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  1. Sounds like the EPS motor isn't getting a steering angle feed. Did you reset the steering angle sensor after changing the wheel?
  2. Aerotwin quality declined a few years ago. They were decent around 2010, but not any more. Either put up with it or buy some better quality blades. Genuine OEM blades can often be found on ebay for a good price. Bought my last set for a fiver including postage (seller sold the car before fitting the blades) but I wouldn't suggest that's a common occurrence!
  3. Thanks. Fairly sure it's not a 'physical' fuel issue in that case. I don't think the HP pump is coded on these. Though if you do want to test the old pump, just swap the electric plugs from the new one to the old one and switch the ignition on. The PCM won't know whether it's in the fuel system or not. Something is definitely stopping the immobiliser from disarming though. Trouble is, you've changed so many PATS parts it's difficult to suggest which one might be causing the issue now.
  4. The high pressure pump (on engine) sucks fuel in, but it can't suck air efficiently which is why we need to prime it with the hand pump first. Fuel won't be forced 'up' from the tank on these. I'm not sure where that data is from? 'Sec access denied' sounds like the immobilizer is still stuck on. Are there any DTC codes on Forscan now? Is the hand pump full of fuel (firm to squeeze)?
  5. Looks like there are 2 different badges used in 1999. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255909303827 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/393406888927
  6. Yes, the whole pre-facelift pipe setup really is poor quality. If keeping the car I'd always advise upgrading the facelift pipe setup instead.
  7. The car self-tests the airbag system every time you start the engine. If there's a fault it'll show up immediately. If it's a loose plug, it could come loose again at any time, might be a week, might be a month, might be a year... All you can do is treat is as 'fixed' for now but don't be surprised if it returns in future.
  8. Hydro-dipping is another option. 5 spoke wheels are particularly good for this...
  9. Wiring diagrams for modern cars are particularly difficult to find online, let alone confirming they're correct for the exact spec of the OP's car. One of few things that I can't generally offer a response to myself.
  10. The recalled hose was made of hard plastic between the T-piece and the coolant reservoir. The new hose is made of rubber. The 'old' hose hasn't been available to buy new for many years now. This isn't actually a recall that you'd be told about. Ford replaced them 'on the quiet' when the car went in for a service.
  11. Just for information, your car does have the latest hose which will have been fitted under recall. (Just seen it on your other thread). Sadly, the new hose is still *****, and will eventually break again, but Ford don't take any responsibility for that. Only if you've not had the recall hose fitted in the first place. The best course of action is to bypass Ford dealerships and fit the facelift hoses, which are a totally different design.
  12. Drivers side. (Unless it's a LHD import )
  13. I wouldn't recommend anyone buys Toyo T1R's. Bought a pair myself based on forum reviews about a decade ago and was sorely disappointed. Horrible snatchy things that would suddenly let go without warning when pushing on, especially in the wet. Wore out quickly too. There are far better tyres for the same price.
  14. The bumper brackets can also leak around the rivets. Not sure how high up the tie downs are in the estate?
  15. That may have been the conventional way to measure but it isn't the standard now. The distance between the base of the battery box and the underside of the clamp on mine is 175mm and that is the height of the battery I needed.
  16. There won't be any evidence on the drive, or anywhere else usually. These leaks generally only allow air in. They don't allow fuel out because the fuel is not pressurised at all before the high pressure pump. Makes it a right pain to find the leaks!
  17. Yes, it's a bit confusing as there is actually a pump fitted, it's just not used! None of the 1.4 or 1.6 TDCIs used a lift pump between 2004 and approx 2014. The 1.5 TDCI uses a lift pump and was fitted from 2014. I have read that some of the very last 1.6 TDCIs may have used a lift pump, although I am sceptical about that, seems more likely that a garage saw a pump fitted and charged the customer to change it.
  18. Oddly, modern Fords (Mk3 Focus and Mk7 Fiesta at least) deploy both airbags regardless. Makes it very difficult to buy a used dashboard from a breakers yard and means higher repair costs for insurers. The timing of the deployment is slightly different if a belt is not being worn though. Wouldn't take too much notice of my old posts... Seriously though, I have seen a deployed pretensioner flag the airbag light, just not on a 'modern' Ford which is what that particular thread was about. It's easy to see if the pretensioner has fired as the plastic sheath below it goes all wrinkled. In 99% of these cases it is the plugs are fault. But as yours have already been tampered with, all bets are off! Honestly, I think your best course of action now is to find the airbag ECU, unplug it, and then use a mulitmeter to test the wiring directly back from the ECU plug to work out which is open circuit.
  19. Thanks. I don't have torque specs for that engine but hopefully someone else will.
  20. No lift pump on these. High pressure pump is driven by the cambelt. But it relies on a syphon effect to pull fuel up and hold it overnight. Even the smallest crack or pinhole leak will allow air in and cause the fuel to drain back to the tank when switched off.
  21. Yeah. Plenty of 096 about at half the Ford price, with better specs than 60/600 as well. Just double check when buying as some list 096 & 100 as being the same.
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