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  1. TomsFocus

    I added hill start assist but its not working

    Xenons in reflector lenses are now a major MOT fail so you shouldn't get issues with them now. But some of the LED brake lights are just as blinding tbh, not much you can do about them with so many autos (or semi autos) about these days. I don't find the HSA particularly effective, maybe I'm not pressing the pedal hard enough, or maybe the inclines aren't steep enough, but I rarely feel it kick in at all. With the awful clutch and jumpy engine in mine it's not easy to get a clean hill start in traffic, fine if no-ones in front and I can give it the boot though lol.
  2. Well that is a good result, nice one!
  3. They're not likely to be stripped, they're strong bolts, but the nuts are nyloc so have a plastic locking washer inside which grips hard. Just need something to counter hold the stud while you remove the nut... Ideally an inverted torx as Wilco says, but i'd probably try mole grips tbh lol.
  4. Evening all, Mk3 Mondeo 2.2TDCi in limp mode with the glow plug light flashing. Two stored codes, one for EGR which didn't come back. The other for turbo boost issues which came back pretty much immediately. Surprisingly none for injectors! Forscan is suggesting to replace the turbo lol... Is it likely to be a knackered turbo or just a boost solenoid though? @iantt @stef123 Cheers Tom
  5. No, I think you have pulled the nearest stud out a bit. Should only be around 2-3 threads showing on the stud. Just need to remove the nut, then tighten the stud back in before refitting the nut. The mount is exactly the same on the Mk3 so you can double check against that one.
  6. TomsFocus

    Thousands of specks on windscreen and glass

    Sure it's not burnt from welding or cutting metal nearby while in the garage?
  7. TomsFocus

    Things I Do Like

    If I had that sort of money I wouldn't just be picking one of them. The R8 was awesome tbh, but obviously not overly practical or comfortable... As a daily the A8 would be ideal! Realistically a Golf GTi or Focus ST is probably more doable at some point lol. I'm not a fan of the MPS, I know they're quick...but I just don't like the looks.
  8. TomsFocus

    Interested in DIY timing belt change

    Sadly not many these days though... I'm still struggling to find a trustworthy and reasonably priced MOT garage locally, best I can find so far is part of a major chain and 20 mins drive away, but there's no way I'd trust them to fit major engine components. If you were closer you'd obviously get all of my business lol! Cambelt change is definitely something that can be done at home, but I really wouldn't suggest it's the first job you try... I got in a panic just trying to undo a sump plug the first time I picked up a ratchet... Then promptly gained an arm full of oil and a floor cleaning job... Do you have a mate that could help/guide you? I guided a mate with no prior mechanical experience through a headgasket and cambelt change a couple of years ago, he learnt a lot from it and didn't have any disasters.
  9. TomsFocus

    Which hose line to which

    The rubber joiner pipe should just twist on it's plastic pipe if it's catching, don't undo that clamp as they're a pain to refit without the proper tool.
  10. TomsFocus

    Plasti-Dip Alloys?

    Wasn't really sure where to put this, I know it's not Focus specific lol. Has anyone used Plasti-dip or similar to colour alloys? Basically I can't afford a professional refurb at the prices round here...I don't know how they do it so cheap up North! I've had bad experiences painting alloys myself before, but they were obviously then totally ruined due to the prep. So I was thinking about trying a 'removeable' coating like Plasti-dip, looks cheap and easy, and just peels off if it goes wrong...the wheels are fairly simple 5 spokes, I wouldn't try it on the Titanium mulitspokes lol. So has anyone done it? Recommend any brands other than Plasti-dip? Cheers Tom
  11. TomsFocus

    Which hose line to which

    Yep, exactly as you say, plastic one in the red hole.
  12. TomsFocus

    Things I Do Like

    Sitting in lots of brand new cars I'll never be able to afford... Went to a car show today where lots of manufacturers bought demo cars out, all unlocked so no awkward asking to sit inside etc. Amongst them was a V10 R8, around £80k! They even let a random guy in front of me start and rev it, the noise was awesome lol! Also tried a lovely A8 and S5...either of those would do at £70k lol. Ford weren't there sadly, but I then sat in a mk3.5 Focus ST that Honda had bought, couple of years old so closer to my budget I thought...but still way off at £18k lol. Also sat in a new Nissan Leaf which was surprisingly 'normal' inside, very comfy seats too. Hyundai i30N also had very comfy seats, and tbh a really nice cabin, I actually quite liked the car overall. The MG3 cabin was awful, I can see why they're so cheap! Also sat in a BMW i8 which was a mistake...those are impossible to get out of! But the M3 next to it was more my thing... Oh and a couple of sporty Merc's that were really uncomfortable, seats were way too hard! So yeah, I really want a 'nice' car again now lol, don't know how anyone can afford to buy them used, let alone new though!
  13. TomsFocus

    Ecoboost, Zetec, powershift - which one?

    Titanium is the one to go for if you want a bit of spec. Is it new or used? If used, how much was it out of interest?
  14. TomsFocus

    Car won’t start

    If it won't run on easy start it's likely to be a mechanical issue, diesels only need a bit of compression to go with easy start unless you're not using enough lol. Does it sound like it's got compression when you turn it on the starter?
  15. TomsFocus

    Mk2.5 vs Mk3 choice

    Yeah, that's not possible with FORScan or Focccus though, dealer only unfortunately and I can't really justify any more spending on it, let alone the hassle of leaving it at the dealer's as well. Also more mk3 annoyances to add...the radio is really unintuitive...not really sure why they made it so confusing! I tried to find and add another DAB station to the presets today, bearing in mind it was only a few months back I set up the rest and struggled then as well...took me several attempts to work it out again! And on the same vain, I keep increasing cruise speed when I want the volume up and vice versa and I suddenly realised why today... The radio unit and display are on the left, the steering wheel arrows to adjust the radio are on the left...yet the wheel volume control is on the right! The dash cruise reminder is on the right of the dash, the dash wheel buttons are on the right of the wheel, yet the cruise switches are on the left. What a daft design that is, why swap the volume and cruise buttons!! Also the window ledge is too high, can't rest my elbow on the sill and fist in the top of the window recess like I could with the mk2. I guess that's more of a personal one though lol. Oh, and Ford still can't make chrome badges with thier own damn logo on properly, noticed just how bad mine is getting in the sun today. I guess they flex as you open the tailgate so the chrome colour cracks and then water gets in. Been an issue for well over a decade with these longer replaced free either.