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  1. TomsFocus

    Water leak rear screen Mk2 - known fault?

    It's not a fault I've seen before on these... Is it definitely coming from the window seal rather than running down the edges of the glass and collecting at the bottom? It does keep filling up that lower lip while trying to dry the car unless you open the hatch to drain it from the top instead. I'm not sure how you could seal it from outside without it looking like crap lol.
  2. TomsFocus

    Exhaust filter limit reached - on petrol car?

    Are any of you putting formal complaints into Ford about this? If there is a software issue, they aren't necessarily going to pick that up as the current 'fix' for a blocked filter will just be a static regen and in at least some of these cases it will be down to driver error. I'm not sure if anyone at Ford takes note of how many are coming in with the same issue or not, especially as it's not a safety fault.
  3. TomsFocus

    Underseal on inside of my car

    Have you got a picture? It's probably stonechip paint over a welded repair.
  4. TomsFocus

    MKIII Estate Flexi Section

    I agree, but unless he's planning on keeping the car for several more years the aftermarket one should pass MOT (just about lol) and be a lot cheaper.
  5. TomsFocus


    I'd be amazed if anyone didn't know the coat hangar's hardly a secret. Ford cant make keys from a VIN or V5. The key code isn't linked to those. They need the code which is probably in the book pack in the OPs glovebox...
  6. TomsFocus


    If its not deadlocked, just bend the top of the door out slightly and use some sort of rod or bent coat hangar to pull the interior door handle. Also worth trying a mates Tibbe key if you know anyone with a similar aged Ford, or even just a screwdriver if you have one the same size, the Tibbe keys aren't secure at all.
  7. TomsFocus

    Ford Focus Mk2 - Rear Wiper Motor

    Hopefully you're pulling the wiper stalk...if the wiper is operating from the indicator stalk you have bigger problems there! It's likely to be the wiper motor at fault if it's stopping and starting, and presumably not self parking? Would also be worth checking the wiring plug for dampness and corrosion. I think the relay on these is an integrated one on the GEM so hopefully it's not that.
  8. Does your car have the blind spot indicator? If so, I think there is a radar sensor in the mirror which I would assume is also used by the parking sensors for auto-parking. With regards to the temp sensor, I have seen them both in the mirror housing and by the front bumper, I'm not sure if they changed location at some point or if both are fitted and an average taken between the two to remove the inaccuracies of parking in direct sunlight etc.
  9. TomsFocus

    MKIII Estate Flexi Section

    Any exhaust is repairable with enough time & money... Finding someone to weld that may be difficult though, and with the labour cost to remove, weld and replace it may work out just as cheap to have a used or aftermarket part fitted instead.
  10. It probably has had a smart repair done in the past. I had a door like this on my Focus. No amount of polishing would bring any depth out and it always felt a bit rough. You could try mopping the whole bonnet in case it's only flat lacquer.
  11. TomsFocus

    Ford Fiesta 1.4l TDCI Diesel

    Sounds like you're having DPF issues. Do you mostly cover short journeys on a cold engine?
  12. Clutch switch is just for the PCM to smooth gearchanges on the mk6 (raises or lowers revs to match road speed). These never do seem to idle perfectly tbh. Throttle body or TPS would be most likely here though. Cleaning the TB isn't always good enough. Might also be worth checking lambda readings as well.
  13. TomsFocus

    What glow plugs do I need

    Umm, no, that's not any help lol. The engine code is 4 digits long. It'll be on the V5 if you have that to hand. Something like QXBA.
  14. TomsFocus

    LMH connector

    Sounds like an aftermarket parking sensor buzzer. Do you have parking sensors?
  15. TomsFocus

    What glow plugs do I need

    Do you know the engine code? There seem to be two types available for the Mk4 2.0 TDCi. I think it's this type for the earlier 2009 models but not 100% -