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  1. Lol...I also get a weird smell after a period of very high anxiety...can't work out what it is but it irritates the bladder as well, even if there's not much there. I've wondered if excess adrenaline can end up in there maybe... What really worries me lately is this very loud gurgling on the lower left hand side at the same time as passing large amounts of urine, can be any time of day or night but has only started in the last 2 years. I can feel it being 'retained' beforehand as well. Gurgling only comes from air movement (like a poorly bled vehicle cooling system!) and there shouldn't be any air in that side of things!! 😮 I'm trying to convince myself it's just bowels moving after being 'restricted' by the bladder pushing on them. All the other IBS related gurgling moves around though, whereas this one's always in the same place. The reason I'm so worried about urine is because I used to go all day through school without being able to use the loo or drink anything...and I'd have to make sure I was empty before leaving in the morning. I know that's a surefire way to cause kidney problems in later life! Health anxiety sucks though, as it all seems so real to me that I can never work out what I should be genuinely concerned about and what I should ignore. So far just in the last week I've managed to convince myself of: kidney stones, tape worm, gout, root canal, cavities, periodontal disease, gum disease, brain tumor, diabetes, chrons, cut infection, stomach ulcer, flu, thyroid fault, arthritis, sinusitus, tonsillitis, gall stones, colon cancer, appendicitis, random cancerous lump under rib, ingrown toenail and sciatica... Obviously I couldn't possibly ask the Dr about everything because I'd be there every day!! Not that I can get in there at anyway due to contamination OCD lol. I've tried easing yen in slowly with a few things at a time but that doesn't seem to have worked anyway... Although I accept I'm my own worst enemy here as I can't have a lot of the tests done that they'd want to do.
  2. Hmm, I don't know then...bodies really aren't my area! I thought everyone got that sugarpuff smell now and then?
  3. Sorry, missed your last reply. Shame it's not a diesel as the petrol ones (apart from ST) are a pain to do unfortunately! Access is so tight which is why you need to remove the alternator etc.
  4. My GP('s...I'm on number 4 now) don't even look at my own record before doing or saying anything so I wouldn't expect them to bother checking someone else's!! I've had to send a clear & firm written letter confirming things I've already tried to explain several times over the last 4 years now... I know I can't explain myself clearly in person but don't know how they're still failing to understand things written down! I keep worrying about diabetes and kidney problems myself, particularly this year as I seem to be having random periods of frequent, urgent urination that I can't explain. GP isn't interested though, didn't even want to waste the money on a urine test when I asked about it. Just told me it was probably anxiety... Does your son get nervous at school and around in social situations at all? That might explain why he's only having accidents at school rather than at home. As Zain says, surely a sugary breakfast cereal would cause sugar in a urine test anyway. Hopefully he's alright and it's nothing to worry about in the end.
  5. An airlock is basically a bubble or air that gets trapped inside a fluid pipe stopping the fluid moving as it should. Most common in the cooling system but sounds like yours was in a fuel pipe. The fuel pump can't 'suck' air like it does fuel. The only way for it to happen is either running very low on fuel (light would have to be on for ages and cornering hard with centrifugal forces) or a minor leak in a fuel pipe or filter housing which is more likely. These leaks are a pain to find because no fuel leaks out as it's not pressurised, instead the air just leaks in... Has it been alright so far since?
  6. 3.4 at idle is very high, it should be almost 0 on a clear DPF, and peak at around 5 when you hammer it down the motorway slip road under load, if that 11 is sat stationary and revving I dread to think what it'll be under load! But now I realise it wasn't cleaned anyway, all the foam can do is break down a little soot. But all of the ash will still be stuck in there hence the high readings. Ash particles are too big to pass through the DPF core so it has to come back out the way it came in, there's no way to do that while it's still fitted to the car. I'm afraid the only way to fix this is either to have it cleaned properly (removed from the car and sonically cleaned) or to replace it. I chose to replace mine with a pattern part for about £180, but it only lasted about 3 months before the frequent regens started again as the old Eolys type DPF system just isn't effective for us low mileage users.
  7. Saw another 69 plate Countryman today! The only double I've seen so far...and it's a car I can't understand the appeal of! At least this one was in black though. Also saw a 69 Golf R today...or rather I heard it!!
  8. The differential pressure sensor is just a sensor so doesn't need resetting, it reads real time pressure. If it's still reading that high then either the DPF wasn't cleaned properly or there's an issue with the pipes being blocked. Was it sonically cleaned or just had something sprayed inside? Once the DPF is clean and the pressure readings are low, you should reset the DPF learned values in Forscan. But don't do that while the pressure readings are still so high. With regards to the Eolys system, did you prime the system using Forscan, or just reset the level?
  9. Far enough, I stand corrected then! Looks like Ford managed to get the Mk2 approved shortly before E4 came out, giving them an extra year (Jan 06) before they'd have to meet E4 standards on an already approved model. So about half off 55 plate 110's (Jan-Mar 06) and everything after will have a DPF...looks like you and your neighbour got lucky!
  10. Did you buy it new? A previous owner probably removed it if not. I'm yet to see a 110 without!
  11. How much!? 😮 Time you've driven there, parked and had dinner it's over £100 just for 2 of you... Is in in 3D or IMAX or is that just the normal price nowadays?
  12. Yep, a lot of them are repaired under the paint & corrosion warranty when they're still fairly young. Obviously as they get older it's not worth fixing privately though. I do prefer the German refinement over other European stuff...but there must be a better way of doing it!
  13. Ah that's interesting, I didn't know they didn't salt the roads, I know some US states don't. How do they get around in the ice as they definitely get a lot of ice and snow there!
  14. Haha! I'm surprised I'd never seen it before...though tbh I don't tend to watch 'scary' films... I can't remember the first ever movie I saw at the it can't have been that good! I've never liked cinemas though, too loud, too many people...and the sticky floors, eurgh! It may have been the original Toy Story I guess, I know I had the Woody and Buzz figures for xmas the year they were all the rage...then another kid came round and broke one within a few days... Don't even remember who it was, pretty sure it wasn't a friend of mine, more likely that my Mum knew their Mum lol. As for Star Wars...can't stand it myself! I was leant a box set when I was about 8 as I was told it was amazing...just found it unbearable dull...
  15. Watching Jurassic Park for the first time...they've got electric Ford Explorers with touch screen dash consoles... definitely ahead of their time in 1993!! (ITV2+1 btw...and no that's not the same as ITV3 )