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  1. fusionfan2

    Central locking remote keys

    I got a second key programmed, cost £45, maybe I was ripped off(?) I don't know - but it does work!
  2. fusionfan2

    Changing front springs

    The garage I took it to couldn't get it off, it was fixed solid. They tried for an hour, so they said! Resulted in me having completely new front suspension, so beware that! I think I've read that Ford dealers have a specialist tool for this, but I've not had that confirmed, or seen one for general sale.
  3. fusionfan2

    Mondeo Mk1 - no heating

    Update on this - I took the dash apart and found the heater control unit in pieces - which explained a lot. Now have a 'new' unit from a breaker, and have to see if I can put it all back together again! I noticed there were no bulbs in this unit. I wonder if they had been replaced - and maybe with too high a wattage and basically caused the plastic to overheat....
  4. fusionfan2

    Time For a REVIEW!

    Here are my thoughts.... http://petrolblog.com/2015/09/in-defence-of-the-ford-fusion/
  5. fusionfan2

    Grey Plastic Trim Paint Or Polish???

    autoglym trim restorer?
  6. I've just bought a 1993, 56,000 from new Mondeo Mk1 base trim! Pic attached. I've got a list of issues to deal with. I've had new lower wishbones fitted yesterday. Highest at the moment is no heat in the car. Today I was fiddling with the fan speed control, pulled it off and the connector inside disappeared - looks like it has snapped off the heater control unit. I've begun to pull the dashboard apart to try and get at the controls. What are the most likely causes of no heat? Do heater matrices fail much, should I be thinking of flushing it? Could it be a control/flap issue? What would you do? (Don't say scrap it!)
  7. fusionfan2

    Fusion Front heated windscreen

    Here are today's findings - drivers side connector was a bit loose, and there is also a small tear? Is this the cause of the fail? can't tell today as not cold enough. And why is damp getting in the car - hang on if you remove the rain drain from the end of the scuttle - the screen rubber has a gap - is this causing a problem? Should it be like that?
  8. fusionfan2

    Fusion Front heated windscreen

    Thanks for the picture guide, my connections seem ok, but maybe the nearside one was a tiny bit loose. Have re-connected and will see in the morning if cold enough if it has made any difference.
  9. fusionfan2

    Moan/odd Screach/rub When Lifting Clutch Peddle

    I've had something similar if I bring up the clutch more 'roughly' (a bad gearchange!) than normal since I have owned my Fusion (15 months) could be clutch fricton plate I've read elsewhere. I've done 9000 miles like that.
  10. fusionfan2

    06 1.6 Petrol Fusion Intermittent Starting Probs

    this any help? http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/diy-do-yourself/130980-diy-fix-ford-fusion-fiesta-1-6l-check-engine-light-issue.html
  11. On my 2002 Fusion, I need to replace the front bumper. I have a replacement from the breakers. Assume I'll break some of the clips taking the the old one off. What clips do I need? Thanks.
  12. fusionfan2

    Fusion Front heated windscreen

    Mine has failed now, damn it. There is always something wrong with my Fusion... Fuses seem intact and relay clicking on. Any experts on this for the Fusion (I know there are specific drivers side problems with the Focus - but mine isn't working at all)
  13. fusionfan2

    Changing Gear Noise Like A Rusty Creak On A Gate

    I have a bit of clutch squeal on release (102k miles) have learnt a clutch technique that minimises it. My gearbox is a little crunchy too so expect a new clutch will be due in next 2-5k miles...
  14. fusionfan2

    Full Beam

    I have no answers other than it might be time to get the services of an auto-electrician. Naively, could it be a fuse issue?
  15. fusionfan2

    Clutch Pedal Problems

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Fiesta-Mk6-Fusion-Mazda-2-clutch-pedal-clip-pin-repair-kit-better-designed-/111802654679?hash=item1a07f51fd7:g:cjkAAOSwa39Uu~-J Yep, I've got one of these fitted. Very easy to do, just unscrew the lower facia for better access....