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  1. I'm fairly sure the ring isn't available separately. Can't cost much from a breaker so I'd take that risk myself.
  2. The Mk7 Fiesta should have been called something else imo...it's a completely different shape to the Mk6. I think we'll just have to agree to disagree on this one.
  3. If I wear a pair of specs, I'll still look like myself (sadly! )... Even if I put on a bit of weight. But If I suddenly grow 2 extra legs and a tail, along with facial features generally associated with a different species, I'd probably have to change my name.
  4. True, but if you put the two side by side they still look pretty much the same, just gained a bit of weight in middle age! Even to a 'car person' that wasn't around for the early ones it's hard to tell an old Civic or Corolla without the badge though... Whereas the 911 and 3 series can still easily be guessed. If I can't work out what a brand new car is called from it's basic shape alone (such as the Civic), I don't see the reason for keeping the name personally.
  5. If it's a brief flash or needle twitch then it's normal on the Mk3. Window switches flicker as well.
  6. It'll be a V code on a Mk4 Mondeo so not free to generate like M codes.
  7. Depending on which EVM they use, Siesta might be a better choice.
  8. The 911 hasn't evolved!! It still looks exactly the same. Nor has the 3 Series either tbh. I'll give you Civic & Corolla though. Apparently so! I can only remember about 5 of them. From a quick Google it looks like the Civic pre-dates the Fiesta.
  9. The Fiesta name is just there for marketing...it's nothing like the original lol. I'm trying to think if any models have reached Mk10? Mk8 seems to be about the limit... 🤔
  10. Looks like the wiper arm is already broken on that one...surely it's not meant to sit halfway up the screen like that! I didn't like it in flat pictures but actually it doesn't look too bad in the video. Still not a fan of the grill though, makes it look too Focussy... Plus it's hardly going to protect the AC condenser! Also don't like the thin walled exhaust tips, a rolled tip would have made it look a little more finished.
  11. I try not to own cars long enough to need to change the blades... Annoying this time as the NS is juddering and MOT is coming up... Thought I'd better splash out on a new pair. Last pair I bought were genuine VW ones from a private seller on ebay...bought in error and unwanted...cost me a fiver including postage!! Shame they've only lasted 3 years. Can't find any for less than about £30 so thought I'd give the Aerotwins a go again. Went off them a few years ago as quality declined but will see if these are any better.
  12. Yes, I have a Golf, which is why I said 'for mine' lol. I wonder why CCC don't stock the Bosch's for yours though, it's not like they're a small company!
  13. Yeah, that's weird. On the listing for mine it definitely suggests they're Bosch ones! A980S BOSCH AEROTWIN PAIR Front Wiper Blades 600mm/475mm 24"/19" OE spec 3165144053064 | eBay
  14. 50% more than Ebay (clickcarparts) for the Bosch blades on mine. Though as I only ordered yesterday, can't comment on delivery yet.
  15. I know software updates are additional but I thought they always checked for fault codes at services? I must admit, it's 10 years since I worked at an MD though. 😮 Are software updates not free under warranty if you complain about something? I've bought a few cars around 6 years old that needed software updates (2 of which were Fords!) and I fail to believe that's something that started after the warranty period.
  16. That's exactly the reason for expecting breakdowns on modern cars... So many electronic components that it really doesn't matter whether you give it a regular oil change & external once-over or not, they're always lying in wait to break when you least expect it! Also not sure if it's the case on Fords, but I know on VWs the car won't even start if it thinks you've run out of AdBlue...so all that takes is one dodgy sensor to leave you stranded. For what's it worth, all of my breakdowns so far have been mechanical and not easily fixed, albeit on cars around 10 years old. One burst rad hose from a blown HG, one locked drum brake after the shoe fell apart, one blown turbo oil seal (exhaust side luckily, so no chance of runaway) and one dragging clutch that stopped me deselecting gears and pulled me onto a busy roundabout with the clutch down...I then broke the gear linkage rod trying to wrench it out! The breakdown services were so poor on the first two that I limped home with the other two!
  17. You have to swap between RAC & AA each year, or haggle, to get anything like a reasonable price from them... They're also ***** in my experiences! Personally I'm with StartRescue now. Cost about £25 a year for roadside & recovery (don't need homestart). They have a tick box on the app which can be used for verbal/hearing impairment to do the whole process via text rather than phone which is a big plus for me.
  18. I wouldn't be buying an early Mk3 out of boredom... The engine will probably be fine (bar the injectors) but the rest of the cars were built poorly. I'd expect the boot to be wet, the AC not working and a few electrical faults at the least...
  19. Yes...but I have no idea why. Lambda's use a wide flat 4 plug...if they used a square 2x2 plug I'm sure that would fit through the ring.
  20. I'd recommend changing the spark plugs & air filter along with the oil service this time. Then they won't need to be done for another 3 years or so. That'll probably be classed as 'full' service depending on which garage you use. Doesn't matter whether you do it now or leave it until next year really. If you're using the same garage for MOT then just let it coincide with that.
  21. Whoops. 👴 In my defence, there was probably no need to mention it as an advisory in that case.
  22. On a 2005 model without cambelt history that's something you should really be looking at changing asap! Which engine is it? Petrol or diesel?
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