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  1. Hello there Yes so the car eventually went to Main dealer who tbh didn't really have much of a clue. They guessed it might be the fuel pump in the fuel tank so they replaced it (no test of it). There is no fuel filter to replace apparently. Since then (a year ago) its been fine so I guess that was the issue. Was not impressed to have to replace something that I think is fair to say should last the life of the car, they chipped in a bit of good will but still it cost us a rather painful £650 or so. Took a while to restore the faith in the car but now runs ok. Sounds like the problem is widespread.
  2. Hello there Got a bit of a dangerous issue, I've got a 60 plate Smax titanium 2l petrol, its been great, 40k faultless miles, but then in the last couple of weeks has just been cutting out, engine just dies. no pattern, can be driving along, stationary could be 10 times in 2 miles or can drive 20 miles without an issue (as far as I dare take it). Pop it straight into Park (its an auto) foot on brake and fires up straight away. I don't think I'm far off getting rear ended. I've taken it to a local indie who got a couple of codes of of it: P2540...LOW PRESSURE FUEL SYSTEM CIRCUIT/ RANGE PERFORMANCE. SIGNAL AMPLITUDE GREATER THAN MAXIMUM and P2636 FUEL PUMP "B" LOW FLOW PERFORMANCE. SIGNAL PLAUSIBILITY FAILURE. He (the indie) didn't get any further than that (he prefers the easy gigs methinks) . Its booked into the main dealer to take a look but can anybody help me with whats going on so I can be a little be prepared for what they say, or even better how to fix it. I've googled a bit but no real joy, some suggestions might be blocked fuel lines (it fires up ok on restart) but no real answers Thanks in advance Rich
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