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  1. If it's a MK2.5, you can buy a Euro spec lens and red bulb so you get clear lenses both sides...looks tidier than one red and one clear.
  2. Tigerseal is ideal for anything like this. It was originally held on with 3M style foam tape as well as the lugs inside the bonnet.
  3. Apple or Android? On my Android, everything gets backed up to Google Photos, so even after I've cleared one lot onto the external HDD, they're still immediately accessible as long as I have an internet connection. It's video that takes up all the storage though. I had a brief stint as a vlogger (yes, it was as dull as you're thinking!) but had to record, edit, upload to Youtube and then delete from the phone before starting the next one. I'd never really thought about it before but I suppose a video is thousands of pictures in a row lol.
  4. Awaiting the 'none of my interior buttons, switches and stalks work anymore' thread... Does look nice and clean though!
  5. Not much grey either tbf...surely midnight sky should be black with lots of little white dots and one slightly larger dot? Bit like my bonnet with all the stone chips!
  6. No, 1.6 TDCi does not have swirl flaps.
  7. Which town centre? As with Ian, you'd struggle to buy a flat for that here! In 2 years time the property market might have totally collapsed though, so that's something to look forward to I guess...
  8. £130k must be well out of town? Though after seeing the Manctopia series on BBC2 I don't think they're building houses there any more, all luxury high rise apartment blocks! 😮
  9. If your cars are awake enough to download updates while they're parked, that could explain the battery issues some people are having...
  10. Oh, I can see the barcode now you mention it! When I first saw it I thought it looked like chewing gum bit couldn't work out how it could get there...makes sense now I can see it's a sticker!
  11. Sounds like a faulty ABS sensor. Can't see any way in which it could be related to the oil change.
  12. I'd be worried about the gearbox at 162bhp, what's the torque increase? The trouble with remaps is exactly what you describe in the first get used to them quickly. Same as air fresheners...but at least they're considerably less expensive, and don't affect your insurance...though they are technically more illegal if you've hung one from the mirror...
  13. You've probably got a cooled glovebox if it's a Titanium...ideal for drink driving! And possibly voice control on the audio stalk? 'Oi radio - turn the volume up'...
  14. Agree'd. It's bad enough when you're forced to do it while using a space saver, can't understand why anyone chooses to do it myself. I suspect this is why a lot of nervous drivers don't like motorways - they're driving too slowly and in a perilous position. Can't speak for th 1.0EB as I didn't own one long enough, but I tried capping my speed at 60 instead of 70 for a whole tankful on the 1.6TDCi...there was literally 1mpg difference. Not worth it to spend half my life in lorries blind spots or with a queue of angry drivers bunching up behind as I attempted to overtake a 56mph truck at 60mph...