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  1. I can stream music via bluetooth from my iphone, that's A2DP isn't it?
  2. Has anyone got a HTC Desire (or any other android phone I guess) that can tell me that it all works perfectly with the bluetooth and USB in a mk2.5 focus? Ordering one tomorrow morning unless someone says it won't work... :)
  3. AlexB

    Focus 55 - trip computer choices missing

    instant fuel really isn't that helpful to be honest... my old fiesta didn't have it and my focus does, i can't say i've ever really looked at it. like karld said, it's just a number that jumps from really low mpg when you accelerate a bit to 99.9mpg when you let off.
  4. AlexB

    How Many 10 Plates Have You Seen

    None apart from mine so far!
  5. AlexB


  6. AlexB

    Keyless System

    It was another excuse to go outside to it... and I found that I'd left my iPhone plugged into the USB so it's a good thing I did go out really :P
  7. AlexB

    Keyless System

    I just tested it by sitting inside the car and locking with the key fob... it does lock the wheel without the need of turning it so it's all ok i guess.
  8. AlexB

    Focus Country Of Origin?

    my bad, that makes sense.
  9. AlexB

    Keyless System

    Checked the manual and couldn't see anything in there about the steering lock.... anyone with keyless got any idea?
  10. AlexB

    Keyless System

    After switching the engine off how do you get the steering lock to kick in with the keyless system? I turn the wheel and it never locks when the engine is off. Normally when the key is taken out and the wheel is turned it locks at certain points.
  11. AlexB

    Focus Country Of Origin?

    Put the VIN into Should be a bit that tells you the territory, for example mine says: Territory: (+)"GB"
  12. AlexB

    What Birds Can Do To Your Car

    In the car I drove before my Fiesta (which I changed yesteday :P) I was driving along at 40-50 in some country roads with my window open about two inches... a sparrow hit the edge of the door, killing itself, then landed on my lap. Wasn't any damage but it was a bit weird, I just knocked it off my lap and carried on until I could stop to get it out lol.
  13. AlexB

    My New Focus

    Hehe, the 3 door do look nicer but I went from a MK7 Fiesta Zetec-S so it's nice to have 5 doors again (I drove a 5 door car for 4 years before the Fiesta)... and this one was already built and I got a nice deal :P
  14. AlexB

    My New Focus

    Picked it up last night and drove it out of the dealer at midnight with '10' plates (still looks weird to me lol). Loving it so far but have one question about the keyless system... after turning the engine off the steering lock doesn't seem to kick in at all no matter how i turn the wheel, is there something special I have to do to get it to lock?
  15. AlexB

    Anyone With A 59 Plate...

    Swapping my 09 Fiesta ZS for a '10' plate Focus on Monday :D