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  1. TomsFocus

    Mk3 PFL Titanium Small Dash Screen

    Thanks Wilco. But, now I'm even more confused! The Titaniums all got the shiny Sony stereo as standard, so all of them before 10/2012 should have the large screen right? But only those with Nav will have the large screen from 10/2012 onwards? I'm seeing 2013 Titanium Navigators with the small screen as well though!
  2. TomsFocus

    Brake Caliper Paint

    You can use proper high temp caliper paint if you want, but I and many others have used Hammerite with decent results and it's a lot cheaper. I've also used Poundland black paint on drums before!
  3. TomsFocus

    Wheel spacers

    There aren't many courier owners on here tbh...and I don't know of any modified ones. Have you got before and after pics as you're the first to do it lol...?
  4. TomsFocus

    Trying to identify part.

    Looks like the power steering pressure switch.
  5. TomsFocus

    Laptop Battery Calibration

    Ah that's a fair point, I don't move my charger at all. It stays plugged into a mains tower constantly and I only move the laptop end ~50mm to plug in and unplug lol.
  6. Bit random but I'm seeing a lot of Mk3 Titaniums for sale with the small dash screen between the clocks, same size as the Mk2.5 and lower spec Mk3s instead of the large screen with the whole car picture on it. I thought the larger screen was standard on Titanium but obviously not. Anyone know if it's part of a pack or just a random option? Had it on the 1.6TDCi and have essentially the same thing in the Golf so don't really want to lose it going back to a Focus now, I know it's not a major thing really lol.
  7. TomsFocus

    MOT failure and general Mk2 questions

    On the primary section, under 'emissions' it'll usually say 'Euro IV + DPF' if it has a DPF.
  8. TomsFocus

    Laptop Battery Calibration

    Surprisingly the charger is still original, well over 5 years old and gets plugged and unplugged a few times every day... Shame they don't make phone chargers lol. Thanks for the advice Stoney, have tried that but it hasn't made any difference unfortunately, I reckon the battery has had it tbh.
  9. TomsFocus

    Ford Focus mk4

    Yeah, I would expect 70-75mpg over a long steady trip. Definitely worth doing a brim test though. I have spreadsheets of every tank I've used over the last few years.
  10. TomsFocus

    Drums to disks

    Nope, ESP works perfectly well with drums. It's an easy swap tbh, only need the hubs, calipers and handbrake cables, the beam and arms are the same afaik. A lot of insurers won't cover it though so do check with your insurance first.
  11. TomsFocus

    Nexen Tyre Fitters?

    Blackcircles don't do Nexen either. Someone must though, I keep seeing them on loads of cars lately! I also got majorly distracted last night and missed the ebay offer lol. 🙄
  12. TomsFocus

    Locking fuel door won’t open

    Try some penetrating fluid in the lock, WD40 will do if that's all you've got. If it frees up the lock, use some graphite lube afterwards to keep it moving. Alternatively if you need a quick solution, break the flap open with a screwdriver and replace it in the future.
  13. TomsFocus

    Ford Focus mk4

    I wouldn't trust the trip computer in a mk3! Pretty sure it just makes up figures... It won't do 95mpg over a tankful, it just won't.
  14. TomsFocus

    Nexen Tyre Fitters?

    Anyone know which chain stores fit Nexen tyres? Basically, I've got a nearly new (6mm) tyre with an irreparable slowish puncture in it and MOT is looming. Can't say I'm a fan of these tyres but can't afford/justify a pair as I won't be keeping the car much longer and the other side has the same amount of tread so makes sense to just replace this one like for like. Ebay have 10% off today, so I can get the tyre for just over £40 on there, but will need to pay ~£15 fitting nowadays and finding somewhere to fit tyres that they haven't supplied is hassle now... Just wondering if it'll be easier/cheaper to have a chain fit one but the usual's like F1 and Kwik Fit don't seem to do them. Specifically looking for a 205/55/16 Nexen N Blue HD Plus... Alternatively, if anyone is in the Ipswich/Woodbridge area with their own tyre machine, please do let me know lol!
  15. TomsFocus

    Mk1 queary

    Parkers spec's are usually wrong tbh. You should have AC on a Ghia but the full leather with electric drivers seat was an optional extra. EDIT - The cloth Ghia seats do have electric height adjustment, but not forward and back, there should be a rocker switch on the front of the seat for the height. The Ford ETIS site should give you the exact spec list of your car.