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  1. TomsFocus

    1.0 Ecoboost Bluefin vs 1.5 Ecoboost

    What power level is your new one? 125ps is £30 tax, 100ps is £20 tax. I didn't think the 125ps tax dropped on the facelift? I'd also be interested in the Bluefin if I get a 100ps version though, looking at both power levels myself.
  2. TomsFocus

    Front window wiper always leaves a mark.

    No worries, you'll have to let us know if it lasts!
  3. TomsFocus


    Large stud extractor.
  4. TomsFocus

    Main Dealer Buying Tips?

    That would be ideal...but tbf it probably still wouldn't meet my standards! Unless they're pre-reg, Ford registered cars will either be demonstrators or courtesy cars, used by loads of people that won't care about them unfortunately. I couldn't afford brand new, even with a £7k discount haha! How did you manage that!? 😮 I'm probably just a terrible salesman then. £8k for that car?? Wouldn't even get one that cheap privately down here, damn North South divide lol!
  5. TomsFocus


    Wait...a hosepipe is the same size as a petrol nozzle? That kind of makes the security part of the Easy Fuel useless if that's the case! You shouldn't be able to get a hose in there to steal fuel... Did you check under the spare wheel for the easy fuel funnel?
  6. TomsFocus

    Main Dealer Buying Tips?

    Is that PCP price through privilege scheme? The issue I think you'd have with PCP is mileage, it's like 9k a year then you have to pay extra if you go over. It does work out well for a lot of people though, tbh I probably would do PCP on a new car if I could work full time. Private selling these days is a lot harder than it used to be. Patience isn't a strong point of mine but I've always private sold so far, however recently it's taken months to sell anything and the prices aren't any better than trade in, especially when you add the fees for ebay or Autotrader etc. I bought my current stop gap car under trade price, expecting to trade it in when I get the next car, private just isn't worth it any more. Going main dealer for 2 reasons. First being I want some manufacturer warranty on the car, even if it's just a month, to get everything sorted under warranty, very few cars under 3 years old away from main dealers. Second being the main dealers get the best cars. Indy dealers buy from auctions or take the cars that aren't good enough to go on the MD forecourts. I am off to an auction this morning as it happens, not intending to buy but there are several Fords in this auction direct from the dealer, I'm interested to see condition and what price they go for, before getting to the indy dealers. I haven't had much luck buying from indy dealers in the past personally, cars were just as bad as if they'd been private sale but paid a lot more for them... Hmm, I thought a lot of people did buy cars in December, mostly as Christmas presents or ready for the new year. There's no real rush to buy however my current car is a potential ticking time bomb with the DPF/EGR/DMF etc lol. (It's just a stop gap so I could get the money back from the Mk3). My mileage will also drop again from October when the weather gets worse and there aren't any weekend events to go, so the DPF will really be suffering from then. Plus part of the reason for going back to a Focus is because I have a nearly new set of wet weather tyres on a set of Focus alloys and the heated screen etc makes for a much better winter car. I think the 5 spoke alloys were part of the appearance pack? They're the 17" ones with 'slashed' spokes right? The standard Titanium comes with the 10 spoke 16" alloys. Cars never do seem to be prepped well these days, thought it was just me being fussy!! The local dealer here gets fantastic reviews but even their cars aren't prepped properly. They're often covered in bush scratches down the nearside when they should be machine polished ready for the new owner imo. And the seats are always dirty when they should be wet vacced, though that's partly the fault of the cloth seats, why isn't full leather standard in Titaniums already? One example here, one of the few local dealer cars near my budget but I don't want to know what that is on the rear seat base! Still, not quite as bad as the seats in this car... If you're going to wrongly advertise as a Titanium X with 10 rubbish pictures and without cleaning it first you might as well leave the rear seats picture out!
  7. TomsFocus

    Front window wiper always leaves a mark.

    You can try it. It shouldn't harm the glass in this weather as it'll already be warm, but keep the steamer moving rather then focussing on one spot just in case.
  8. TomsFocus

    Front window wiper always leaves a mark.

    It really depends what it is on the glass, if it's just oil or grease then something acidic like vinegar will remove it. If it's something like a bit of Rain X then you need something to polish it off like cerium oxide.
  9. TomsFocus

    2016 SMAX Window washer alighment

    Mist/fan jets are fixed with no adjustment, the dealer is correct. They're designed to be used while driving on the motorway though, which is why they're a bit high at standstill.
  10. TomsFocus

    Main Dealer Buying Tips?

    I've just remembered you had DPF issues on the Mk2... Was that just mileage related at ~80k or so on the Eolys DPF? The cDPF should last longer but even they don't last forever, you'll have to replace it at some point, won't get away with removal under the new MOT regs.
  11. TomsFocus

    Main Dealer Buying Tips?

    Pre-Euro 6 diesel trade prices have already dropped massively and are continuing to do so. Traders simply don't want them as they can't sell them, and they don't want the risk of DPF/EGR/injector issues that would fail the new MOT and cost them a lot to repair, eating into their profit margin. I was blatantly refused part ex at a couple of prices as they didn't want the hassle of selling a diesel! I've also been checking trade prices for the Mk3 DV6 for the last few months, they've been losing well over £100 a month! I did let mine go 'cheap' but not quite at trade price. Just for reference, mine had lost ~£800 trade value since January when I bought it. Diesel owners are already being penalised in London, from April next year you won't be able to drive a pre-E6 diesel into London with the ULEZ. Other large cities will follow soon as well. So trying to sell a Euro5 diesel - people won't buy them as town runarounds because of the DPF blocking issues. Longer distance London commuters won't buy them as they won't be able to take them into the city. People that are brainwashed by the media won't buy them because they think diesels have only just become dirty, deadly machines that are killing their children. Of course there are a few people that they still work for, South Bound for one, but the lack of demand is really pushing prices down,
  12. TomsFocus

    Front window wiper always leaves a mark.

    Some wiper rubbers can be fitted upside down, they are angled so the airflow over the front end pushes them onto the screen. But that has to be a screen issue rather than a wiper issue. Try some cerium oxide glass cleaner on that area.
  13. TomsFocus

    Main Dealer Buying Tips?

    Have you changed many DMF's on them so far? Just wondering if it's really something I should be worried about on them - bearing in mind I'm looking at cars with ~30k miles and unlikely to do any more than 40k in my ownership. I'm used to the bottom end torque of rattly diesels which is hard on DMFs, so I guess the EB doesn't put so much strain on them? I do like a 6 speed box… It looks like Evans Halshaw is one to avoid then... Bit of a shame as their 'move me closer' function would be useful, and they're more reasonably priced than my local franchise. I've heard/read a lot of other negative experiences with EH, makes me wonder how they can be so bad but still sell enough cars to keep them going! A lot of people in the motor trade hate forums, whether salesmen or techs so I wouldn't take that personally. Personal preference does come into it...I much prefer diesels, nice lazy drive, just moving on the clutch in traffic, instant torque in 6th on the motorway and of course much more MPG per BHP. All of my daily cars have been diesel for the last 7 years. However I just don't do enough miles to keep the DPF clean on modern ones, so I'm having to go petrol, knowing I'll lose the torque that I'm used to and have to spend more on fuel for less power. I've had a few petrol weekend cars in that time, I like the noise and progressive revs of a quick petrol, they're a lot more fun than a diesel, but I just never could see the point of a 1.6NA petrol Focus for example...slow, thirsty, expensive to tax...yawn... The difference in tax between the 1.5TDCi and the 1.0EB is £20 a year in the UK so not a deciding factor for us but I know tax is different in Ireland, and insurance costs more as well iirc? So costs may affect your decision more than ours. The big decider is the mileage you do though, if you mainly do short or slow town journeys, diesels just aren't worth the hassle any more.
  14. TomsFocus

    Main Dealer Buying Tips?

    Tbf it's £30 on the 125bhp iirc... Thanks for the replies so far. Looks like little to no negotiation these days then...hmm... Ian, yes the diesel has gone, I haven't tried an EcoBoost yet...but they're literally the only petrol I can afford to run in a Focus sized car lol. Plus I like the ride comfort and Titanium spec of the Focus. I thought the MK4 was already out to order? Was hoping that'd push the price of the 3.5s down! All cars are going to depreciate but with the difficulty in private sales now and needing a reliable car with my circumstances I think a fairly new car from a dealer is probably the way to go this time. Good tip about the end of the month, I hadn't thought about their targets! I don't think I can do finance in my situation but I wouldn't mind a 0% interest deal if it meant the car was cheaper overall, so may look into the small print there.
  15. TomsFocus


    Crikey, seems mad compared to today! Makes me wonder what costs and wages will be like in 50 years time...