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  1. Sounds like the standard 3 pot 'thrum'. Very noticeable if you're used to driving 4 cylinder engines.
  2. Ok, sounds like two separate faults in that case. The washer pump filter is likely to be blocked. It will need to be removed and cleaned out. AC issue is more difficult to diagnose online. It could be that a stone pierced the AC condenser during the drive on Saturday and the gas has leaked. It could be low battery charge (although would expect to see more faults with that) or it could be a wiring fault or blown fuse. Needs further diagnosis I'm afraid.
  3. Tbf you did choose to live in a rural location. People who don't drive are unlikely to do that. I grew up out in the stix so had to learn to drive as soon as I was old enough. I now live in suburbia where I could get to a supermarket and a pharmacy and a hospital on a bus. Of course, the irony is the same issues that now prevent me driving also prevent me using buses. So that plan wasn't future proof after all.
  4. Driving is boring these days. Too many cars on the road to have an enjoyable experience in a car. Keeping up with the Jones's also isn't as important to most people under 40ish as it is to people of my grandparents generation. So there's no competition in buying a better car than the neighbour. It's more about experiences than possessions nowadays - travelling to different places, experiencing different cultures, trying different foods, hearing different music. Generally enjoying the human experience with friends and family.
  5. How long ago was the AC regassed? Can you hear the washer pump whirring when pressing the button?
  6. Have a look through the oil cap while someone else cranks the engine over. That way you can confirm that the camshaft is turning and belt hasn't failed.
  7. Turns out they aren't that flexible! Yes, that's the difference. I have keys and phone in front pockets (certainly don't want to sit on either of those!) so my wallet goes in the back. Along with a wad of tissue in case of a sudden nosebleed... And in the olden days when I still used it, about £2 in loose change as well.
  8. Bargain! 😮 I take it most of that is the labour? In this case, a new engine was fitted, so if the cam cover is faulty, it should be replaced under warranty. It's possible that it was tightened out of sequence which caused it to warp and then crack. For the sake of warranty claim, don't tell them that you've tightened any of the bolts, as they could say you've over-tightened it to get out of the warranty payment.
  9. I'm not sure which valve you mean. Purge valve perhaps? I would suspect a throttle position sensor issue with this particular engine myself.
  10. I think this is going to be one of those times where my noise sensitivity exceeds everyone else's. I don't just mean interior fans as they can be turned down. I mean the radiator fan. I get irritated by mine running every couple of weeks for DPF regen, can't stand it running for AC until the heat becomes unbearable. Also notice it a lot when on foot...barely any engine or tyre noise from most cars but a huge VBVVBVHBVHVBVHVBVJHBHCVVBVHVBVBVHVB from a rad fan blasting through my brain.
  11. Most Mk3's had stop start and/or cruise. I'm surprised they didn't just fit the same MC to all of them. Can't comment on aftermarket quality though. If the one you've got appears well built then may as well just buy the correct one from the same brand.
  12. I still think it's the fuse. Have you tested for 12v reaching the switch plug?
  13. Never broken the chip? I used to break debit cards all the time! Had to carry two in my wallet as it was such a regular occurrence to find one broken when I got to the till. As mentioned earlier in the thread, I want as much backup & failsafe as I can get nowadays. If you've ever paid for anything online, your bank details are already stored on someone else's computer.
  14. The brakes are vacuum assisted. As long as they work fine, the noise is nothing to worry about.
  15. I worked at a national store that did do that around 12 years ago. Admittedly it was on a housing estate so most of the customers were recognisable and in the store several times a week.
  16. After getting in a right muddle at the Tesco checkout, realising I'd forgotten my wallet in a brain fog, and being forced to leave the shopping for that day, I would urge everyone to do this, even if only as a back up. Genuinely thought I might have been allowed some sort of IOU linked to my club card (used the same store every other week) but wasn't offered any sort of help at the time.
  17. I've just spotted my first '73 plate on the road. Lexus ES300h. Looks like a bargain in comparison!
  18. A car should always be roadworthy when used on public roads - all drivers should be checking tyres, wipers, bulbs etc regularly to ensure that. UK police rarely bother with expired MOT either. It's insurance and tax that they're mainly interested in.
  19. Sounds like they were an inflation proof investment!
  20. A mate of mine had this issue... Ended up needing to replace the valves as they were seized solid!
  21. The fan won't come on if the temp is only reading 80c. If the coolant in the reservoir is boiling when the gauge reads 80c, it is more likely to be a faulty cap or a cracked reservoir preventing the coolant from pressurising.
  22. That's not how full service history works. With a missed service, Ford are unlikely to even offer a goodwill gesture in this case. It sounds like you'll probably need a new vacuum pump. And that was probably damaged by reduced oil flow from a blocked oil pump. My advise would be to avoid Ford, as they won't repair it under warranty, and you'll be stuck having to pay Ford prices for the repair. You can check whether the wetbelt is deteriorating quite easily by looking at the colour of the oil on the dipstick. If it's dark black, that's usually an indicator that it's full of bits of wetbelt.
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