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  1. The modified version has a switch on it so you can access both the High and Mid speed CAN networks. You can use a standard ELM cable but will only have access to half the modules basically.
  2. Yeah they're Monty 2's. Also came on the Mk4 Golf GTi/GT TDI 150...I bought a set for my GT TDI 130 back in the day...and swapped them onto the blue 130 as well! Can't believe it was 8 years ago now! 😮
  3. Is that a set of Montreal 2's?
  4. 8pm, Sunday night, BBC1. Good luck!
  5. Thanks Alex. I've tried a couple of those but still not working properly unfortunately. I reckon it was originally made in one of the paid-for ones like 🤔 Edit - Whoops, GEDKeeper is working fine, just wasn't very intuitive! Hopefully that's sorted now.
  6. Just checking TV listings for the weekend and noticed they're repeating the Antiques Roadshow that I was on in the audience lol...any AR fans on here keep an eye out. If you don't know what I look like, think pale, nervous and receding hairline...Stuart from Big Bang Theory for example.
  7. Does anyone know of a free GED file viewer (and ideally editor) programme that won't be a virus? Was watching 'Who Do You Think You Are' on Monday and remembered just how long it'd been since I'd listened to any M People... But also remembered I'd been emailed a family tree by a relative over 6 years ago and never did open it...I've found it in the email archives but can't seem to open it. Tried 'Gramps' which didn't work properly. Any others?
  8. A bus? Eww...rather you than me! Haha, no a diesel Golf is absolutely not suitable for my driving at all, I do mostly short, cold journeys! However I'm on a very low income so running costs are paramount, there aren't any Golf-sized hatches with petrol engines in the £30 tax bracket and doing 55mpg+ (old enough to be within my used-car budget) so I have to stick with diesels for now. After running costs, comfort & toys are my next priority, it is the top spec Match version but no optional extras at all, so I've lost a few things compared to the Mk2.5 Focus Titanium sadly, no full leathers, no powerfold mirrors, no privacy glass, no heated windscreen. However it does have optical front and rear parking sensors, DAB and SD card input as well as the usual cruise control and auto lights/wipers/mirror. Ice cold air con also but not climate control unfortunately. It does the job, but that's really all I can say about it, I'd swap it today if I could find something better, meeting my strict criteria and in budget lol.
  9. Private plates attract attention so more likely to draw a traffic cops eye. They're also more memorable, if you spot some dodgy driving without a camera around you're more likely to be able to relay that plate to the police than any old generic 'AK64 FRG' etc...
  10. Lol, that was my first thought when I read 'EcoBoost' must be popular at the petrol station! They are very comfortable & refined as you say though! The Golf is still plodding on, owned it 13 months now without spending a penny on it so can't complain. It's still starting regens at the most inappropriate times the final 2 miles of suburban roads after a 30 mile round trip on the dual carriageway today. Lol, Facebook is for us old folk now, Insta is where the youngsters hang out! I have recently joined Instagram myself but don't really get's just a slightly more awkward Facebook with only pictures... Having said that, I have found a few events through it, both car related and non that I wouldn't have known about otherwise.
  11. Ah I see, I have a set of those 'special' torx bits with the hole as part of the Halfords socket set. If it's a common thing now I'd expect the crims to carry the tools for them anyway. Tbf I've never needed to worry about plates getting stolen, just falling off lol.
  12. I really wouldn't recommend opening the bleed point at 105c! The test for combustion gasses mentioned above is a sniffer test, but I think you've already had that done earlier in the thread right? A crack in the head should show up in this test.
  13. Because you'll be driving on a cold engine for longer, this is what causes the hot spots which warps things. You want to be driving carefully until the engine all warms up together before any 'abuse'. Of course you could just drive carefully everywhere, but you will inevitably have to accelerate onto the motorway or for an overtake fairly often...
  14. Security screws as in the type that only have 'half' a flat blade slot? If so, you can remove them in seconds with pliers or mole grips. I'd honestly just stick them on with decent adhesive pads. I've never lost a plate yet! Does need to be the extra strong grey pads for the front though. Can usually get away with the cheap white pads on the rear as there's obviously no 70mph wind hitting that one.
  15. Well to keep it on topic, how are you liking the Mondeo compared to the Focus? There aren't really any meets through this forum that I've seen. There is the odd show clubstand like FordFair but you've missed that for this year. Are you on Facebook or Instagram? That's where most of the car clubs are these days.
  16. ELMConfig is for the Mk2 Focus only. It's Forscan you need if you've still got the Fiesta in your bio...
  17. Ideal, just in time for autumn! Be sure to use it now and then through the winter so it's still good for next years summer!
  18. Only 2 hours labour... Looks like they didn't carry out the oil system clean then. 😮 I hope for your sake something other than oil restriction broke your turbo...
  19. They might be long enough, but I'd rather not drag a slimy, grit covered, diesel hose across the paintwork... I don't sit for ages waiting for the correct side though...there's no law against reversing up to the pump or driving all the way though and then spinning round, only takes an extra 5 seconds and I haven't been told not to so far...
  20. I used to think it was down to country of origin, the Ka being technically a Fiat instead of a Ford for example. Until I got the Fiesta... I have wondered if there's roughly an even split so that everyone isn't fighting over the pumps on the same side but there's probably a more important design aspect we've missed here...
  21. Can't be done without the original stereo I'm afraid.
  22. 3SDM do make them in 4x108 fitment. Far more common on VAG stuff though so if you're buying used you might struggle to find the correct ones. If buying brand new you'll be fine. Only thing I'd say is 18s will ride rock hard on a Fiesta and look daft unless you'll be dropping it on air? I really like them tbf, but on Polos rather than Fiestas lol.
  23. You can take the car back (will obviously need it trailered!) and sent to another garage for diagnosis if that's what you want. It won't be cheap though and you'll still have to pay for Fords 'diagnosis' so far. First thing I'd do is ask for a written quote of the diagnosis and repair work needed so we know what's actually going on. Chances are the engine has cracked or warped if it was run even briefly without enough coolant so I wouldn't be surprised if the engine does need replacement. Ford themselves won't strip engines to replace individual parts, they just buy in whole new engines so depending on what is actually wrong it may be cheaper to take it to an independent garage for repair. As Luke says, extended warranty is a bit of a joke really, it's nothing like the original manufacturer warranty.
  24. If you're not keeping the car it's probably not worth looking into. What type of wear are you getting, edges, centre, random areas? Is the vibration constant or worse at under specific conditions?
  25. Nope, sorry, that's not right either! You can only go by the little arrow on the gauge.