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    Anyone used one of these before?

    Tbh I don't see that being much use. There is a knack to ball joints, it's about angles, not strength. BJs have to be perfectly lined up to slip out, but with prybars there's always more force one side so it's being pulled at an angle. If you've got a long strong peice of metal tube, put it flat lengthways above the BJ and under the chassis. Then stand on the overhanging end in front of the wishbone. It should line up with the chassis and pull the BJ almost perfectly downwards instead of angled.
  2. TomsFocus

    lowering springs

    Very easy on the Mk6, rear springs just drop out once the lower shock bolts have been removed and the beam swings down. Fronts are the same as most cars these days, strut needs to be removed, then spring compressed and top nut removed. Lift off top mount, fit lower spring (don't usually need to compress them) and push the top mount on while fitting the top nut. Then refit the strut to the car.
  3. TomsFocus

    Windscreen demister issue

    If it's just a thin layer of condensation inside it should only take 2 or 3 seconds to clear.
  4. TomsFocus

    Things I Don't Like

    Did they say why the seals are damaged so soon, just a one off poor installation or a bad batch maybe? You're welcome to borrow my 14 year old Audi for FF...air con still ice cold in that!!
  5. Yeah, the dealer wouldn't have known 3 weeks ago. Will be free as you say.
  6. 99% sure that car won't have a DPF. Pictures would help confirm that though! It's also old enough to be tested under the highest smoke limit of 3.0...I'll be amazed if it's blowing that much without a noticeable boost leak/lack of power. I wonder if the garage are trying to fail it on 'visible smoke emmisions' which only applies to vehicles with a DPF...
  7. Yep, seen on the Mk3 Focus page as well, very recent though!
  8. TomsFocus

    Things I Don't Like

    Ah that looks interesting! I'll have to get my hands on some of that Koch... Wait, what... But seriously, I didn't know there was a QD specifically for limescale. I've been using Meguiars Ultimate Quik Detailer for the last couple of years but ran out last month. Couldn't afford anything decent so am currently using Simoniz QD that was on offer in Tesco...not sure it's any better than water tbh! I'll have to give it a go with that on the paint and supermarket glass cleaner for the window. Really can't be bothered washing the whole car again, especially in this heat/sun. (PS - Every time I see your car I want to gloss black the front grills )
  9. TomsFocus

    Mk3 1.6tdci 95ps to 115ps???

    Different turbo, injectors and a few other bits. Just a remap should give you ~110bhp without any other mods though, ask a reputable mapper in your area and see what they say.
  10. TomsFocus

    Things I Don't Like

    Looks like the toothpaste incident was just the start of things to come! Went to collect a car part late one there and the seller has stopped responding... Then went to collect a medical item for my Nan...turns out she had also asked someone else to collect it, and they had done so yesterday... Had moved some things around in preparation for someone visitting Nan's this afternoon who is usually late...but never even arrived today...not even a call to say they'd be late etc, I've had to leave due to other commitments this evening. And while parked at Nans, the neighbour decided to jetwash his car on the adjacent driveway literally a foot away from mine, and in the 25c sun. So the car I spent ages cleaning yesterday now has calcium deposits baked onto half the paintwork and I can't see a thing through the windscreen.
  11. TomsFocus

    2007 update?

    My 2008 facelift 1.6TDCi also lost noticeable power and MPG with the AC on... Mid '07 some also got side repeaters in PFL mirrors and a side repeater shaped badge to fill the pfl wing hole lol. Very odd!
  12. TomsFocus

    Things I Don't Like

    I don't like getting toothpaste in my eye this morning...what a ridiculous injury! Sort of flicked off the bristles as I applied to the brush lol.
  13. TomsFocus

    Missing bolts, please help

    You won't notice the rear drop link missing tbh...the car won't suddenly roll over without it lol. You can actually see these when rolling up to other Focus' in's surprising how many are completely missing these days! The cheap ones will break and fall off again quickly. But you should be able to get them cheaper than £30!! 😮
  14. TomsFocus

    Head Gasket Advice needed plz

    Why did the gasket blow? If the previous owner was clueless enough to drive it around with no coolant and the temp needle in the red for weeks then it'll probably have caused more damage, warped head or cracked block for example. You don't say how old the car is or the mileage, but I spend a lot of time on ebay and see loads of 1.8TDCi Mk4s on there, likely to be cheaper overall and safer to just buy a decent one to start with unless this one is basically scrap value. If the previous owner had no idea there could be all sorts of other issues, DMF etc...
  15. TomsFocus

    Focus MK 2 Stuttering

    Assuming it's a 1.6 petrol it'll be a full hydraulic system with the pump at the front of the engine. So not really close to the crank sensor tbh. Faulty crank sensors often stop a car starting at all but could also cause poor running and cut out. I wouldn't say this is definitely a crank sensor fault though.
  16. TomsFocus

    st shockabsorbers

    They'll fit, but don't forget the ST engine is a lot heavier than either of the ZS engines so the shocks might be a bit too stiff.
  17. TomsFocus

    Fuel Filter problems

    What are the fault codes?
  18. TomsFocus

    2nd Hand Focus 1.6 TDCI

    Water leaks from boot vents and door seals. Dodgy clutches. Air con breaks easily. With low mileage like that the battery and/or DPF may be in poor condition if it's only done short runs. The engine itself is fairly reliable, but injectors are a common fault so make sure it runs and drives well.
  19. TomsFocus

    Service reveals Cat has been removed

    Sports cat with a stainless cat back would be ideal and probably cheaper than a new genuine cat. Are you sure it's the cat removed though, not just the mid box? Removing the cat brings the EML on so it would have to be remapped as well...
  20. That sounds like a ball joint to me, try a pry bar between the hub and wishbone and see if you can get any play in the bottom BJ. Next would be the shock - while it might bounce fine and not leak, if it can't rebound quickly enough over rough surfaces that's the sort of noise you get. Finally would check the CV joints/diff. They are 'slack' while not accelerating or braking. I've got a dodgy CV joint on the A3 that I've felt for weeks, and does knock a bit, but it's just this week started clicking on corners so I can finally prove it's that CV lol. It is also worth checking plastic parts, it's surprising how much noise a loose headlight can make after bulb changes.
  21. TomsFocus

    Focus Not Starting - Dead Battery? (Video)

    Dead battery...but I would disagree with Peter in this case, it probably will charge ok. While my Focus was left standing for sale the battery died twice, giving the same symptoms as yours. Both times a charge revived it and it's still fine now, battery is 8 years old.
  22. TomsFocus

    Key fob window drop/raise

    Have you tried pressing the lock/unlock buttons while the windows are on the way down way down? I've definitely had a car that stopped them where you wanted but can't remember whether it was a Ford or VW now.
  23. TomsFocus

    Focus MK3.5 Rear Drums Upgrade to Disc

    I doubt anyone's done it on a 3.5 yet as most are still under manufacturer warranty and very few in scrap yards for used parts. Should just be rear hubs and handbrake cables same as mk2 though?
  24. TomsFocus

    Will new alloys fit my fiesta?

    That tyre size is fine, but it might catch on full steering lock, the ST's have lock restrictors to stop that. The PCD (bolt hole spacing) is the same but I'm not sure about the offset (ET number).
  25. Likely to be a bent shock, can't really tell while it's on the car, I had the same issue on the nearside of a mk6.