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  1. TomsFocus

    Things I Do Like

    Yeah, one of my relatives got her licence like that as well...she's always crashing into things even now, can't say it was a great idea tbh... 😮
  2. TomsFocus

    Things I Do Like

    Just received my new licence... surprisingly quick despite the time of year!!
  3. Do you do most of those miles sat on the motorway out of interest? That's pretty impressive for front pads tbh!
  4. TomsFocus

    Things I Do Like

    For food shopping, I make a list the day before and check all prices online to see whether Tesco or Sainsburys would be cheaper for that shop. (I know ASDA is probably cheaper than both but there isn't a local one). Obviously also know exactly how much it'll cost. This usually works...but not last week, one item was priced wrong online and on the shelf so I ended up a pound under the expected total...and needed the extra pound to qualify for a money off voucher...I then had to be 'one of those' that runs off to get something else at the till. I also make the list in the order of the items as they are shelved so it's easy to follow, and leave fresh stuff until last. I can't stand the way some people shop with fresh items having gone off in their trolley before they even get to the checkout... How's that for efficiency!
  5. TomsFocus

    2.0 tdci strange cold start this morning

    It does say about this feature in the manual under 'starting'. You can either press the button without the clutch to heat the plugs first, or just keep the button held with the clutch in and it'll start as soon as the plug light goes out. It's another piece of mapping for emission reduction, although a common rail diesel would start without preheating even in cold temps, it causes far more emissions than just letting the plugs heat for a couple of seconds first. You'll find most E5 onwards diesels do the same thing. Even those with a keyed ignition which feels really odd when a physical key appears to not work lol.
  6. TomsFocus

    Things I Don't Like

    I don't like all the time wasting in politics this week... It was pretty obvious May wasn't going to get kicked on Wednesday, and Brussels weren't going to change their mind on the deal just because she asked again... I didn't vote for Brexit but half the country did so just get on with it ffs! I also don't like an annoying redirect virus(?) on the PC...only happened on one major national site so I assumed it was an issue with one of their ads...told them about it but they can't replicate it and no-one else has complained of it. Suggested it might be on my PC although I'm not sure how it would only be triggered by the same site each time. Anyway, I decided to do a full scan for viruses etc yesterday... It took 10 hours... 😮 3.2 million files checked, and no threats found at all. Could it be something that wouldn't be found by a virus checker? And if so, what should I use to find & remove it?
  7. TomsFocus

    Ambient lighting mk3 focus

    Yep, that's correct. Colour changing is only standard on the Titanium X. Red only on the Titanium.
  8. TomsFocus

    Brake pads recommendation

    Was it a Ford video? On some calipers (BMWs in particular) the slide pins go into a plastic bush so there's no metal on metal contact, these don't need any lubrication, the bush gets replaced when it wears. I'm not aware of that on any Ford though. As for flipping seals, it's possible but really not common. If you want to be over-cautious, just open the bleed nipple as you push the piston back so there's no fluid return. You'll obviously have to top it up afterwards.
  9. TomsFocus

    2013 Focus: boot switch clicks but won't open - any ideas?

    Please do ask how they'll remove it, could be useful for others in future!
  10. TomsFocus

    Etis inaccuracies

    Nav, Bluetooth and voice are all part of the Sync system rather than being separate on later cars so they appear to be wrong on a lot. I've not seen global closing being wrong tbf though.
  11. TomsFocus

    Things I Don't Like

    I've seen a few letters sent to Focus ST-Line owners recently about 'Ford performance upgrades' to 'turn your ST-Line into the performance vehicle of your dreams' (the letter literally says that! ) so maybe it's that? Also if you've owned the car for about a year they may be pushing to sell you a new one with 'amazing discounts' that they don't disclose until you get there... It's all just marketing rubbish tbh.
  12. TomsFocus

    replacement battery

    There isn't a radio code on the Mk3 so you'll be fine there - though you may have to adjust the settings on the radio, presets etc. The battery monitor for the start stop will have to be reset. (Plenty of guides for that on here) The one touch windows will have to be reset. I think that's all.
  13. TomsFocus

    Things I Don't Like

    Well, got the licence renewal sorted this afternoon. I'll be honest, it wasn't a great experience but at least it's not a regular thing. Turns out there's a massive grey photo booth next to the PO counter that I've never noticed before... There was a long queue though, and of course everyones trying to spread as many illnesses as possible in the queue at this time of year. Went for a half hour walk to let it die down but as soon as I got back to the desk a huge queue formed behind me, felt awful holding everyone up as well! The PO staff were very helpful tbh, I didn't really have a clue what to do but they guided me through it. The signature was have to write on a what looks like a blank tablet, and the signature appears on a separate screen... 😮 Not even sure how it turned out as I was getting a massive sensory overload by that point and just wanted out lol. Then after that, the licence was cut in half so no going back now! New one should be here within 3 weeks...
  14. TomsFocus

    replacement battery

    The battery box comes apart at the front corners. Just lift the front section and push the sides apart.
  15. TomsFocus

    Alignment or worse?

    Dunlop Sport BluResponse are one of my favourite tyres tbh, would definitely recommend those. I haven't tried any Yoko's at all so can't comment on them. The other tyre that is very close to the Dunlops in terms of price and driving is Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance. (Make sure they are the new Performance ones though, the old non-Performance ones were shocking in the wet!). If you have a good mechanic, ask how much they'll charge to fit & balance. Since I no longer know a decent local mechanic I've found it difficult and expensive to get tyres fitted after delivery so it works out much cheaper to buy fully fitted from the likes of F1 Autocentres for me now. I do have a set of Mk2.5 Titanium alloys (16" multispokes) with a pair of Dunlops and a pair of Goodyears on them in storage currently, barely any use on the tyres, probably only covered 6000 miles or so... They don't fit my Golf lol. But they wont be any use when I buy a Mk3.5 Focus either, would need different wheel nuts and to have pressure sensors fitted so I'm thinking about selling them tbh… If you're interested, feel free to drop me a message.