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  1. Is the bonnet hitting the headlights when it's closed? I've never seen headlight brackets just randomly snap on any other car but it seems to be happening regularly on the Mk8s!! As above though....if you're supposed to have damaged them, ask them to point out the rest of the impact damage...
  2. So, today in "how the hell do you have a licence!?"...4 near misses in the space of 5 minutes, beeped 3 times by other drivers, no clutch control and spent most of the time on the wrong side of the road... How do you even manage to drive that badly!? It must take serious effort surely!! 😮 I thought maybe it was stolen but who's going to steal an i30!? It's all legal anyway. Possibly drunk but at 5pm? No idea... Anyway, enjoy this montage of the worst parts of the 5 minutes that I had the misfortune to follow them...
  3. I don't think it'll stress the bearings much extra at all, I used to change alloys regularly and never had any bearing issues. Handling is subjective. It might tram-line more which feels like the car pulls about on a straight road so doesn't feel 'solid', you won't know until you try it though. The slightly wider stance should make the car feel more planted on a perfect road though. Are the JR11s lightweight? Steel wheels are usually lighter than the same size alloys due to the design of them, unless you're choosing specific lightweight racing alloys. If they are lightweight then yes you should feel that as an improvement in acceleration and cornering. I can tell you're a bit of a worrier like myself, but really you'll just have to go for it...if you decide after a week or two that it's worse then it's not a major issue, just sell them on and chose some different wheels, there are plenty of standard Fiesta alloys to try!
  4. I meant ETIS and Autodata...too expensive for my night time reading!
  5. Ok, you should be fine then. If you were lowered I'd expect some arch scrubbing with that wheel & tyre combination. The only way to know for sure is to try it though!
  6. Fair enough. Are you lowering as well or staying standard height?
  7. Do they not make them in Ford offset? ET30 is quite low, they'll sit further out in the arch and you might get some arch scrub as well. You may find they tramline more but the extra inch of width might negate that unless you're going for stretched tyres. Also why not go for 16s? 15s look a bit small on a Fiesta imo.
  8. I wish!! If only they weren't dealer only & very expensive...
  9. It's paid for by the claimants Mobility allowance, which yes they have to go through tests for. They either receive this allowance as a payment to spend on taxis etc OR if they're in the higher rate of DLA or PIP they can choose to spend this money on a motability car instead. It's not just like they're given a free car. In this case, I agree that the allowance would be better spent elsewhere instead of the car, especially as he'll have to pay extra on top of the allowance for a Kuga, and even more on top of that if it's an auto.
  10. They should come pre-gapped but it's worth checking. 0.7mm for the 1.0EB afaik.
  11. The Mk2 1.6TDCis (and probably other engines) do this even without start stop. Mine would stall very occasionally if I braked hard with the clutch down in an emergency situation. If I lifted the clutch and pressed it again, the engine restarted without having to the turn the key. At the time I hadn't owned a stop-start car so it was a very weird experience! If you ever do find a fix for this, do come back and let us know as it may help someone else in future.
  12. Yep, it really is that simple!
  13. IB5 is about 2.3 litres iirc. Bit late now but in future if you're not sure, it's worth measuring how much comes out.
  14. Another don't like...finally received the mirror cover...which was broken in transit because it had only been placed in a sandwich bubble wrap or paper to cushion it at all! 😮 Messaged the seller immediately asking for a replacement (with some packaging this time!) and just got a reply clearly created in Google Translate saying they'll send me a refund... I don't want a refund, I can't glue a tenner over the mirror, I just want the item I bought over a week ago in one piece! Anyway, the refund has come through this morning so I guess I've got to buy one from somewhere else now... 😒 They also had the cheek to ask not to leave them negative or neutral feedback because they're 'trying their best to rectify'...surely the whole point of feedback is so buyers know that you can't be bothered to package items or replace them when they inevitably break in the post. 😮 I should add, it's not even a new seller, they've got over 4000 feedback already! Aaaand breathe...
  15. That shouldn't have come apart at all, the plastic should be permanently pressed onto the metal. It's clearly been broken and someone's just bodged it, there will be a massive boost leak there! A bit of oil in the intercooler is totally fine, it should be a sealed unit so you'd never normally see inside.