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  1. The differential sends all of the power to the easiest wheel, this is usually nearside when off the ground due to the shorter driveshaft unless you've got a slight brake bind on that side or the car isn't level. Even if you can get both turning there will still be a speed discrepancy between them which will set off the traction control as you've found out. Pulling the ABS fuses should stop that problem. I really wouldn't recommend accelerating on axle stands though, far too much potential for carnage if the stands slip.
  2. You probably already have the replacement pipe on the car. If you put a picture up of the whole pipe (between turbo and coolant tank) I'll tell you if it's the new one. Sadly the new type still breaks, just on a different place, and Ford won't replace that one for free.
  3. Yeah, that's it. Its not the one I linked above though, looks like it's this one instead - Or you could risk this one at half the price...
  4. I haven't been able to find anything with that part number I'm afraid. I'd suggest it was already old when it was fitted 20 years ago though, most 'modern' ones have a smaller tank and the expansion cap rather than the flat cap. I can't say as I've seen one like that on anything from the 80's onwards myself. Has the Sprite got a replacement engine? If so, do you know which car the engine came from? Also don't suppose you still have the previous owners details as they may remember?
  5. Ok, I think he's referring to what most of us would call the fuel pressure regulator (or FPR). This is attached to the high pressure fuel pump and not available separately from Ford for your engine. They are available online etc though, here is just the top ad on ebay - Not sure what access is like on the SMax but as long as you can reach it, it's easy to swap over. Locate the 'spider' on the front of the engine, then look below that and towards the left and you should see the fuel pump with the FPR right there. I'm sure the RAC etc wouldn't have overlooked it, but has the fuel filter been changed recently? They often clog up far more quickly than Ford service intervals suggest!
  6. Were they the skinny white ones or the thicker grey ones? Really needs to be the thick grey ones on the curved front bumper. The white ones are usually ok on the rear though, I've not lost a plate so far.
  7. I'm also using Chrome on Android... We've covered this before though, others on here also use Chrome on Android and can delete textboxes so we're obviously missing something. I originally wondered if it's the phone hardware that's the issue, but it's still the same on my new phone as well... I don't have any issues using MS EDGE on the laptop, can just backspace a textbox out on there easily. However the 'saved' text seems to stay with the device rather than the username, so it's not even like I can use the laptop to delete a textbox that I've accidentally quoted on the phone. I also can't 'clear editor' on the phone, as it just refreshes the page with the saved textbox still in there...
  8. Is that your actual car or just a picture from the internet? Those wheels will ruin fuel consumption if that's your car...
  9. Definitely...although as I don't pay for the forum I'm not really in a position to complain.
  10. I didn't realise compressors were such a common failure tbh. It's usually condensers that get holed by stones coming in through the grill. The condenser on my Golf is in a right state (it has done over 100k and been involved in a front end impact lol) but amazingly still holds gas and works currently... I wish I had AC in the flat today though...25c in the living room atm, urgh!! 😩
  11. Sorry guys, can't delete text boxes on mobile. 😒
  12. It'll most likely be the fan resistor on a mk6. It's at the bottom corner of the fan cowling, has a triangular base and a green cylinder coil on it. Bridge it out with a jumper wire and see if the fan works then.
  13. ST150 is shed of the week on Pistonheads this week... Project for @zain611 maybe?