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  1. That sounds like an annoying design flaw! I just have a fairly basic Motorola, doesn't look like it's Qi compatible.
  2. Which phones actually work with the wireless charging? I'm pretty sure mine doesn't but I can't find a proper list.
  3. Sadly not. I knew the first day or two would be difficult but I've done over 5 hours (around 100 miles) in it now and it's got worse rather than better. Problem is my stomach is permanently damaged so it's not like that could improve over time. It's so bad that I've had to temp insure the Golf to get some shopping each week. Have asked Ford if they'd buy it back but they weren't in a position to do that. The only offer I've had so far was from a car buying service at 33% less than the RRP!! :o. I expect to lose some money on it but can't go that much. So basically I've dec
  4. If you park in a garage overnight then it's probably not worth it anyway. I hadn't considered that, that may be the reason not many get specced from new on VWs even outside of MB/company cars. Have you gone for any options at all? Are they in stock or waiting for a factory order?
  5. 'Effective from April 1st'...as if we're going to fall for that! I reckon it's another mistake though. My own dealership, as well as others, confirmed the Vignale being dropped.
  6. If the handbrakes on, place a couple of trolley jack's under the rear wheels and pull it out into the road...then it becomes a council problem. You could also contact the owner of the alley if you know who it is.
  7. Windscreens are frozen this morning, mid April! The heated screen was on of the reasons I was going back to Ford, seems to be pretty rare as an option on VAG stuff.
  8. Just had a look on Autotrader, the seats do look quite nice on the SE L. Shame I can't feel them through the internet.
  9. I think you've made the best choice there tbh. I'll also be moving back to VAG for the ride and refinement. The ride on the Active Vignale is poor at best, I've been so disappointed with mine as it looked ideal on paper but the reality hasn't even come close to the expectation. I'd go as far as saying it's not a nice place to be even on what I thought were fairly smooth suburban roads. I've also found Sync 3 to be fairly unreliable. It keeps 'losing' my USB input at start up, then spends ages looking for a DAB signal that it never finds, then just as I'm about press 'source' to swap b
  10. I'm the last person you would want reviews from on anything! I've so far restrained myself from reviewing the Active Vignale on here... Tbf, Dormeo was the cheapest of all the similar ones at the moment, I'd never have paid the full price for any of them!
  11. Regarding DIY ability, I'll give you a laugh... I went to fit a new shower riser/hose/head kit on Friday. Can't do much at the moment but as it's literally 4 screws in the riser and no bending or lifting, I wondered how hard it could be... Double checked the new adjustable mounts to make sure they were fitted the right way up to receive the cover screws and the correct distance apart... All fitted well. Swapped the head and hose over, no leaks, great... Went to place the head on the riser and realised the holder was upside down!! 🤦‍♂️ What's more annoying is they could easily have m
  12. Do the new trade cards start with a 7 I wonder? Might be getting them confused if so. 2 out of 3 Halfords stores that I tried the FOC card in had never heard of them before! (Not many local members I guess lol)
  13. Can't hear any wind noise in mine, it's drowned out by all the engine noise...
  14. Well, today'sa my Dormeo day... Too much choice of toppers with the potential to get a crap one so decided to just go for the full mattress. Went the same S as Stephens. Currently half price, free pillow, 10% off for pretending to close the webpage, and potentially 3.4% back from TopCashBack unless they decline due to other discount. Let's hope my horse comes through later!!
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