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  1. Probably best not to redline it off your driveway lol...but normal driving is fine. You just need the oil to get up to temp before any hard driving really.
  2. All cars have power assisted steering as a fail safe, only things like tractors have full power steering. I'm guessing you mean it's hydraulic assistance rather than electric assistance though? The 20mm thinner tyre on the spare wheel will make the steering feel lighter. As can the pressure, tyre make etc...
  3. You need a type approved cat for anything after 2001 in the UK, not sure if that applies to Ireland. And yes there is a huge difference in materials used in the cheaper ones. Genuine work better and last longer, and are usually less restrictive, but as you've seen are much more expesnive. So comes down to budget and how long you'll be keeping the car really...
  4. Well that seems pretty unsafe when there are oblivious people driving them such as the OP... :P Seems odd they'd remove a safety feature like that though for the newer models. Lol, auto lights, wipers and cruise control ftw... Just a shame they don't have auto steering in cars yet lol!
  5. Yeah its a fairly easy job, I don't knw why people make a fuss about it tbh. Just have to be careful not to get any on skin, it doesn't come off for ages if you do! I take it thats cleared the fault code you were getting?
  6. Hmm ok, there is a newer version out now, 0.2.15 which I have, so maybe try dowloading that one? Also do you know how to get into device manager? If so, have a look for the cable and see if it says it's 'working properly'. I had an issue with mine originally where I'd managed to download the wrong drivers, there was a yellow warning triangle over it in device manager.
  7. Lol, I agree there, trying to get close to the kerb and straight in one manoeuvre is impossible without opening the door in the Focus lol, cant even do it by dropping the window as the window sills are so high, my neighbours must think I'm mad getting mine perfectly straight everytime...particularly when they just abandon theirs anywhere.
  8. Its the outside dew that's the problem here, Richard. Lol, Pete, it is a bit of a 1st world problem but annoying when most cars clear by just dropping the windows. Defeats the purpose of the heated screen if you're carrying window tools and wasting time demisting the sides lol.
  9. Fair enough then, I don't trust any of them after a similar incident haha. :P Chelmsford is a bit too much of a trek for me unfortunately. :( I don't have a bearing puller either, brute force and ignorance removes drums lol, crowbars and chisels ftw... I'm sure you could do the fronts yourself, even if you don't want to tackle the rears. Might also be worth trying a local independent for a quote on changing rears.
  10. Sure I warned you about these 'free' brake checks... Did they actually show you the leaking rear cylinder? Where abouts are you in Essex? I might be able to give you a hand depending on location.
  11. On the Mk2.5 you have to turn off auto to use fogs...I'd be surprised if that changed for the Mk3?? I find mine are pretty good in inclement weather though, not sure if they work with the wipers or if it's just a coincidence but they seem to come on 'earlier' in dull rain than dull dry. However, they obviously can't detect fog in bright daylight. But presumably you're frequently checking the clocks to note the speed, revs, temperature etc so should see the headlight light really.
  12. Lol...that picture is so fuzzy I can't rear any of it! Sounds like you've got everything right though. Have you tried other USB ports, both physically and changing it in the program?
  13. Yes, it's so annoying!! Though I'm too lazy to wipe it off, I just put the windows down and drive off... I would imagine it's an age thing as they should be tight against the window...or at least were in the last 30 cars I've bought lol....
  14. Is there a decent cheapish DA you'd recommend? Can't afford an RO and rotary is just asking for trouble lol. Also what polish would I need to use with that?
  15. I really want a machine polisher! But I'm scared of burning a hole through the paint (or through the entire bonnet as in streetsleepers pic lol). Just can't get a deep enough finish by hand, beads well in the rain but just doesn't look great dry. I drive a lot of B roads with over hanging bushes as well so there are quite a few light scratches the length of he car that I can't seem to remove. Would I be able to do anything about that with a fairly tight budget and time restraints? Maybe with some discount through Yorkshire detailing... ;) Usual 'polish' is SRP, though I know that doesn't really cut, and wax with Poorboys Nattys Blue paste.
  16. I did have a chuckle at that, but now I've thought about it...there should only be a small section for those of us that can actually park right near the shop. :P Some massive spaces near the back for those of you with mint cars that take 2 spaces to avoid inconsiderate buggers. And then just a free for all without lines in the middle...that's near enough how it is anyway. :P
  17. For £38 I'd let someone else do it with a vacuum bleeder tbh... The spare wheel bleeders don't really work, unless I'm just using mine wrong lol. I use a small pipe with a one-way valve on my own, seems to work ok but vacuum bleeding is far easier and quicker if you've got the equipment. The main issue here is potentially snapping bleed nipples though, particularly in this weather when they're brittle! I've snapped loads over the years, hate bleeding brakes, and making brake lines...guess what I've been doing this week haha.
  18. Ok well it sounds like it's not overheating and not the previous fault returned. There shouldn't be any leaks under the tank though. Just a relief valve in the cap, sounds like there may be a crack in the tank itself.
  19. If its privacy glass rather than tint film then it will have come factory fitted. Was probably an optional extra though.
  20. I had a similar scenario a while back, was only a part time till tart... I had a major panic induced IBS episode at work one day (undiagnosed at the time), doing evening shift, manager had gone home, only me and 2 other staff there. Had to run to the loo 3 times within half an hour, each time being asked if I was ok and giving the generic 'yeah, fine' as you do lol but eventually had to ask to go home, with much embarrassment as they could all guess why! Anyway, next time I went into work got a grilling from the deputy manager for leaving just two staff and not producing a doctors note! It wasn't my fault they didn't have enough staff to start with, and I'm not sure how I'm supposed to get a doctors note for having the s*its at 9pm on my way home... That situation triggered several more of the same until I couldn't even get to work without a problem... :( Thing is, I really hated it, was my first ever job and it caused so much anxiety I was really struggling to do it, but I didn't once complain about it or have to tell everyone about it every day (unlike some of my colleagues at the time!). I think most people have 'issues' they keep to themselves and struggle on, it's just a shame some other people assume you're ok as long as you don't have limbs hanging off and just think you're a lazy !Removed!.
  21. My 2.0 GTi6 had 167bhp with 2 less cylinders... :P V6s are more about the noise and easy drive than a power figure though imo! :)
  22. Everything decent has a turbo these days lol, emmisions regs more or less stops big NA petrols! As for the email notification, I find half of mine from here end up in the junk folder and half in the normal inbox, no idea why that is though!!
  23. Oh ok, yeah rears never push back due to the handbrake mechanism. I'm not sure what piston style Fords use though as mine are drums, on the Peugeots I usually work with they have a 'cross' across the piston that fits a screwdriver sideways so I wind them back like that lol. If they're the ones with little holes then you'll probably need some sort of specific tool unfortunately.
  24. Rear calipers need winding back, fronts just push back. Which are you doing?
  25. Depends how long the race is...and how good the gearchanges are...
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