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  1. If I've read it right, I think he's reusing the disposable mask several times up to the 72 hours before binning it? That's really not ideal if so. My great Aunt was doing the same thing.
  2. Pilkington no longer use the ear symbol as it took up too much space. It is the -1 after M1244 that denotes an acoustic screen iirc.
  3. You didn't ask for the location at all, that's the issue...
  4. My dealer haven't updated me either. Last date I was given was end of Feb but I know that's not going to happen now. Ford To Idle Saarlouis Assembly Plant Over Microchip Shortage (fordauthority.com)
  5. That looks great!! Though I can't help but think it would have been less hassle to just use the garage that was already there. Could you ask him to build you one?
  6. No. I'm waiting for mine too. Not sure if you're aware but the Focus factory (Saarlouis plant) is closed currently due to a microchip shortage. It won't reopen until Feb 19th. I can't see any new Focus's reaching the UK before mid March now myself.
  7. Is that a tuck in cover or a magnetic one? I bought a magnetic one for a couple of quid but it's useless. If the car is slightly damp or there's a minor breeze it slips down over night. Not overly keen on the idea of a magnet being swiped across gritty paint or potentially blowing off and dinging the wing either. Not fussed about the paint on the Golf fortunately but I wouldn't want to use it on a decent car. My drivers door was frozen shut as well this morning but I just wrenched it open in a huff... Rear door was still frozen after I'd driven to Tesco, shopped and came to put the
  8. Well, after the previous fail... Last Monday I didn't bother using it as the forecast said min 3c... Came out to an iced car! 🤦‍♂️ Last night I did use it, but it rained afterwards. It kind of worked on one window, but the others must have had rain driving at them. The ice was properly thick too. On the window where it worked, the ice was notably thinner and with 'wider' sections. It was easier to remove, but still not weak enough to just put the window down and clear. Due to charging issues, I had to fast idle my 2.0 TDI at 2k RPM after about 5 minutes of no PTC heater, no he
  9. Doesn't work as doors are all at different heights and cars are different lengths. Could just bring back courtesy and consideration for other peoples property instead.
  10. It would've helped if you'd said exactly that earlier. I thought you were asking about the fuse layout/numbers. The fusebox is in the same location on both cars.
  11. Agreed. I suppose they're useful for people that park in garages.
  12. How much noise comes through the screen anyway? Engine noise, road noise, whistling wing mirrors will all still be present regardless of the screen.
  13. That's what the local reservoir will look like in a few years time if the Climate Emergency is to be believed!
  14. Err, it's also -2 here currently!
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