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  1. They're right, the waterpump is driven by the aux belt on this engine (and all of the Zetec petrol engines, 1.25/1.4/1.6) not the cambelt. It's up to you whether you have it changed at the same time or not. £300 sounds a reasonable price as long as that includes parts and VAT.
  2. Just for reference, blanking EGR actually increases the warm up time, not decreases... Simple physics really, with the EGR open, hot exhaust gas is pumped back though the engine so it warms up much more quickly. EGR gasses also warm the coolant in the EGR 'cooler' during warm up. With the EGR blanked the engine is only sucking in freezing cold air at this time of year, increasing warm up. The long warm up is probably just due to the weather atm, I really wouldn't worry about trying to fix it as you'll be selling the car soon for the ULEZ...
  3. Is that for French Jews?
  4. That's the beauty of self service checkouts!!
  5. I do like feeling ultra manly buying some of these, half price in Tesco... They're 'for my Nan' obviously... Although I did buy a second box to try myself... Will have to punch some plasterboard or throw things in a skip to reaffirm my masculinity now.
  6. The one above is part of the BMS (battery monitoring system). It measures battery charge basically. It needs resetting when the new battery is fitted so the ECU knows the 'new' maximum charge, so it can work out the minimum allowed charge for the stop start (if fitted) and variable alternator charging etc.
  7. What's the attraction of RWD unless you go drifting roundabouts on the estate every night? (I'm guessing you're probably past that! ) I've never driven RWD so far...but worried I'd mess up on the first damp corner in all honesty!
  8. Thats odd, I thought you'd have been watching 'Bring back the Bush' at that time! I also saw some of that neighbour programme though... Honestly couldn't work out if those 2 old people genuinely thought they were doing nothing wrong! Was just wondering how badly they drove that motorhome on their drive, and presumably blame everyone else for driving like maniacs around them... I did feel sorry for those disabled guys but their problem will get a lot worse now...putting it on TV is just asking for trouble imo. The young guy also needs to learn to pick his battles...when you're a skinny, pasty white kid you can't call a massive black guy names!! Did you watch Ladhood on BBC1 around 11pm? I've been getting into it lately. Think the series has nearly finished though!
  9. I think the 2020 is auto-filled by Smartphones when they see a year category, seen lots of them like that.
  10. Yes it's normal. You need to use the emergency funnel to open the flaps inside the EasyFuel filler hole. The funnel should be in the boot but may well have got lost in 10 years.
  11. I trained as a spark 10 years ago...still hate electricity! Tbh I'm thinking about just leaving it switched off permanently, depends how long until I move though, still waiting for a moving date!
  12. I don't like getting home to my storage heater sounding like a fridge! The switch got stuck in the ON position a few months ago (been switching it at the CCU since) you reckon it's just the switch at fault or is the heater drawing too much current for some reason?
  13. Rear screens aren't laminated...prepare for a lot of mess if you do try and remove the sucker! Likely to be ~£70 excess through insurance but you don't actually need to tell them directly. If you book an Autoglass appointment they'll sort the insurance side for you.
  14. Assuming it's the same as the Focus, the connectors are behind the plastic side trim inside the hatch. May need a long Torx bit to reach the screws (T15/T20 maybe).
  15. Do you know what the box came from? I assume it wasn't an identical car? It sounds like the PCM is noticing the gear ratio is different to the original config. You might be able to change that with FoCCCus or Forscan but would need to know the 'new' ratio.