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  1. 2020 - You no longer need lights as you're only allowed out for essential trips and everywhere is closed at night...
  2. Tbf if they're all gathering around these masts it'll only take one with Corona to take them all out... They won't be socially distancing or coughing considerately as they don't believe it's spread like that....
  3. True, and batteries are consumable anyway if they wanted to follow it to the letter. Just seems a bit poor that the battery was probably flat on the forecourt and the dealer just stuck a jump pack on it before you arrived.
  4. I wonder if the dealer would pay for one under warranty, or even as a goodwill gesture... Have you asked?
  5. Heading back towards the topic...people are literally burning 5G masts now after reading fake news online... No wonder the government think we're all idiots!! 😲
  6. Oh, it's just a relay then, shouldn't do any harm...but I'd make sure it's out of gear, just in case!
  7. It actually sounds like the starter solenoid tbh, though could be the AC clutch as well. Seems pretty odd whatever it is! Is it still doing it now? Can you gauge roughly what area of the engine bay it's coming from?
  8. The power steering takes away a lot of the effort you need to turn the wheel so can cover other problems to an extent. Does the judder move at exactly the same speed as the wheel, or does it stay at a constant speed regardless of if you turn the wheel really quickly or really slowly? If possible, can you turn the wheel with the engine off and still feel the judder? If it's a rusty top mount as I suspect, this will judder with the engine off as well as on, if it's a pump issue, it will only occur with the engine running.
  9. The amount of times I think this when reading posts on car forums... Best one is when someone's got an EML on with potentially a hundred different causes, "it will be the XXX, happened to mine last week"... 🤦‍♂️
  10. Not everyone has access to the internet tbf. And half of the stuff online is wrong now... Unfortunately my Dad is one of those that believes everything he sees online after years of telling me not to trust people in real life. 🤦‍♂️ He's one of those trying to wash the virus away by drinking more. And I've got 3 elderly relatives with no internet access at all. Hopefully they'll watch the news on TV or hear it on the radio, but I guess it's still a choice to do that, whereas you can't really avoid a letter, you have to physically do something with it, even if that's just picking it up and glancing at it whilst walking it to the bin. My problem with the letter is that everything is changing so quickly, I don't see how a letter written last week can still be totally relevant & correct now.
  11. Is it the active grille shutter cycling? Should be able to see by looking through the grill.
  12. Lucky indeed (plus a bit of Jap build quality!), I've had cars sub 10 years old ruined by being left for a few months!
  13. It's not a real person... It's a computer pretending to be a person. Don't see many on here as they're usually screened out during the signing up process but this one seems to have past the human test!
  14. It's a bot...but quite a clever one tbf… It's just copying quotes from earlier posts in each thread!