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  1. Not sure if it'll work for you Wes but I've found ginger helps a bit with motion illness as I suffer from it really badly. Ginger nuts work well or even ginger oat cakes for a bit less sugar. I wouldn't recommend Jamaica Ginger Cake Nan used to like it so I bought some to try when it was half price...basically burnt straight through my throat so not had that since...
  2. It requires the entire dashboard to be removed from the car. I wouldn't say it's particularly hard but is very time consuming. You'll be looking at around 4 hours labour at least if you take it to a garage.
  3. It's not a rumour sadly, insurance really are that petty, painted calipers should be declared. Someone had their insurance void last week because of fitting a gas bonnet strut instead of the manual stay!
  4. Sounds like the LCD screen is knackered tbh. You can probably just replace the screen if you're handy with a soldering iron.
  5. Empty Eolys often triggers the 'Engine Malfunction' warning with the triangle and exclamation mark. Ideally you want to top it up before it gets to that point though. The tank holds about 1.8 litres so 1 litre should be fine for a top up. There is a reset procedure by opening and closing the filler flap a set number of times if you don't have access to Forscan. I don't know it off the top of my head but I'm sure you can find it by Googling.
  6. You might want to watch the news a bit more... We're not leaving until at least April now!
  7. So, turns out you can't access the battery through rear covers. But you can just remove the speaker grill and keyboard to get there...left it out for an hour but no change. Downloaded Anti Deep Freeze which is meant to bypass DeepFreeze but that didn't work either. Downloaded Meltdown which is meant to give the original password... Success!! The password was 'ford'...FML! Can now delete things... However the laptop keeps randomly cutting out on mains power... No idea if it's always done it as I've only ever used it for a few minutes at a time before. Are there any diagnostics I can use to see why it keeps cutting out as I really wouldn't know where to start. Will probably just s rap it if I can't stop it cutting out.
  8. Lol, my bad. I'll have a look at removing the covers now. In other news, the Win10 laptop battery died while trying to reply to this lol...that's the third time this morning... New one has arrived now though, do you know if it still needs a long first charge to set the memory or is that no longer the case with Li-ion batteries? I'm reading conflicting ideas online!
  9. Hmm, I'm not sure what's leaking there to cause that sort of coverage! Looks like it might be the turbo oil drain (return) pipe leaking. It's the one towards the back of the turbo, wrapped in silver heat wrap. I think it has a clic-r clamp but if it's a jubilee it might be worth trying to tighten it. The air intake piping will also be leaking as they all do, but doesn't usually cause that much splatter. Any better ideas @iantt?
  10. The normal power battery? It doesn't hold any charge at all off mains power so can't see removing it making a difference? If you mean the BIOS battery I wouldn't know where to start stripping a laptop, used to work on desktop towers but even that must be a decade ago now lol!
  11. Ah! Think I've found the issue here... I had to use Deep Freeze for done software a while ago but it's still on now. Cant remember the password to disable it now... 😮 I've read that advancing the BIOS clock should disable the Deep Freeze...but my BIOS doesn't seem to have a clock on I being thick here!?
  12. That's what I've tried to do but the laptop won't have it! It starts the process but then just cuts out. XP is still useful for a lot of vehicle diags as that's exactly what I bought it for. I would assume other people with old cars will still be after XP laptops for the same reason. I just haven't used it myself recently as I now only work on VAGs with VCDS or Fords with Forscan/FoCCCus/ElmC which all work on my Win10 laptop. I could try and sell it specifically as a Peugeot Planet/Citroen Lexia package but thought that might restrict buyers... Will have to think about it!
  13. The FF ones no longer have shelves to ice up. I made the mistake of not checking when I bought mine in 2015, just assumed they were all FF nowadays! Mine looks like yours roughly every 6 months! I don't mind the defrosting too much, but always end up having to throw away some of the food beforehand and then spend £30 filling it up again afterwards. My Mum & Nan both have frost free ones that have never needed defrosting in a decade or so so that's definitely the way to go nowadays lol! Even just reading that made me feel nauseous! I'm really pathetic with anything to do with bodies, especially internals or anything having to come out. 😮 I've read a lot of people get very dizzy from syringing as well so I really am hoping it'll just come out of it's accord, getting water in my ears from a shower is bad enough lol! I did pass out after having the DPT injection back in high school...was already scared of needles so that didn't help. Caused carpet burn across my face and had back and neck pain for days. Could've been worse though, I was standing next to a Victorian cast iron radiator which I just narrowly missed lol! I should really have blood tests done now for a few different issues I'm having but there's absolutely no chance of that so I'll just put up with them lol. Games are weird though, like you can tell it's not real... I can't watch any gory films and especially no Hospital type programmes on TV! It does seem to be more guys than girls affected by blood. I can't really understand why though... I get a major nose bleed at least once a month so I don't think the cycle they have to go through can explain it. And after all, most of our male ancestors would've probably fought in wars over the last hundred years or so so I can't see it being hereditary either. Very odd! 😮
  14. Ah I see, I knew there were no recent updates for XP but I thought all of the old ones were still accessible. In that case maybe it'll be better to try and wipe it without removing the OS. There isn't any sensitive info on it as it's only been used for vehicle diags but I still want it clear before selling it really.
  15. Can anyone tell me how I can wipe an XP laptop to sell it? It's an old HP Pavilion (ze something) but I guess XP works the same on anything. I've tried system restore back to 2014 (when I bought it 2nd hand) which took half an hour but all of the programs and info I want to wipe are still there! 😮 I've also got an old XP disc so tried to wipe it by booting from this disc by pressing 'any key' during the boot starts to work but then after 5 mins the laptop just shuts down. Not sure if the disc is damaged or if the laptop is blocking it somehow. So any ideas as to how I can wipe it either back to factory settings or install a fresh XP on it? Cheers Tom
  16. Hi Anthony, I've finally ordered another battery. Waited for a 15% off deal on Ebay and ordered that 'genuine' one earlier in the thread for just under £30...still sceptical about it actually being genuine but we'll see lol! Anyway, just wanted to ask if I'm supposed to charge it before use, and for how long? I've seen some people online recommending a 24hr charge to set the memory and others saying that Li-Ion batteries don't have a memory like the conventional type so no need for any charging before first use.
  17. We need a 'shocked' reaction on here! Sad or confused just doesn't cut it for new parts prices lol. 😮 Surely there must be thousands of Fiesta seats in scrap yards though? Could be a good bartering tool! Though I guess there are thousands of Fiestas for sale as well so not worth the hassle lol. Yeah I'm hoping once the wax goes that will be the end of it. It started as an allergy thing last year though (eustachian tube not draining properly) so just won't know until the wax has gone. Lol, I don't blast music at all, hate loud noises! Sounds like he's somewhere between puberty and menopause tbh…
  18. You might be lucky in it just being the pipe connection to the heater matrix, very common on early mk3s and they changed the design on later ones to a 'one piece' design so no chance of leaks there. Look above the pedals and the left hand side and you should see the silver pipes with a plastic connector there, at the rate its leaking you should see drips quickly. If it's not that then it'll be the matrix itself which is a huge job...over £1000 at a main dealer!
  19. My moan for the day is my ear... I've posted before about being intermittently deaf in one ear for almost a year now, but I finally forced myself to see a Dr about it... Anyway, turns out there's some wax in it that needs removing before he can see in properly. I'm having to use ear drops which feel absolutely horrific... 😩 But so far nothing has happened except now being permanently deaf on that side since I started using the drops! It was clearing a bit over the day before so it's now worse. There's absolutely no way I'd be able to have them syringed, but the Dr said the wax should 'just come out' after a week or so. Has anyone else found this to be the case? I did wonder why people would have to go through syringing if the wax could just fall out of it's own accord! Also don't really understand why it can't be sucked out ear shaped attachment for a brake vacuum bleeder maybe? In other news, I don't like bleeding everywhere twice yesterday...first time in a shop, literally just touched a box with my left knuckle while picking up an item but felt it sting...few minutes later my hand feels wet and I look down to see I'm dripping claret on the floor of the shop... Fortunately I carry clean loo roll everywhere with me for exactly this reason lol, but felt really ill and wobbly just from the sight of it! The second time was very weird though, can't see how it happened at all... Two weeks ago on a Friday night eating pizza I suddenly noticed blood all over my right hand, there's a tiny cut on one of my fingers somehow...really worried me as I couldn't understand where it came from. Yet exactly 2 weeks later, Friday night eating pizza and the same thing happened again! WTF!? 😮 I wondered if I'd cut myself on the pizza box but surely I'd have noticed that during the half hour it was in the oven... I'll have to watch exactly what I do with the pizza next Friday night!
  20. It's just hormones mate, sounds like you need some chocolate & ice cream. Seriously though, just focus on your daughter & wife...sod the rest of them!
  21. ClimAir make them for the Mk4 Focus. Can buy them on their website, Ford accessories site, Ebay, Amazon etc. They're not cheap though!! 😮
  22. They didn't create the deadline, Article 50 gave them exactly 2 years. But for some reason they just buggered around procrastinating for the first 18 months! Whatever happens now the UK already look like fools... There isn't an easy or simple answer, a large number of people will be upset by whatever the outcome is. Send it via fax maybe? I genuinely thought it was a scam but they've sent me a letter as well. I already bought and paid for the insurance a few weeks ago, but the new policy started this week and they asked for all of this after the start date. I don't mind giving the licence number, but colour copies of the V5 and licence must be pretty easy to create fakes from. 😮
  23. It's nowhere near as simple as that...both have different pros and cons. I purely own my current Golf because it was the cheapest mid size hatch I could find locally with £30 tax and 55mpg for under £4000 and the Mk3 Focus was so horrific I needed rid. Had I been able to afford/justify a Mk3.5 Focus Titanium 1.0EB I would have bought one of those instead. I've owned 2 Mk4 Golfs (one heavily modified) and now a Mk6, and tbh they are totally different cars! I've also owned a Mk2.5 Focus and 2 Mk3 Focus', which again are totally different from each other! I'd say the Mk2.5 Focus is a better car than the Mk4 Golf, but they weren't on sale at the same time so not really rivals and both feel very dated now imo. However my Mk6 Golf is a 62 plate, so was on sale at the same time as the Mk3 Focus although they came out back in 2009 as a Mk2.5 Focus rival. It's easily a better car than the Mk2.5 Focus in everything except looks...and despite it not looking quite as 'funky' (dull shape, boring dash, no LED tail/plate/puddle lights), the build quality is far better than the Mk3 Focus and the handling is considerably better as well, I can take dry corners much faster and with more confidence in the Golf than I could the Focus but it's still just as comfortable over bumps and rough roads. During everyday driving there's actually not much difference though, so I can see why A to B drivers don't care which they buy. And the running costs are exactly the same...although the Golf is a 2.0TDI with a tonne of torque and the Focus was a torqueless 1.6 which needed working hard even after a remap. The Golf will effortlessly overtake in 4th gear from 35mph which is ideal for NSL roads, whereas I'd have to drop a gear and 'wind' the Focus up before an overtake. And I've spent a lot less on maintenance for the Golf(s) than I have on Focus' over the years yet people have this idea of German stuff being expensive to maintain. But all that said, I do miss the more modern feel of the Mk3 Focus, I miss things like keyless entry, the easyfuel system and the big colour dash screen etc. The Golf is also quite a bit smaller than a Focus, there's less space in the boot and glovebox and no space in the armrest. So honestly, it's purely down to your specific requirements and budget as to which each person should chose. I certainly don't think the Golf is the outright winner and should always be bought instead of a Focus. If you're buying new or nearly new you'll get more spec for your money buying a Focus...if you can put up with the lower build quality. As for Mk3 Golf's, they're awful, honestly don't buy one, you'll regret it. The Mk1 is now silly money but they are the best and of course the original. The MK2's are cool and I've always wanted a green 5dr GTi on rims and air with a few subtle mods but it's not gonna happen now. The Mk3 was a mistake. The MK4 weighs about 4 tonnes and understeers like mad, but they are comfortable and the engines (1.8t and PD diesels) are great. The Mk5 brought handling back into the Golfs capability after the complete lack of finesse with both the Mk3 & 4 and actually the Mk5 was a great all rounder, particularly the GTi model with DSG. The Mk6 came out during a financial crisis so is just a Mk5 underneath with a few minor 'facelift' type tweaks which is why it feels very dated fact my 2012 Golf feels very similar to the 2004 A3 I had (the A3 was unbearably uncomfortable so didn't last long). I've not driven a Mk7 but they seem to be a proper upgrade to the Mk6 now and do offer a cheap running cost petrol engine to rival the Focus 1.0EB. So my next car will most likely be either a 1.0EB Focus Titanium, or a 1.4TSi Golf Match...just depends on prices and locations really.
  24. Interesting that they completely missed the Focus from the 'mid size hatch' section... 'Just buy a Golf' isn't exactly great consumer advice.