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  1. Heres the damage my pipe had
  2. Yes its definitely different bracket and the girth where rubber hoses are is a little smaller. Took a bit of fettling but she running like a dream again
  3. Hi Neither pal i found a cmax that was being broken local to me. But i did investigate the focus and looked the same to me.
  4. New pipe now fitted and she pulls like a train again ! Just like to everyone who commented and helped me find the fault ☺☺
  5. Fgk ford quoted arounf £142ish for parts only. Ive asked the question on another thread if a ford focus 1.6 pipe will fit.
  6. Hi Yes theres plenty of help and walk throughs. Im going to do the work my self on my pipe. The crack in mine is where the bracket is welded to the pipe on bolts to the engine. I used a fine spray bottle and sprayed onto the pipe and looked for thr bubbles
  7. Hey Mine drives fine until you give it some power or going up a hill then the power just drops
  8. Sounds like my issue ! I blanked my egr but a very helpful chap on here told me too look for a crack on the turbo intercooler pipe. (Metal pipe at the front of the engine) this has cauwed my cmax to loose power. Hope that helps
  9. Hi guys Need advice once again. As ive now confirmed the intercooler pipe has a serious crack on the braket he price of a new one is £137 from ford. My local breakers yard has a round 14 ford focuses in some are 1.6 tdci, will one of the pipes on that engine fit mine ? Only ask at they want a cool £5 for the pipe
  10. Just a thought can this be welded in the crack to seal the leak ?
  11. Yes Rubber pipe attaches to a mental pipe with a braket to the engine casing the onto another rubber pipe
  12. Afternoon all The pipe what has the crack in it what part is this called ive taken in off and the crack is quite large 😣
  13. Hi Yes cleaned the maf sensor same time as egr. Im picking up a new maf sensor tomorrow also the turbo intercooler pipe as I noticed a hairline crack on mine. Hopefully be running like a dream tomorrow afternoon
  14. bagi13


    Hi Blanked mine off and I used to get around 26 miles to the gallon its now showing 32 plus ☺just need to now source a new maf sensor