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  1. Ok, next step would be to access the washer pump (behind arch liner), unplug it and check for voltage at the plug with a multimeter.
  2. I hope there's some decent side impact protection behind the tin foil outer doorskin lol. Anyway, the mirror bases aren't different as far as I can tell, the only difference is the insides, whether it's powerfolding or has puddle lights for example.
  3. Have you checked the fuse for the washer pump? F7 inside I think.
  4. Have you checked the crank sensor?
  5. That block is for the seat airbags. There are some on here that have upgraded to heated seats though, so it can be done.
  6. Lol, the cars fans will still work fine if you just want loads of noise and hot air turbocharged into your face...
  7. TomsFocus


    Does the Mk4 still come with the option of flip-out door protectors like the Mk3 did? I haven't seen any permanent edge protectors that don't look cheap and nasty lol.
  8. The degas hose (between turbo and reservoir) is fine, it's not the faulty one. Those metal turbo pipes don't look great though, and the black metal one just to the left looks very rusty as well. If you do buy the car, it would be worth cleaning that up, treating with rust remedy and then painting it to stop it getting any worse. You can check Ford ETIS to see if your car is currently due any recalls but I don't think it will be.
  9. Could they see or hear the leak there? Or is it the usual MK3 Focus invisible leak so they just say it's behind the dash...? I tried the leak fix in mine, didn't work unfortunately. Maybe you'll be lucky but I doubt it!
  10. It sounds like the barrel rather than the switch to me.
  11. Most places let you tailor a quote to your requirements, so a higher deposit for a lower monthly payment or shorter lease period for example. CarWow might be able to help if you're looking at brand new cars.
  12. Vinyl wrap is basically just a big sticker! I don't think you can buy it pre-cut in the shape of the Ford airbag yet so you would have to buy a large peice and cut it to shape yourself. There's a good guide showing the process here.
  13. It's very common on the Mk3 Focus. Cheapest and easiest fix would be vinyl wrap.
  14. Oil in the intake is totally normal. Does your Wifi dongle support Forscan? If so, download that and you should find some Ford specific fault codes.
  15. could buy another whole Mk2 for that lol. On a serious note though, I wouldn't risk a second hand 1.6TDCi engine, you have no way of knowing how much carbon is stuck inside already.
  16. Is anyone else having problems with pictures on FB Marketplace? I can't seem to see them anymore, the ad just opens on it's own...
  17. That's a fact though, its not just your opinion...
  18. Last time I bought a non-runner and had it transported 100 miles it cost around £150... I'd suggest recovery companies probably take advantage of a breakdown situation and charge even more... I've had bad experiences with breakdown services but still buy them each year as an absolute last resort... You'd like to hope a brand new car doesn't have any major mechanical faults but there are all sorts of things that can render a car unuseable. Two tyres blown on a pothole, piece of scrap bounces out of a pickup and smashes the windscreen, hit a deer/badger/pheasant that takes out the radiator, etc... If you're servicing with Ford anyway then go with their breakdown as others have suggested. If not, you can get breakdown for under £30 from places like StartRescue.
  19. No worries. As a very rough figure for 3pc clutch kit replacement at an indy garage I'd suggest around £400. If the DMF needs replacing as well, you can add another £300 to that. A good used gearbox would add another ~£250. BUT it depends what's actually wrong with yours, if it's just the input shaft bearing it may be cheaper to have it repaired. No extra labour for fitting a new gearbox as the old one has to come out for the clutch change anyway.
  20. There aren't any standard upgraded parts as far as I'm aware. If the car's still driveable currently I'd sell or PX it for something else personally, but there's no guarantee you're not buying a lemon. Do remember these parts have lasted 5 years/70k if you do go ahead with the repairs it should give you a few more years at least. It does seem to be more down to luck than how hard the car is driven though.
  21. It's much easier to check on the Mondeo engines with the turbo being on top, this video should give you a rough idea. It should start just at the actuator movement but if you've time to watch the whole thing it shows how to manually test the vanes towards the beginning as well as a cheap bodge for sticky vanes...I know how much you like cheap fixes!
  22. You can just cut out the centre bars with a hacksaw and then just fit a double DIN cage and fascia. If you want a single DIN headunit, just fit a single DIN cubby hole underneath.
  23. 0kPa almost certainly means the DPF pressure pipes have split or snapped. If not, the sensor or wiring is the issue as you suggest. If the DPF hasn't been regenerating (it regens when it senses high pressure) then it could be causing backpressure against the turbo, causing the intermittent underboost. I'd definitely be looking to fix the DPF issue before turbo one myself.
  24. You can't have a spare with the panoramic roof.
  25. Ford don't make clutches, they buy them in from brands like LUK and Sachs, it's the design that's the issue though, not the brands fault, Ford wanted them to be made so cheaply that they don't last like older cars clutches did. Aftermarket brands like Transmech are even worse. Input shaft bearing is also common on these unfortunately. Ford won't show any interest in helping financially as the car's well out of warranty.