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  1. There's 2 different functions getting mixed up here. Follow me home lights keeps the full beams on when you park at night to illuminate your gate or front door etc. (Assuming you haven't reversed in lol). The lights turning with the steering is part of the 'adaptive' xenon function. Are you using the lights in the 'auto' position? Garages have a habit of switching the lights to 'on' for MOT and then leaving them there... I always end up driving around with my lights on during the day like a wally for a week after MOT...
  2. I can't really see a gap there, think that's just how they are. The headlights can be moved a bit but then you'll mess up the beam alignment.
  3. After saying I don't like boring love songs, I haven't been able to get this out of my head all weekend. Also features a cool classic Indian that the American Pickers would pay silly money for!
  4. Mk3.5 Focus/Mk7.5 Fiesta so around 5 years. I must admit, it seems to do well at hiding dust! Just a shame about the screws and coins that stick to it.
  5. Still haven't confirmed which function doesn't work lol. Follow me home lights are setup in the dash/stalk. But if you mean the adaptive lights that's a different issue. I don't know why a garage would swap fuses when they must have loads at hand. Quickest & easiest way to find a dead fuse is to touch them all with a multimeter. Saves pulling them out and guessing which ones may do multiple circuits.
  6. We had to make small sculptures in the style of Henry Moore at primary school... Few sticks, bit of plaster and some gold paint... Turned out not to be that difficult even for a 7 year-old with no artistic talent. Now if it was a renaissance painting I can see the value in those...huge amounts of time and skill needed!
  7. Did mine at a post office about 3 years ago...was shocked when the lady took my licence and cut it in half! 😮 Not sure if it's different for address changes but I did that online and kept the old one with no problems.
  8. Looks like it does still exist! https://m.facebook.com/FeltSpecN.ILadd/ Not sure if you can see that without a FB login but here's their banner pic lol.
  9. Does Felt spec still exist? Back in my Peugeot days, every NI 306 used to be slammed into the ground on silver 5-spokes (Cyclones/Lions/Lasers) with a foot tall sunstrip and a big bore exhaust blowing coal!
  10. Do you mean the adaptive lights don't turn or the 'follow me home' lights don't stay on after ignition-off?
  11. Drivers seat has to move forward and back and be lockable in 3 positions. You might just be inobservant, but also not all testers test equally...
  12. Hairdressers car!? The Fiesta never came as a convertible...
  13. Should be able to do all 3 within an hour so around £50-£80 in labour.
  14. One thing of interest was remembering that Rick Astley made more than one track! (Not a great video for any vertigo sufferers! )
  15. Thought it was very disappointing tbh! 🥱 Started well with INXS and then seemed to be mostly boring love songs which really aren't my bag! Only watched the first hour or so... I do t think it was a 'new' program either...must have been recorded 20+ years ago surely?
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