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  1. Ah, at least it's sorted now so you can advise on future threads!
  2. I'm pretty sure tape came as standard on Mk1 Mondeo's...been a while since I've seen it on a newer one though!
  3. After your mention of shiny leaflets and now know they make dedicated toilet roll nowadays? No need to buy physical newspapers anymore, it's all online!
  4. I do like seeing plenty of youngsters at the polling station this morning... Don't remember seeing that at any previous election so far! I did end up choosing one in the end, voted for the hard place instead of the rock, couldn't face spoiling the ballot.
  5. I could just buy some tape until they can come and fix it?
  6. Don't all modern cars have automatic rear wipe? It was notorious for failing on the 306s when the reverse wire CANBUS back then lol. I only had one or two where it still worked after 10 years! For me it has to be auto wipers...I know most of you hate them lol. In the Golf specifically I'd have to say it's the large audio touchscreen with DAB & SD input... Mk2 Focus audio unit was poor in comparison, and the Mk3 had far too many buttons and unintuitive processes. Oh...and the optical parking sensors...
  7. I think you can do it all from underneath, hence not being fun in winter, but Haynes probably wants you to do it from above?
  8. Not a fun job this time of year, it's on the back of the engine on the DV6. Not really any need for a guide though, starters are still the same as before, a few bolts and electrical connections.
  9. Ah, I definitely will vote, just not sure who for! 🤔 I don't agree with spoiling ballots but I'd rather do that than not vote at all... I was surprised to see Farage say he was going to spoil his rather than vote conservative as his own party aren't running where he lives lol. Tories had a 35% majority (17k) last time in my area so if they do lose I'll eat my hat. I don't think we have any independents running, I can only see the big 4 - lab, lib, con and greens on the below checker...not sure how else I'd find out?
  10. No, but you can usually find what you're after online these days. If you're after torque figures, try and find a mate with access to Autodata!
  11. I do have a genuine don't like today... I don't like how I feel I can't vote for either of the big 2 tomorrow for different reasons. I live in a safe seat so technically it doesn't matter who I vote for, however I can usually pick the lesser of two evils, but not this time. I've watched plenty of debates, including the under 30's QT on Monday, and I've got both far left and far right voters on social media, who make good arguments against each others parties... I honestly believe we'll wake up on Friday to another hung parliament and this election will all have been a waste of time & money. (Just to clarify, I'm not asking who to vote for lol)
  12. To bring this back on topic... What are the fashion trends of the 10's? The 'more on top fade' replaced the 00's quiff. Skinny jeans maybe, don't remember them in the 00's! The Superdry/Northface black jacket... Pre-ripped jeans...
  13. Ah that's the Eibach Pro Kit, those springs are aftermarket, but they're also a Ford optional extra. You will need to declare those but if you say they're an optional extra it might not cost any more. They'll be around 25mm drop if they ask.