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  1. Breakdown Cover

    So what happens if you get an unfixable breakdown now then? Do they come out and go 'Yeah that's broken mate, bye...'? I don't have a credit card but will check the price of Green Flag on it's own now.
  2. Breakdown Cover

    That's a good idea, I wonder if they'll all do that eventually. Unfortunately my phone doesn't have the space for any more apps though, I didn't realise how small 8GB was when I bought it...or that half of that would be taken up by the OS lol. Your cover is for a single car, but they do also do personal cover, would be £58 for national recovery etc which is still decent. I guess you haven't had to use them so far though? I've just checked both AA and RAC as a new customer. Both cost roughly the same for the same cover - and both cheaper than my renewal, even with the loyalty discount...not sure what that says for loyalty lol! When using TopCashBack that then becomes £40 cheaper to use either as a new customer. Not sure whether to cancel and start new with one of them for ~£75 (after TCB) or to try one of the lesser known places which are a lot cheaper but may not be as quick/helpful in the event of a breakdown...
  3. Breakdown Cover

    I'm not too fussed about politeness as long as they arrive quickly and get me home lol. I hate using phones or dealing with 'real' people, so haven't threatened to leave. I know they play on that though, same as insurance. Tried it via email a couple of years ago but that didn't really work lol. I also realise I'll have to phone if I ever actually need the breakdown service, but by then I'll probably have bigger issues lol.
  4. MK3 Focus - Buying Advice

    I'm not sure deafness affects smell in any way... The parking sensors are just on one large plug so easy enough to remove once the bumper is off. I just left the sensors plugged in though and let the bumper sit on a towel rather than the concrete, there was just enough room to work around the bumper like that. As you're buying from a dealer, they should fix it for free if there are any problems surely?
  5. Breakdown Cover

    You have to check what you get with insurance for £37, it might only be roadside assistance for one car, I'm after national recovery and for me in any car. I do have the legal through insurance though, or I think I do, will have a look lol. Has anyone heard of Action Call? They've quoted £43 for what I want, and seem to have good reviews...can't say I've even heard of them though! https://action-call.co.uk/home/
  6. Extremely 1st world problem

    Lol, I don't know how screens end up so greasy on the inside...how hard is it not to touch it? Though that said, I'll never forget a Mk1 Mondeo my Dad bought used...footprints on the screen, stiletto marks in the roof and a recorded casette of R.Kelly - Ignition Remix in the stereo...
  7. Breakdown Cover

    Who are you all using for breakdown, and at what price/experiences? I've had some bad experiences with breakdown companies so don't really trust any of them but have no other way of getting the car (and myself) home if it should happen so reluctantly pay for it. However they're taking the mick this year... Been with RAC for 6 or 7 years now and they add a tenner or so each time, but they've added £27 this year, and that's after my £7 'loyalty' discount! I have roadside and recovery home (not just nearest garage), no home start, and it's for me in any car rather than car specific. So any recommendations?
  8. As a matter of interest

    Fair enough. The stop start will work with the AC on, but only when the temp inside the car has reached the set level. As the AC pump is run by the engine, it can't cool the cabin with the engine off.
  9. Extremely 1st world problem

    Just get a new screen tbh, that ones ruined now! Trouble with windscreens on newer cars is that there's so much dashboard in the way and you have to try and get in awkward positions to clean it. I just use a supermarket glass cleaner but some people say that they leave a film on the screen and to only use car specific ones like AG Fast Glass. Also make sure you've got a lint free cloth, fluff everywhere is nearly as bad as streaks!
  10. mk2 focus wishbone change

    Ah, you must have a proper engine? Seen a few complaints of that on here but there's nothing in the way on the 1.6 diesel lol. I've read there is a pipe bracket that you can loosen/remove and push them out of the way. It's a long bolt so if you can't get a socket there, you won't get the bolt out.
  11. MK3 Focus - Buying Advice

    Yeah it's smooth and quiet on the motorway, not luxury barge smooth but still worlds apart from a Type R! You won't need to drive heavy with the sort of driving you'll be doing, that should be more than good enough to keep the DPF clear, even if it's mostly done short journeys up to now. Yes, I leave the stop start on all the time, it actually feels weird driving a car now where the engine doesn't stop at lights lol. It only stops when you're in neutral and lift the clutch, so that'll be sat waiting at lights for long periods etc, it won't cut out while you're waiting at junctions with the clutch down in 1st. Doesn't cause me any trouble at all, I find I'm still held up by slow pull aways in front, even after waiting for the engine to restart!
  12. AC Condenser Top Hose Quick Access

    Good point, it has been filled with Nitrogen for a leak check as well and no luck there either. I know most people aren't bothered by AC but I hate the heat and rely on it in the summer so want it fixed really.
  13. As a matter of interest

    If only my air con worked... It depends on the engine as to how much fuel the AC uses, it's not the same on all cars in my experience. Small engines really suffer with it, big ones much less so. You'll probably notice a drop in power on the 1.0EB with it on as well. I'm now on 3 quarters of a tank and trip computer is showing 63.5mpg... Covered 450 miles and got nearly 200 on the range so looks like it might be fairly accurate this time...we'll see lol.
  14. MK3 Focus - Buying Advice

    Mine also had the water leak in the boot - another common problem on the mk3, can also come past the rear light seals as well as the vents. You have to remember these are 'cheap' Euro cars, no Jap build quality here lol! Door seals can also be an issue as they peel off over time and can let water in, but with that mileage they should be ok. Not to put you off the 115ps, but I find mine drives like utter rubbish in slow speed traffic - can't seem to get a definitive answer on whether it's normal or not though and don't know anyone local with one I could try. Can't actually find any faults with it, and changing the engine mounts has masked it well but hasn't cured it, I'm only on 45k miles btw. It's still very jerky and not at all smooth in traffic, despite being as gentle as possible with the pedals. It's fine out of town though, and is a decent cruiser, with a surprising amount of overtaking torque when you need it from a low powered engine with a tiny turbo. Currently showing 63.5mpg on the trip computer, will wait until I refill to check how accurate it is though. As you're coming from a petrol, do you have any experience/knowledge on DPFs? If you'll be racking up the miles on the motorway every day it should be fine, as long as you're not intending to do stop start deliveries or anything like that!
  15. AC Condenser Top Hose Quick Access

    So, in the Saharan temps we've had today, the AC has stopped again, gas leaked again. Really don't know how to find the next leak, it's obviously small enough not to be seen with dye. What would a garage do to find it?