha, that's cheating as you already know! Good memory though! This is a Ford engined Jag, it's an X-Type (basically a Mk3 Mondeo) with the 2.5 V6 petrol. It is AWD but I still can't see how it can possibly produce so much CO2, it's not even automatic!
  8. How much CO2 can a bike produce? They don't weigh anything! I'm sure you can tax all of your vehicles for less than one year of my Dads car though... His tax is actually laughable... Thought it was a mistake first time I saw it... £565 a year! Any guesses?
  9. It was an accident during design. You know when you try to edit a picture and accidentally draw a line in the wrong place...that's exactly what happened here and no-one noticed until after it had gone into production! Do Fiesta drivers use a lot of pay & display carparks? The Mk6 used to have a coin slot above the radio (to cover the blank where the traction control button would have been), this must just be the modern 'card' version! Also, you should probably clear the ecstasy tabs out of your centre console before posting pics online.
  10. If you can read it, you're on the right speed setting. Some modules are on HS, some MS, that's why you need to switch between them.
  11. Parts fitted under warranty only get 12 months guarantee as far as I know, it's not another 3 years anyway. But yes, it's a very common problem, you can try a used part if you can find one (they were pretty rare, only being standard on ST3s and Titanium X's), but obviously there's no telling how long that may last. Haven't seen anyone repair the module (Ford don't make repairs like that) but maybe you could ask somewhere like BBA Reman if that's something they could do?
  12. All that effort on cheat maps and tax wasn't even NOx based!! 350Nm of torque for £30 tax... How much does the 1.0 EcoBoost have again? In fairness, despite having 0.4 more litres of engine, it doesn't use any more fuel than the 1.6 TDCi's I had so CO2 is likely to be similar. Mk2.5 16v was £30, Mk3 8v was £20. I haven't paid more than £30 tax for a daily since 2013, I'm really gonna miss cheap tax whatever I buy next! (So that's something I don't like, just to keep on topic ).
  13. Do we all have that? Can't find it on mine!
  14. Is there anywhere to go for a walk near where you live? Even half an hour out can take your mind off things. I went for a drive yesterday purely to waste an hour as I'm so fed up with afternoon TV and my own thoughts. Hadn't really driven anywhere other than the supermarkets for months so my arms and legs really ache today. Don't know how I coped with cable clutches and no power steering back in the day lol, everything feels so heavy in the modern golf now. I'm going to make more effort to get out, both on foot and in the car, this month though!
  15. Not allowed to pay mine 6 monthly. I can just about manage the £30 all in one go though!