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  1. It probably just felt colder because it was cold outside. I doubt the AC had any impact on the stall at all, you said it still took a further 3 tries before it started.
  2. The main difference between manual & auto in the real world is slow speed manoeuvres as Roger suggests. If you like to feel fully in control and slip the clutch to gently reverse park in tight parallel spaces, automatics don't really have that ability. Even bay parking feels less controllable. If you slip off a clutch, you'll usually stall, if you slip off the brake in an auto, it'll go shooting backwards! Conventional autos are a bit more controllable during creep than the modern auto-clutch (DSG) types in my (admittedly limited) experience. As with most things, you'll probably get used to it over time. But I'm sticking with manuals myself purely because of slow speed manoeuvres. Once on the move you don't really notice the difference.
  3. I can't even imagine wanting the same car in 12 months time let alone waiting that long for one to be built!! You must have some patience!
  4. It might be more to do with the person than the car. Saw an interesting thing on QI this week where different people hear the same musical notes differently when played together... 🤔 I have a 155ps Mk4 Focus which is much louder while cruising than the old 125ps MK3 Focus I had. Unpleasantly so tbh.
  5. The early 1.6 EcoBoost's kept catching fire...but almost all of them still on the road should have had the recall done by now. The NA 1.6 is still a Ti-VCT engine so there's still some scope for failures, but they are generally more reliable. Not particularly quick, not particularly good on fuel and not particularly cheap to tax, they don't come with any other redeeming features.
  6. Yeah, that massive screen is a massive downside for me! I don't like any screen there but at least in the PFL it was round edged to appear part of the car rather than an afterthought! I reckon the power button is part of cost cutting. Shorter loom right near other electronics and easier to swap to RHD.
  7. Probably just caused by non genuine diag equipment. Does the dash show normal coolant temp when you're driving?
  8. I suspect there's more likely to be a snivelling, whiny 'I can't do it' thread when the laptop is in a hundred pieces and I'm having a panic attack.
  9. Just watched his hinge video. Much better than the others I've seen.
  10. If you're doing a lot of short journeys you're probably failing regens without noticing. I can fail 3 or 4 in a row just driving locally without any warning lights or problems, it'll eventually complete one next I do a longer drive. I only fill the oil to half way between max & min to allow for the level rise before the next service. It's always over the max mark by the service. I've had this on both Fords and VWs with this type of DPF. There's so much excess diesel dumped in during post injections that some will always pass the rings as blowby. The main problem with failing them is that that process is repeated until it passes one rather than being a problem in itself. The other issue is prolonging regens in slow or stop start traffic. The quicker you can complete one the better. So while they will regen around town now, it's still better to do a motorway regen.
  11. Well that's cleared up the RAM query! Also glad they're all that burnt copper colour...was worried mine had been overheating when I took a quick peek before! I did find a better video for the swap but linked the short one here to save anyone reading wasting too much time lol. Will have a look for that one tomorrow though, thanks!
  12. Never knew something like that even existed! I'll leave it for now though. Hoping that eventually I'll be able to start on the new laptop as a 'clean break' so not worth the cost of an SSD plus a clone device to me at the moment.
  13. Even completed regens dump some diesel into the oil. It's pretty standard on any car with a post injection regen. How much excess are you getting and over how much time?
  14. The PCM uses the coolant temp as well as air intake temp & ambient air temp to determine the correct temperature mapping. There is no specific cold start sensor.
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