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  1. Last update from me. Clutch Acctuator was reconditioned by a specialist the garage engaged (£170.00), it had worn motor bushes and a lose connection. Car has now been working fine for a month so that was the problem. I'm not surprised as it's used for the school run and lots of short journeys, this would mean the actuator has had to work hard during it's lifetime.
  2. Hi Luke, I didn't remove this bolt, once I pulled back the rubber cover the fitting popped out when I pulled the actuator away. The other thing I did was disconnect the ball joint (the fitting is black plastic in your photo). I did this by getting a screwdriver and levering it off. It snapped back on after refitting by using a pair of snipe nosed pliers. Another tip that made removal a lot easier was to remove the headlight, just 3 screws and unplug the connector, and the large pipe to the air filter. Hope that helps. Quick update on my post of the 4th October... The Fusion is still in the garage, after contacting Ford / Transmission specialists, it appears the clutch actuator is likely to be at fault. The car is currently waiting for the actuator to be returned after being sent away to be reconditioned. I will post again if this finally resolves the fault.
  3. Hi, I have a UK Ford Fusion, 1.4 Durashift, 2003 model. Initially the car stalled when decelerating from 4th gear. The car displayed 1 in the gear selector display and wouldn't start. However, we recovered it (so must have been in neutral) and I took out the Durashift gear actuators and cleaned them as per forum posts (thanks lasse1955). The actuator assembly cleaned up OK and seems in quite a reasonable state as is the connected wiring harness (checked for cut wires and corrosion). Put the actuator back together and fitted but still no joy. The gear display is blank and I notice one of the actuators is constantly moving back and forwards (have left for 15 mins in case it was resetting) with the ignition on. I took the car to a local garage and they advised received code: P0810 “clutch position error” from the Transmission Control Unit (TCU). The clutch was replaced (£600) and the car seemed to run fine yesterday… Although it seemed to be engaging the clutch too rapidly when cold as it stalled when moving off, possibly clutch bedding in... However I it tried today and getting exactly the same problem as before. I believe the problem is likely to be the clutch actuator. Does anyone know of an exploded diagram of the unit as I’d like to inspect it, initially without disconnecting the hydraulics if possible... Or any other thoughts on what I could try as the bill for repair will soon exceed the value of the car. Many thanks.
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