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  1. Not sure it's shaming really, more potentially saving another member from the same expensive fate, but I understand what you mean. I've known Ashley (AJ) for over a decade and he's knowledgeable about pretty much anything electronic so I'd still keep him in mind if he's local to you.
  2. Yes, but the effect to the driver is that the car is held automatically. Most people don't know (or probably care) about the functional difference between the two. I can't see any reason why the EPB shouldn't automatically apply when you switch the engine off. Seems weird that it's just meant to be a 'failsafe' rather than a permanent feature.
  3. Which engine? And is it late Mk2 or early Mk3?
  4. It's just a confusing functionality... As the handbrake applies automatically while on the road, you'd expect it to do the same when parked as well.
  5. Wasn't AJ Electech was it? I think he's over your way and probably worth asking for a quote if not.
  6. Which engine do you have now? It's not easy to make total engine swaps nowadays so you're best off sticking with the type you already have. Though the same engine is likely to be used in other Ford models to help widen the search criteria.
  7. As with any chain, you do get good and bad branches. Just the luck of the draw whether your local is good or not... (Maybe check for local branch reviews?) Don't forget, there's very little in a 'manufacturer service' nowadays...2 years really is just an oil change and a vague glance over anything else. As long as you can guarantee KF will use the correct oil, and you have no intention of selling the car any time soon, then you might as well take the free service IMO. The lack of electronic service record could put off some buyers which is the only reason I mention selling.
  8. I'd forgotten about the era of merged pic sigs, what a blast from the past a few posts up!! I wonder if there's any forum function that could lock archaic threads? If there's been no replies for 12 months, it's probably better to start new anyway. Can always link back to an older thread if you feel it's relevant.
  9. Depends on your circumstances really. In terms of purely monetary value it's unlikely to be worth it. But if it's your only car and you can't afford to buy anything newer then it's probably worth fixing. I wonder if you have any course for compensation from the original 'repairer'?
  10. I lost about 5lbs (2kg?) over the Xmas period... I'm meant to be gaining, not losing! On another note, I do like seeing the green screen on the Maypole for the first time today. 13.5v and 5 solid bars. Took about 8 hours over 2 days. Will be interesting to see how long the battery holds charge now.
  11. I have got a flat cap...maybe I'll use that!
  12. There's no restrictions with P plates. It's literally just a 'courtesy' sign to let other drivers know that you're a new driver. Are you allowed to do 70mph as a learner in NI? Or are you totally restricted to 45 until the day the R plates come off? Seems less safe allowing an unaccompanied 18 year old to try 70mph than to try it with an instructor and dual pedals!
  13. We do have P plates over here for that purpose, but they're not compulsory and very few use them. As with the wheelchair symbol though, that doesn't seem 'right' in my situation!
  14. Interesting subject though...and the reason that roads are often chaotic and always will be. Many people have different understandings of both legalities and courtesies and don't see it from anyone else's perspective. The same is true in many aspects of life, but with roads we are forced together with everyone regardless of their views, whereas in most other situations you'll generally be with more like minded people. It's now been nearly 6 months since I was able to drive 'properly' but I can't access the health system without driving so I'm stuck in a catch 22 situation and need to try and get back OTR as soon as possible now. I've been considering some sort of 'warning' sticker for the rear window just to advise that I may make more mistakes than you'd expect from a 'regular' driver after a period off the road. I feel it's courteous to let people know that and hope they may act with more consideration as well. Trouble is, the only options seem to be either the standard 'disability' symbol of the wheelchair...but I don't use a wheelchair so doesn't feel morally right...or the sunflower symbol, but I don't know how many 'normal' people would even recognise the sunflower as a sign of disability/health conditions? Anyone got any thoughts on that? I will also add, I'm not overly keen on 'advertising' my issues to everyone, with the concern that I could be followed into a car park or followed home as an easier target for theft.
  15. It is illegal to drive with hazards on. Only for use when parked causing a hazard OR for a very short period when approaching a hazard on the motorway. They're not even to be used when being towed, despite popular belief!
  16. The phone button generally just mutes the stereo. You need the optional additional Bluetooth module to use the phone with those units. Also worth noting it's only Bluetooth for voice, can't stream music through those units.
  17. I think you can reach the alternator plug easy enough on the Mk7 to try yourself. The battery cable runs underneath the battery box though so not possible without a few tools.
  18. As said over on the other thread, I'd check the thick battery cable for any damage to cause a short. There's no common Mk7 Fiesta issue that would cause these symptoms as far as I can remember. (Unlike the cluster soldering on the Focus for example). It might also be worth unplugging the SmartCharge plug on the alternator and letting it default to the standard 14.4v permanently. That will at least rule out a SmartCharge fault.
  19. I know they don't currently all do it as I have another account that I use occasionally. But it seems like online security is in increasing everywhere at the moment so wondered if the other banks will follow suit over the next 6 months or so.
  20. Sounds like that quote was from a Ford dealership so it'll be their labour charge that's causing that huge price. Genuine cambelt & waterpump kit for the 1.6 TDCI is about £175 iirc.
  21. I've got to hope FB doesn't lock me out then. I'd never get back in!! Not bothered by FB itself but I use Messenger regularly. In a similar vane, one of my bank accounts has recently stepped up card security online...now requiring 2 step verification for any online purchase, no matter how small. Only options are text or call, no email. The text is fine when already using phone to buy something online. But a complete pain for the 95% of the time I want to buy anything as I'm generally on the laptop without my phone to hand. I don't know if they're all going to go that way as I might switch again if not!
  22. Aston Martin Vantage is number 50, highest group there is! Mk3 Focus RS is 40 though lol. Expired MOT not really an issue, just means it's sat at the dealership a while. As for warranty...wouldn't expect much from any aftermarket warranty tbh.
  23. Yes that's the one. The diesel uses a different box with less problems.
  24. £15k can get a Mk4 auto with either the 1.0EB or 1.5 TDCi in low to mid spec. Main problem is going to be powershift gearbox with the 1.0 Focus.
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