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    10 Year Challenge

    This seems to be all the rage currently, post 2 pictures ONLY...your current car and the one from 10 years ago! '97 Peugeot 306 Miami. 1.4 petrol 75bhp. Modifications - CD player instead of tape deck, digital clock and outside temp sensor, 15" GTi6 Cyclone alloys (check that arch gap, it came on 13" steels! ) '12 Volkswagen Golf Match Bluemotion Tech. 2.0 diesel 140bhp. Modifications - 3D Gel plates, chrome exhaust trim, dice valve caps.
  2. TomsFocus

    Caliper Bolt Torques 2016

    Carrier 75Nm Caliper sliders 28Nm
  3. TomsFocus

    Cruise Control Problem

    Sounds like a dodgy switch if it's randomly switching on as well as off.
  4. The Mk3 is generally poorly & cheaply built tbh, rain water leaks in from various areas, wet boot being the most common issue. Electrical issues are common, everything from the horn to the audio system is likely to break at some point. Interior plastics are cheap and damage easily, leading to creaks and rattles. Air con rarely works past warranty and seems impossible to find the leak let alone repair it on most. Engine mounts are soft enough to make gearchanges jerky but hard enough to transmit vibrations right through the cabin. The clutches are rubbish. The list goes on tbh. I bought a Mk3 on 42k a year ago today, biggest car mistake I made last year. Giving Ford the benefit of the doubt (I really liked the Mk2.5 I had previously!) I bought another Mk3 towards the end of last year which was again a complete crapper. It's possible I'm very unlucky, but looking at the forums and facebook groups suggests otherwise lol. Of course, there are some good ones, and you will find a few owners that have no issues with them. Edit - I've just seen your other post... A 105ps 1.6Ti-VCT will feel horrendously slow, the 125 is bad enough! Also, is it a Powershift (auto), if so there were loads of faults with those. I think they were only paired with the 125ps version of the 1.6Ti-VCT though.
  5. TomsFocus

    How accurate is the fuel gauge?

    The fuel guage relies on a simple float like the ballcock in a toilet... If you park on a hill it will of course be inaccurate!
  6. TomsFocus

    Foglights adjustment

    There aren't any. Fog lights don't require adjustment. What issue are you having with them?
  7. TomsFocus

    K&N - Don't waste ya time folks

    Just so you know, if you've got a fussy MOT tester, the airbox lid off is a fail since the new regs came out.
  8. TomsFocus

    Loss of acceleration

    You could've filled up with some contaminated fuel at 50 miles let alone 11,000 so I'd say it's worth trying a filter change personally. Could also be an ignition fault, dodgy coil pack maybe. Does it get any worse when warm?
  9. TomsFocus

    Help required

    That is an awesome colour, Tiger Eye metallic iirc! Looks great on those wheels as well.
  10. TomsFocus

    rear windows

    That's not a fault. Rear windows don't go all the way, the shape of the wheel arch eats into the door so there's no space to drop the window far enough.
  11. TomsFocus

    Help required

    Mk6 Golf currently. It's only a stop gap after making a huge mistake buying a Mk3 Focus though, been after a Mk3.5 Titanium for months, just waiting for one in budget! Used to drive a Mk2.5 Titanium with X pack.
  12. TomsFocus

    Help required

    I think we're all in the same boat there!
  13. TomsFocus

    How accurate is the fuel gauge?

    On the Golf I can do around 85 miles before it moves off the max marker. I've currently done 100 miles on 1/16th of a tank... It drops suddenly for the last 100 miles though, so much so that I can't trust the range or the gauge towards the bottom, I just work on the amount of miles I've covered instead, I know I can get 600 miles to a tank. I reckon a previous owner has just filled up a tenner at a time and worn the bottom end of the gauge. I found the gauge on the Mk2.5 Focus to be fairy accurate tbh, a lot more accurate than the Mk3 gauge anyway!
  14. TomsFocus

    Help required

    Cruise control and leather seats would be my next mods there. Maybe a nicer gearknob too. I guess you've got a decent exhaust and the Euro clear fog? Brake upgrade maybe.
  15. TomsFocus

    Keyfob dead, can't get in!

    I've seen plenty of videos of Mk2 Focus' being stolen and not seen a single one try a key in the door first!
  16. TomsFocus

    Things I Do Like

    Tbf, she probably feels the same when you drag her into Halfords or B&Q! Probably just me but I like the perfect white treads on tyres from a dry gritted road. Also useful for seeing any uneven tyre wear!
  17. On the 16v engine the choices are 90bhp or 110bhp in the Focus. It's the later 8v engine in the Mk3 that comes with 115bhp. You are correct about the DPF though, before about 2009 the 90ps model came without a DPF. However it also comes with a conventional wastegate turbo which reduces driveability a bit compared to the VNT on the 110.
  18. TomsFocus

    Help required

    Can't really see anything more to do on the front! Got a rear or interior pic?
  19. TomsFocus

    Brake Pad wear

    It amazes me how much the general public rely on servicing and don't do any checks themselves... Fairly common for VAG diesel engines to run away and explode due to high oil level from failed regens since the emissions update. However the oil level doesn't double over night...when asked how often the customers checked the level the answer is usually "Why should I have to check the level when I take it to VW for a service every 2 years"... 😮 Amazingly people still got their engines replaced for free despite admitting that!
  20. TomsFocus

    New battery type focus 2010 1.6 tdci

    Lead acid battery shouldn't damage anything on the car, but it won't last long before battery issues start showing up again. Jump starting a smart-charge equipped car can damage electronics as you say though. The smart-charge detects a cold battery with very low charge and tells the alternator to pump ~16v into it, causing a surge on both that car and the jumper car which can blow bulbs and sensitive electronics. People still do jump them all the time and get away with it most of the time though tbf.
  21. TomsFocus

    Parts advice please.

    Wow...that's an optimistic quote! 😮 A used (but tested & warrantied) alternator should be absolutely fine, they don't go wrong that often tbh and are easy enough to test. You could also check the price of a new one on places like carparts4less as it's probably not that much. Turbo on the other hand, isn't worth buying used. Turbo's suffer from internal wear that can't necessarily be easily seen or felt. With the turbo's on this engine being notorious for frequent failure I really wouldn't risk a used one. Turbo's do whine a bit as normal, unless you're losing boost or can feel a lot of play in the turbo, I would suggest not replacing it for now.
  22. TomsFocus

    10 Year Challenge

    My Dad had a Verona as well! Cost £300 with T&T and had a huge dent in the rear door. Had to get rid of it when MOT rules changed and all doors had to be operational. So he bought another Mk1 for sub £500. I've toyed with the idea of a home made camper for years, always look round them at the local VW shows and get motivated to do it but never have so far. Would want something with personal toilet & kitchen facilities for day trips and dub shows etc. But then the costs and reality of using a van daily put me off, if I had some disposable income and space for a second car I probably would try it! Fair point! Maybe a push bike was more realistic!
  23. TomsFocus

    10 Year Challenge

    One of these then? 😝 Gel plates are nice, I did have to replace one of mine hence the upgrade, used to run pressed metal but don't think they look right on newer cars. I'll probably go for 4D plates for whatever my next long term car will be. Now that is cool! Was he interior fitted out as a camper?
  24. TomsFocus

    Things I Do Like

    Yeah, he's an older guy so has it done for him somewhere, but really not very often at all. Though I've seen he doesn't do many miles between MOTs on the MOT checker lol.
  25. TomsFocus

    Broadband help

    I've finally got my refund from Sky... 7 weeks after leaving them. I wonder what would have happened if I'd waited 7 weeks before paying them.