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  1. Selling Cars

    Yeah that's a good point. It was easily findable (not sure that's a word lol!) on ebay but the ad has expired. It's only on free sites like Gumtree now, which are shown in 'newest first' order, so after a day it's lost unless people specifically search for 'Ford Focus' with a tight area search. I keep replacing it every week for free rather than paying to bump it up lol.
  2. just bit fun

    I know my place.
  3. Brakes - a few questions

    Every indie will have a diag machine that can perform ABS bleeds these days, even FORScan can do it... It's not often necessary though, I've never needed to do it so far, simple bleed is usually enough. If you've noticed a sudden drop in performance it's more likely that the brake vacuum hose has split somewhere or the pads/shoes have been overheated and glazed over. The rear brake shoe alignment does also have an effect on the fronts so they need to be adjusted correctly. You'll get a longer pedal travel if the shoes have to travel further than expected which can feel like the brakes aren't working as well as they should.
  4. Wishbone rubbers replace or repair??

    Wishbones are easy on the drive, literally 1 nut and 3 bolts!
  5. Turbo oil feed pipe

    There isn't a proper sump gasket for these, you will need some liquid gasket for it. The oil pump should also be removed and either replaced or cleaned while you're there.
  6. Maf brand matter?

    Fair enough, I've not had an issue with Mister-Auto before either. I would guess someone's already returned that as faulty/wrong and they've sent it straight to you without checking it... I've had the same happen with ECP before. I can't find any close up pics of that Peirburg MAF online but there are other brands of the same MAF which don't have the exposed part on top. It's different to the later models which used a separate MAF from the plastic tube so can't compare it to my own. Either way, I reckon send it back and get another. Make a small mark on somewhere so you'll know if they send you the same one back lol.
  7. Car key broken

    Simple answer is no. If you have the key code in the handbook you can get a simple blade cut for less than a tenner without immobiliser or anything just to open the bonnet. A locksmith may be able to open it but not sure how much they'd charge but won't be cheap. You can break the front grill off, pull the key part out of the lock mechanism and then use a large flat head screwdriver to twist the bonnet catch open. Obviously you'll require a new grill afterwards.
  8. Where does this go?

    I think the flat rectangle there is the underside and tucks behind the bonnet hinge but you'll probably need to remove the scuttle to get it in. I'll take a photo of mine later if no-one can offer any better advice but it's also had a screen so probably missing them lol.
  9. Anyone else had this problem

    Yeah, there's a huge dealer here but they rarely have courtesy cars...you also have to pay for them so it's not really a courtesy lol. I was going to ask to take a Mustang for an hours test drive if mine ever goes to the MD...
  10. Maf brand matter?

    Is that actually branded Pierburg? Where did you buy it? The gold solder is just the connections between the MAF and the plug part on top, but very odd to have it exposed.
  11. Maf brand matter?

    The air intake throttle valve is a separate part and not relevant for this. PCM reset is definitely worth a try but it's not the procedure I was thinking of. If I get the chance tomorrow I'll plug mine in to see if I can find the MAF one. It does look like you've got a faulty MAF or wiring issue with that constant fault though. Have you tried plugging the old one back in to see if it still works as before or if both cause the same fault now?
  12. Fiesta Titanium ecoboost

    EcoBoost is just the name of the engine, it's not an 'economy mode' that can be switched on and off. I'm not sure what you were switching in the old car, park assist maybe, that's near the stop/start button.
  13. Turbo oil feed pipe

    I'm not sure if it should twist, feed pipes never used to but if both ends are the same I can't see it being a fault. You are meant to replace the feed pipe when doing a turbo change on these anyway though, as the pipe could be partially blocked with carbon deposits as you've seen with the gauze filter.
  14. Maf brand matter?

    It should only need doing when you've got a new sensor as it's currently adapted to the old sensor.
  15. Maf brand matter?

    It's under something like 'service procedures', been ages since I've needed to do anything like that so can't remember 100%. It should be obvious when you find it though, will be under PCM if you have a choice of modules.